11/8/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 8, 2008
Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA


I don't think bobby likes boston as much as phil said he loves it, because I always think that bobby is gonna remember how he has never really let loose in boston as he is capable of doing, has in fact had some pretty eeak nights, so I figure that TONIGHT is the ONE, the epic, where they pull out all the stops. never comes, not tonight, very disjointed. amazing start with the jack-slip, but slip it did from there on, especially boring 2nd set, nothing steller, what is good lovin doing there anyway?!?
tomorrow in ct is the anticipated let it grow, wait and see!

max bialcashtak, fig newton, ma.
i was at the show max is right it did open well and then slipped.but what it slipped into was a not so rockin of a set or sets. it never really picked up in tempo but instead faded to a really mellow mood that was more intimate and soulful .the nights atmostphere was set as mild and smooth.it was awsome.n e one whos expecting a really rockin show every venue needs to fucking remember that this is ratdog not the dead.and if u were dissapointed too bad for u because this was a really nice slow show much appriciated for most of us except people who were only going to one show '' one showers'' the ones of u who didnt like this show needs to go to 3 or 4 shows in a row to get their fill of mellow and rockin.and if u cant because of work school etc...... u need to just be happy bobby even is coming to a town near u.because he doesnt financially even need to anymore. so that is all!!!!!!!!! bob starling benson az.

bob36az, benson az.
Sometimes i read these reviews and wonder, Yes I am a one shower-sometimes two shower per tour but not a newbie 1st Dead show 1973 so maybe i don't have any pull here but we have tried do to Boston every two years or so and think Bobby does good shows here, Not every show can be epic for everyone, everyone has their favorite songs they want to hear and everyone feels different about the sets that RD does I was very satisfied with last nights set, not a rocker but then again its RD, would have liked a little more expression from the boys, And why is it that when ever we go see ratdog people continue to talk and carry on like they are at a bar, If you want to drink and talk go to a bar, i want to hear the music not you talking

Keith, Rochester NY
Terrible show. Awful sound, cant remember the words and evidently no coffee to wake up Karan, or anyone else. Come on guys. BORING.....

Can I get my $45 bucks back.

Big MAry, Boston
I was a big fan of the show the last night. I've seen Ratdog many times, and often have had similar complaints to these other reviews: too slow, not enough rocking, low energy. I feel like slower, liquid-like jazzy jams is what Ratdog does, and real "rocking" is pretty rare. There was some last night: Watchtower, Good lovin', Saturday Night...but for me the real treat was "Days Between", a song that holds very special meaning for me.
And the more I see these guys the more I let go and slip into and enjoy the murkier, more languid sound.

Bobby, Boston
A bit disappointment. Jackstraw was at least a full beat slow, and Bobby's apparently increasing tendency to fracture the structure of songs is really annoying. (tonight it was All Along the Watchtower, which he felt needed to have the verses cut up by interstitial bars).

Now, those of us who've been around the Dead for a long time (my first show was 1980 in Lewison, ME, and I've been to 150+ shows since) know that you can have good nights and bad nights as re: the playing. But there's really no excuse for such a lame-assed particularly the 2nd set. There was just no centerpiece song. The previous few nights saw Terrapin, He's Gone, Morning Dew, China Cat/IKYR, Estimated, The Wheel, The Other One, Half-Step Mississipi,Scarlet. We get West LA Fadeaway?!?? Gimmie a f-ing break.

Having said all that, FOTD was lovely -- played acoustic and uptempo (though slower than on American Beauty and the bass was really lacking) and Bertha was genuinely smokin. But it's hard to get past the cheesy setlist and the obvious low-level of organization (even by GD standards!).

I'm w/the gal who wants her $$ back. And of course there's the 3 sweaty, smelly hours I'll never see again.

Adam, Boston
I have mixed feelings about the show last night. I really enjoyed some of the songs on the list, but I do agree the show was missing a bang. It seemed they very well could have opened the second set with something explosive, but instead they went acoustic (they played an awesome FOTD though). We were hoping for a Not Fade Away, Other One, 1/2 Step or something in that realm.

I thought that Good Lovin' really rocked the crowd, as did One More Saturday Night and a great Bertha. This show was definitely not made to rock the crowd away but it did featured some great low key and acoustic stuff.

This was my second Ratdog show, and the second time they reprised a song that I thought was a tad weak the first time (Bird Song this time, previously it was Terrapin). Loved the Ripple to close the night out, but would have loved a U.S. Blues to shake the house.

Zach , Boston, MA
Bird song Rocked, still hearing it in my head, Ripple was awesome. Would haved loved a steller Sugaree, Row Jimmy, or He's Gone instead of West LA Fade Away? Good nights and so-so nights but they all make me Smile..Smile..Smile

Kosmic Charlie, Hudson, NH
Were we at the same show last night, or perhaps we were at a show in an alternate universe??? We thought it was one of the best Ratdog Shows ever! Bertha, West LA Fadeaway, Good Lovin, and Saturday Night really rocked the house, and Easy to Slip, Jack Straw, Friend of the Devil, and Ripple were all delightful. Songs like FOTD are more ballad-like and not really rocking tunes, but great nonetheless. Bertha was a real high point - never heard it live before and one of the songs we were really hoping for. We know we'll never hear all of our favorites at one show because there are just too many of them. Keep on Trucking, Radog!

Karen & Dave, Saugus, MA
I have to disagree with the folks who want their money back. I thought the show was rockin', and had no boring sets. Saterday night, followed by ripple knocked my socks off. To ask for your money back, and your "3 sweaty, smelly hours I'll never see again" is pure ignorance, and if you feel this way, dont come to the shows. they work their tales off...recognize and respect that.

J-boogy, NH
You folks are way to critical - you are missing the point of the music and the show - please do not go to anymore shows.

Awesome show, loved all of the teases - too many to list.

Great energy, great show, worth every penny - 3 hours of non stop dancing.

Wiltsan, Boston
The show was Great. A little lost in the beggining but second set ROCKED! They did a great job! Don't go if you dont like them.

jacqueline, fairfield,ct
I agree with those who loved the show last night. Bobby and the guys do know what there doing, it was mindblowing for me, the Birdsong, Lazy river, Ripple, and I was happy to have alot of mellow stuff. Wish finding my car afterwards went a little smoother! but oh well, i blew safely home in time.

Thomas, Newton
ha, we could not find our car either!

jacqueline, fairfielg Ct
I been seeing the dead in Boston for 32 years now and in my opinion this was a great show. I loved the acoustic. KC Moan, Friend of the Devil and Masters of War each were superb. Days Between is one of the great underarated Dead Songs. And the Ripple at the end capped it off. What more could you want? How about a killer West LA in the second set. Or an entire first set that could easily compete with the second set, including a smoking Jack Straw to open, a Book of Rules (love the way Ratdog does that), a Watchtower, Easy to slip and a hot Bertha to close. The sound was great, the band was great and the deadheads were in to it. Another fun Grateful Dead show in Boston!!!!

Jeff, St. Johnsbury , VT
Show was very good - eerything well played, Bobby looked and sounded great! Good Lovin' my highlight...also Days Between and Bobby's guitar work on Bird Song v2 in 2nd set

purplybob, north carolina
Sorry but this show was weak, a lot of the same songs hes been bringin to the Orphium since 06. Security there can kiss my ass once again another Mass show where a 25 year cant buy a beer (if hes out of state), will never go back to the Orphium again. Was totally treated like i was 18 and im freaken 25!

I felt no energy throughout the show, everytime they built it up it quickly faded. Of the tons of Ratdog shows ive seen this one was def not one to remember. Bport tonite will rock though, i kinda agree i dont think Bobby ever brings it to the Orphium. Highlights were Bertha, West La and Good Lovin. Easy to Slip was a train wreck which sucks as i love the song.


Walt B, Coventry, CT
I've always had an incredibly intense good time at Ratdog shows at the Orpheum but last night the boys just couldn't seem to pull it together. the whole show lacked cohesion, maybe it's just me. still though, had a honkin' good time, thanks to the heads.

brendan3, Dover, NH
Sound was HORRIBLE. I don't know if it's the mixing, the venue or what....but the sound absolutely sucked.

All in all, the show sucked. Bobby spent the first 3 songs barely playing or paying attention while dicking around tweaking knobs down by his pedals. Here's a hint Bobby: Just play and it will sound better. The band is so damned scared to deviate in any way from Bobby's constant choke-chain. I blame Bobby for that mostly.

The setlist on this show was on the weaker side but we all know that the setlist doesn't make the show. This show was played bad....Mark's guitar sounded like he was underwater....really bad Mark (sorry). Jeff, Jay and Robin did an ok job but let's face it........when Bobby and Mark both sleep-walk thru a show it's hard to make anything of it.

Lastly: Bobby's "breakdowns" of many songs is a total song-killer. Watchtower went from a barn-burner with the GD to a lame-ass reggae-esque snoozer with Ratdog. Also, Birdsong went from a heartfelt, inspriational musical journey when Jerry did it to a HORRIBLE, uninspired, go-nowhere, boring, noodle-fest in Ratdog......the obligatory Birdsong Reprise adds insult to injury.

I want my money back......the Boston show sucked kids.

Rob, Connecticut
Dude, YOU are sleep walking through life. never come to another show. RATDOG IS SMOKIN HOT and this show was no exception.

Cletus, Harrisonburg,VA
Great show last night . . . not perfect but nothing is in life. I spent the 1st set in the balcony and the sound was a bit muffled but good nonetheless. Mellow but still enjoyable. 2nd set we rocked down in the orchestra section. The sound was much cleaner. The Days Between brought me and at least one other to tears at one point (happy tears). Pretty powerful stuff! Woke up this morning with sore legs from dancing! A very fun night.

fretwater, NH
just my 2 cents. any show is better than no show. i thought the music was good......very good! the high light for me was Good Lovin. Thankyou Bobby. Thankyou Ratdog. Peace and Merry X-mas

sully, Whitman,Ma.
Ratdog always makes me very happy! I love every show I go to and I have been to so many since 2000. I have also toured with the dead for 2 1/2 years, late 80s, early 90s. I just feel like eveyone is so critical of Bob. Leave the man alone he is doing his own thing now.
As for the show last nite; I danced and smiled all nite. Very pleased fan. Every show has its own personality.....remember that ratdog is not a cookie cutter band!! Like when I saw tool three times and every show, the exact same...every song played in the same order. Borring.... Ratdog to me is NEVER Borring.... I am a DEAD HEAD and this is as close as I will ever get to the Dead again.. So for me... Happy Thoughts Always. PEACE

Trish, Spencer Ma
Isn't it funny how people's experiences differ from totally horrible, to absolutely stellar. Kids, I got news for ya- that's the way it has been at EVERY SHOW IN HISTORY!!From GD, to JGB, to RD, it has always been this way. I am sure it was a decent show, and to quote sully, "just my 2 cents. any show is better than no show. " Happy holidaze Y'all!

Jdawg, Eugene, OR
The show was awesome. If you didn't like it,give up going to shows,If your a true fan you will love every show. If not at least appreciate the music

Dan L, Lewiston,Me
Lazy River Road, West L.A. Fadeway, Days Between-- few would say these are their favorite GD songs. These may be my 3 least favorites. I have always judged the boys' shows by how moved I was during the songs I like the least on any given night. And last night RD had me groovin soulfully like never before to some of my least favorite tunes. Would I have preferred they play The Other One and China/Rider instead? Sure. They didn't. But I grooved hard to Sat Nite, Good Lovin, and Bertha instead. Thanks RD for the experience.

Zach, Durham, NC
I just don't get how you people who write such negative reviews bring yourselves to buy tickets to the show. I've seen Ratdog about 8 times over the last 5 years and have always been happy to go back. It is always a pleasure to spend a night with Bob Weir, something that I look forward to for weeks beforehand. I greatly appreciate that Bob still tours as much as he does, and every show is a welcome escape from the present. How can you not be thrilled to hear Bob break into Jack Straw? or get the crowd rockin with Bertha? or singing the hearts out to FOTD? There were many very happy people at the show, and I can't think of many things I'd rather do than party with Bob Weir on a Saturday night. We love ya Bob and appreciate every show.

Steve C, Scituate
I thought opening with Jackstraw the energy was great, though going into easy to slip sucked that energy right out.Watchtower, was ok,Book of Rules was played well. Lazy River Roadis a song I appreciate very much but you really need the lyrics. Great first set closer with Bertha. The second set: nice FOTD and Good Lovin a hot Saturday night.The best song of the entire show was Days Between. Where as this show was not the best I have seen it was definitley better than the last 3 shows I have seen ( and the best of all no MAGGIES BARN)

Dave, Derry NH
It is the Orpheum--the Orpheum has less than fantastic acoustics, is old and worn. I still love the Orpheum! I thought this was an awesome show and had a great time. As always, met some cool folks, danced the night away and left feeling very satisfied.

Blue Mule, NH
Hey Now- Since when did an honest critique of an arguably sub-par show become Bobby bashing? I love Weir and have seen Ratdog since their inception, as well as Phil, Billy, and Mickey in their various incarnations. I feel that "connection" to the good ol' Grateful Dead and scene and, most importantly- I think they can all still deliver the goods. If you go to a lot of shows- as many of us do and have for years- you see shows that run the gamut from outstanding ('epic' as many are wont to say...my thoughts there are to keep some historical perspective) to poor. Yep, just like the Grateful Dead. It seems that since Jerry's passing people are so hyper-critical that every song needs to be a smoking hot, jammed out gem or the show and band take a hit in the review. Pull nearly ANY show from the Dead catalog and listen in its entiretly- hear any perfunctory versions? Any off-key harmonies? Any blown transitions? Any songs not hit that anticipated crescendo? Any 3-minute versions of "I Fought the Law" as the band hurries off the stage to end the show? My point is that we always loved the Grateful Dead, warts and all. There were usually at least a few gems in any given show to sustain us and get us back in the door the next show, or next tour.

Now, given that, at the risk of being told to stay home next time (never thought I would have to do that after seeing shows since 1978), I thought Saturday's show was average at best. Remember folks, these are 'opinions', no right or wrong answers. We all look for different things and there are so many variables that come into play- what kind of day did you have, where's your seat, sober or not so much, what's your favorite tune(s), etc.- I find it nearly comedic that folks will bash an honest review. I agree that asking for your money back, complaining about the smell, using absolutes like "sucked", "worst", and the like can undermine your credibility more so than substantiating why you feel that way.

Personally, I thought the show had a few highlights but never had any sort of sustained cohesion. Mark Karan is a solid guitar player, I was pleased when Bob added a lead to the band. However, he doesn't always play with ease and fluidity and when he is off it is noticeable. It seemed that most songs were a struggle for him to get that fluidity and tone going. Bobby was obviously distracted by technical issues which took his guitar out of the mix repeatedly in the first set. I love Bird Song but thought it was poorly played...the jam seemed to meander to the point where I couldn't wait for it to be over. After a promising start to the show, that seemed to suck the life out of the set for me. Always happy to hear Supplication and Bertha rocked out the end of the set, but again, I didn't get the sense that the band was particularly happy with the show themselves, nothing seemed to come easy.

I loved Masters of War and Days Between, very moody and poignant, and I think Bobby's version of "Lazy River Road" is superior than the Dead's. Overall, though, the show just didn't flow for me...I've seen much stronger Ratdog performances and trust I will again. As was mentioned in a prior post, the way Bobby changes the tempo- adds an extra measure between vocals (not sure of the musical term for it) leaves me cold. He's done it with Maggie's Farm, Shakedown, Loose Lucy, etc., and last night with Watchtower. I don't think it serves the music well, puts a drag on the energy of the song.

It's all "subjective" and YMMV, but I suspect that if you polled the band about the show, they just may offer up that it was a struggle at times and that they didn't get off on it either. Just my two cents. When you can only get to one show, that's what can happen. That's my only show of the tour unfortunately, but I'll be back again.

Yes, our favorite bands play sub-par shows and I think that's what we got Saturday night. I'm happy for those who saw it differently.

PlayinUncleDew, Plaistow, NH
Saturday night was my first Bob Weir and Ratdog experience (or any Grateful Dead related show for that matter) and I LOVED it! I was there simply to have a good time and hear some good music and I definitely did! I pretty much liked the whole show. Jack Straw, Lazy River Road, Good Lovin' and One More Saturday Night were my favorites and Ripple absolutely blew me away at the end. Watchtower was a little disappointing though, I'll give you that. We were in the orchestra under the balcony and I didn't think the sound was too bad.

What impressed me the most was that everyone seemed to be having a really fun time. I thought the mood was just really happy and I was totally groovin' on that. So many shows I've been to recently have people either talking or being annoying drunk or are just not there for the music and that can put a damper on the overall experience. But other than the person who puked in the back of our section during the second set and made the whole section smell, everyone was really chill and I totally enjoyed myself. Thanks to everyone around me for standing up and dancing the whole show and all the general merriment!

First Timer, Worcester, MA
Well, what a bunch of mixed reviews! This is what democracy is all about - everyone's entitled to their own opininion :-) I have never been a critic it's a waste of energy to me! I do know after having been involved in this beautiful scene since 1976 - I am very happy that many more generations are managing to catch the shows.

I makes my heart soar when I see the older (mature is a kinder, gentler word!) heads like myself alongside much younger folks That is quite a statement all these years later. Good & Bad; so what, we're all there for the same reason, Not bad from a bunch of boys who probably never thought it would take them to this place soo many roads later:-)

Just know this road won't go on forever, life is short, please enjoy each & every show, and dance dance dance while ya still can!

Days Between damn near had me in tears, felt like Jerry was very much present at that moment. Hey; he was his own worst critic! So folks are almost expected to critique, but do it without the insults, and do it with the state of mind that we are all in it, the future's here, this is it, we are on our own

Love Bobby in the Celtics Shirt! Rock on - Let's do it all again very soon Live, Laugh Let it Grow!! :-) :-)

Moe, Beantown
Thanks Bobby! I'm lucky to have had 32 years of great music and hope when I'm 61 that I'll be able to keep your kind of pace! Heck, I'll be lucky to remember my own name much less a playlist of hundreds of songs! Still grateful after all these years! You play any way you damn well please and as long as you're willin', the faithful will continue to show up!

32andcounting, Westwood
it was a decent show. i got alot of great photos, so i'm happy. i thought the Casino Ballroom show back in May was 10x better for music/show (tho i didn't get as good a pix)

fikindubin', Portsmouth, NH
Something I've always noticed. Most people that write reviews just love to bitch. It doesn't matter if it's a hotel, a restaurant, or a concert. Just like I was reading Tripadvisor the other day, and some guy was reviewing a restaurant saying "I require this or that" when dining. Like something was gonna happen if he didn't get it. He requires it! Anyway, I love Ratdog and am looking forward to Tower Theatre.

Dave, Phoenixville
I read the review complaining about people not sitting down at the show. I have seen Rat Dog and the Dead and JGB on a number of ocassions. Both general admission and reserved seating. I always thought that reserved seating meant that you just reserved a space where you could stand and dance at the show without having to worry about getting unintentionally elbowed by the gal who was twriling around without a care while dancing to Eyes of the World and was getting pushed into you by some other person, etc., etc. Which is o.k. for general admission, I mean that's just part of the show at a general admission concert. I just thought "reserved seating" at these shows meant that I had a place to put my coat and a little more space to dance without running into other people. Until I get the memo I am assuming that the scene has not changed over the years. Otherwise I am pissing off everyone who has a seat behind me at these reserved seating shows. Of course the people in front of me would then also have to sit down. Come to think of it, I hardy ever see ANYONE sitting at a reserved seating show. So I think Rat Dog should change the tickets to read 'RESERVED DANCING" instead of reserved seating.

Coley, brattleboro
Decent show. Two very good sets. Lite on the Dylan, which I dug. The thing that I dug the most was that it was an emotionally moving show in much the same way in which a James Taylor show is an emotionally moving experience. This music makes good times great and bad times better. This show, in particular was much better than the one-setters that constituted the Summer Tour with the Allmans. I stood out in the rain before the concert and had conversations with members of the band. Is that even possible with other bands?

The Orpheum is a real dump. The plumbing in the Mens' room might be of more dire concern than that of the acoustics. The seats were so uncomfortable that dancing should have been mandatory.

Trust me, as a veteran of countless Dead shows, there have been clueless nitwits at EVERY show, since ever. The key is not to allow them to ruin your groove. It's a state of mind. Remember: "There is nothing like a Dead Show!"

Good Karma,

J.Frank, Upton, MA.

J.Frank, Upton, MA.
Where do I start?

Weak show. I have hit three weak shows in a row since kimock was not with the band anymore. I have been to at least 90 Ratdog shows. I think they suck now. Not worth the drive, money, etc. They use to rock, u would buy a ticket and know u are getting a treat. Now I can't see myself "trying" to catch a good show anymore.

Bobby: Shut it Down! Let Phil Tour Only.

Well I have to produce at work for what I get paid, Bobby should too.

Refund for Boston say I!

jason t., greenfield, ma
I had one hell of time listening to Bobby and Mark jam on K.C. Moan. And if I have the cash and time, I sure as hell will try and catch a show.

To each his own.

Coley, Brattleboro
Ok, so I have read all the reviews here and it seems that the veterans of the most shows agree that the Dog was not on on Sat. Nov. 8 except for on occasion and that its not a matter that if you 'don't like it don't ever go again" yeesh! Newbies have been a thing since 1987 Touch of Grey heads started appearing..hell in 79 I was a newbie..but the grunge factor clearly was far worse and maybe it was made worse by the Orpheup, easily grosser than The Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ (home to many a legendary JGB performance)...the worse venue I have attended and for the balcony worthlees..its pointless for me to even rate a show that i could barely here or see that was plagued by sound problems and underspeakered...
so let it rest....everybody here love's Bob and I personally thought that Mark was a better fit than Steve the way they played in 2004/5....as I have not seen any other shows its all I have to go on...but I am sure that things are better at other venues....i will never go to a show at the Orpheum again...the theatre gets the blame with a nod to PA being too weak...end of story.....let the BS about who is a real fan be put aside...
Having been at the equivalent of Moses parting the Red Sea in seeing the Dead at Red Rocks and from the 10th row at Radio City I feel I have earned the right to say when a show was weak...and it was....as for the always been dolts at every show--yeah true but the feel was particularly noticeable to me at Orpheum...the audiance was like 80 % male....that is a surprise to me....the Dead always seemed to have as many women as men...maybe its the Orpheum that the chicks are hip to as a gross place...

Peachy, Groton, MA
It is a week later so i thought i would gain a little perspective and rate the show

Sound quality- Poor. like a boom box turned up all the way. distortion bass was lost just awful

Set list good could have been better Some of the far out jazz stuff sounds too far off the mark. like they are lost-too much noodling around-stick to the energy stuff

Venue without a doubt the biggest dump i have seen in over 30 years of concerts. filthy everything seats, floor, rug, bathroom. Hard to dance when your feet stick to the floor. expected to see rats in the bathrooms won't go there again unless the beatles resurrect and magically appear-and then i'll still think twice.

jay c, bradford
Can't believe all the complaints about this show? Seriously, I would not bring my 11 or 14 year old daughters to any dead/dog/PL&F or any other show where I knew they would lighting up and drinkin all night long unless it was outdoors.

As for the show itself, I was not there. But I have seen the dead enough to know that it might not be spot on every night. But I live for those one or two peak moments where it all makes sense.

Just be happy Bob Weir still plays and tries to bring a fresh approach to his creative body of work.

tjr, Juneau, AK
For all of those asking for their money back you can all kiss my ass. One bad show and you ask for money back? How many bad shows did the dead have??? Bobby and Ratdog have a much higher percentage of good shows than the dead. Most shows are good, some are amazing, very few are poor.
So, Ill give you your damn money if you never go or listen to the dead again, schmucks!!!!!!

Adam, Boston
Wonderful show! Sat way up in the balcony and just listened. In the moment. Not off comparing this song to that song from some other time. Well, maybe I did once. I couldn't get into Ratdogs' Masters of War and I love that song. Maybe I have Dylans voice etched in my brain with that one. I couldn't hear Ace enunciate. I couldn't hear Ace enunciate I couldn't hear Ace enunciate I couldn't hear Ace enunciate (I think I'm on to something, Micky should be drumming this).

Capt. Bob, Yarmouth, ME
I am definitely with the folks who say that they have mixed feelings about the show. Although the song selection didn't have as many "favorites" as some of the shows I have seen at Hampton Beach, Bertha was a real treat, and Jack Straw was excellent. I don't think I'd ask for my full $45 back, but maybe half that.

Brian, Lynn, MA
Listen You all have such great perspectives on the show, but you fail to acknowledge these guys have regular lives. What you don't know is a good friend of mine, and the bands 'Topher Norton had passed away 2 days before this show and Boston was his hometown. I cant blame the guys for feeling a bit down. I know Topher had planned on meeting up with them especially Markand Bobby before the show. I was bummed I couldn't make the show as a tribute to Topher's passing. Give these guys a break. When was the last time you went out and bared your soul every night of the week? It's a commitment they so humbly make. Much love to all my Brothers and Sisters My we all shine in the Lovelight.

ReverendSockmonkey, Santa Maria, CA