11/9/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, November 9, 2008
Klein Memorial Auditorium
Bridgeport, CT


WOW !! HAd a friggin BLAST. Great set list ... Boys Came High Steppin Into town FOR SURE ...
Wait till yah hear this one....
Sweet way to end the show... one big sing along.... Nice show guys....

RAlberty, Vt
an intense show with a stupid ending:
first set highlighted 2 songs in particular, the jam at the back end of the crazy fingers was beyond belief smokin, as was the cassidy jam, windy and complex and inspired, into a nice big rr to close. 2nd set hoppin from the start, especially the mexicali- masterpiece that translated into a nice accoustic duo for sure, into a gorgeous UJB into the super hot sampson when I expected the spacy playin. jam into an incredible sugaree with the hottest guitar jam of the set, and the awesome sax and keys who both brought it big time tonight. Next, just when we thought the cassidy reprise, the band wails the two djinn, a feverish frenzy is being created here. Now, to diverge if I may, we opened thw show with the help slip, last time they did this they forgot the franklins, so you know its coming, especially out of the djinn which always works so well, like estimated eyes, abbot and costello, messier and graves, it just fits, kinda like throwin stones not fade fits too. Heres what doesn't fit, goddam 2 djinn into not fade, just does not work, not when the franklins beckons, first of the tour. Why mess with a proven winner, the not fade to close was simply a stupid, cocky, arrogant and misguided decision at the worst time. frankly, ths show had the makings of a 10, a rare 10. This was simply the ratdog equivalent of a NY Mets game this season, they shouda left Franklin Santana in, but Ayala notfade blew it in the top of the ninth. ah well, an emotional night of rock.

hank, uconn
Wow! What an awesome show!! The finale was sooo good. The saxphone was incredible. Great job, Bob! Looking forward to the next show.

Tina B., Monroe, CT
Awesome !!!!! couldn't turn off the sirius , I'm tired today !!!! Thanks Bobby ! see ya tuesday in Wilksbarre. P.S Cassidy was awesome !!!!

adam , down state ny
I have seen the dog 52 times and this was the best one yet! Band was tight, sound was upbeat. It was the first show I have seen with Mark back in the lineup, he was great!

Thanks boys for a real good time!

Liked the venue also, people and authorities were kynd!

immagine, everywhere
Great show. Loved the a capella Attics encore

Traci, Darien
50 y.o. Deadhead who first saw all the boys in Colt Park, Hartford in '76, and continue still following my guys(who are still amongst us). Last night's show was astoundingly awesome, to forever go into the books with the shows from the 70's and early 80's.(Not to dis Jerr). Anyone who says the show had faults doesn't realize that Bobby forgetting lyrics gets the biggest applause. Why don't you people get it? This is as much fun as it gets. Work is a four letter word, but it's something I have to do to afford my pleasures, like last night's show and whatever it took to enjoy it to the max! And we were in the balcony and I have done audio for G.D. cover bands, as well as having one of the best audio setups in CT(for my fourteen Gibsons and Fenders), I need to say that the sound was totally blow-away. What an awesome place to see a show...1400 to 1800 seats are what I heard.Anyway,

First saw the boys in '76 at Colt Park, Hartford. Last night was a twenty minute drive. The show was AWESOME! I spent years doing sound for a GD cover band, but even compared to the Dead's sound systems, this was one awesome sounding show. The song selections were great, and Bobby and Mark were in top shape(I own fourteen Gibsons and Fender guitars, just wish I could play like Mark) Anyway, a solid ten in my book, which has over 150 chapters. Can't wait for Phil in NYC.

Peace & Love


Jeff, Milford, ct 06460
Amazing show at a great venue, (the klein is a small 1400 seat theatre) great setlist and tons of energy, one of the best dog shows ive seen. Acapella "Attics of My Life" encore was really great too

Chris, Milford
the show was great i enjoyed it over the orpheum show the night before the venue was excellent setlist phenomenal the crowd was good but there was no franklins the sugaree was mind blowing and kenny and jeff really earned their pay last night and for the first time in a while bobby looked happy at both shows seeing those two shows got me really excited for upper darby

pdp, wherever
I've been show goin' since '82 and damn if it does keep getting better! Like everyone lucky enough to have been there last night, I was blown away by this event... the venue was perfect, (PLEASE play the Klein again soon!) my seats (who sat???) were awesome .. and the boys kept me singing, dancing and screaming with glee as they moved from one great song / version to the next. SUPURB 3 disc CD set. I listened to it twice again today at work in the headphones. Smokin' hot show, an excellent time with great friends and fantastic new memories to add to the quiver. THANK YOU guys for loving what you do and THANK YOU BOBBY for singin' my blues away : )

Already looking forward to the next time.
Until then, hugs and kisses

Janet, Trumbull CT
play something different bobby

chuck, roanoke
"I needed That NFA"
great sound in the place!
Thanks for coming to my hometown...

BobbyZ, Bridgeport
Great show, great time. Everyone already spoke for me. Great energy and performance Bobby. One thing I will comment on is the parking lot scene. This is something that took a nose dive long ago in the late ' 80, but what ever happened to "leave only footprints." Anytime the dead came to town the place would always get trashed, but its always been a work in progress. Lets try to keep the land clean everyone and respect the neighborhood we are in. Popped balloons, trash, bottles and cans, plastic bags and junk everywhere. If everyone cleaned up after themselves there would be no litter. Come back to the Klein Bobby! Peace.

Sean, Madison, CT
An amazing show, great energy, great set list and overall i had a fantastic time. Bobby and the boys know how to put on a great show for a small venue

GratefulKass, Fairfield County,CT
This was my third RatDog show and it seems that they just keep getting better. There were no weak points in the setlist and they played very well, especially Jeff. Loved the "Big Railroad Blues" and was really happy to hear the "Uncle John's Band" as the one they did in Hartford a few months ago was affected by several sound drops. And just as everyone expected "Franklin's Tower" at the end Bob foold everyone with a great version of "Not Fade Away." I loved the venu and hope Bob comes back soon.

Evan, Bethel, CT
No one's gonna say it so I will. Nice drum solo Jay.

Paul T, Meriden, CT
I rated this show a "10!" Highlights for me in the first set were Crazy Fingers and Cassidy. I love it when the jam! The second set featured songs which I thought wouldn't be good but were good such as You Win Again and Samson. I enjoyed the Two Djinn and have it stuck in my head now! It's great that the band chose to be unpredictable by playing Franklin's another night. The show closer and encore were excellent!

Scott Probeck, Boulder, CO
great show loved the sax, bobby really rocked this show out

Clay, Meriden, CT