11/11/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
FM Kirby Center
Wilkes-Barre, PA


Weather repoort 1 and 2 are worth the price of admission, and they better be, bc the rest of the show was slow, sloppy, and pretty uninspired, especially as compared to the bridgeport show. In my honest opinion, Mark is the weak link of the band by far, the left side of things, sax, keyboard, rocks every night, but I listen, wait and hope for some riveting licks, some hot jams, some mouth opening shit from the geetar, but its weak as heck for the most part. The samson the other night was hot, bc the organ smoked, but its a guitar/Jeryy lickin song, and Mark was no where to be heard. Oh kimock where have you gone. maybe mark is like samson himself, cut off his beard and his strength left him. Lov the guy, respect him like hell as a musician and humanoid, but the band needs some phil kind of guitar, that pounds yer ears and leaves ya numb.

tom hill, easton, pa
Fantastic! They rocked the place from start to finish! This was the best show I've seen.

Dog 53, Bethlehem
Powerful first set! Slow Train Coming, Weather Report Suite, Casey Jones, and The Music Never Stopped excelled. Nice Playin' and Iko-Iko. Death Don't Have No Mercy soared with fire!! Excellent musicianship all around. See them!!

donu, ithaca
The show rocked, Iko Iko was Amazin, Casy Jones rocked, Weather Report was the best Ive seen. The two accoustic songs were awesome, esp Desolation Row, but Id have to say Playin in the Band and Johnny B Good made the show. GG guys, had an awesome time

Matt B, Pottsville, PA
This is in response to Tom from Easton PAs review , I was not at this show but will be in Newark tonight . Ive seen Ratdog over 75 times and the GD - Phil - The DEAD - Other One - Furthers etc.... over 200 times . Jerry wont tear up Samson and there will be no Phil bombs because Jerry passed away and Phils not in the band - look I saw Phil the other night in NY and Jackie Green tore up Brown Eyed Women , was it Jerry - no way but these are different interpertations ( bad spelling ) of old tunes . Us Deadheads should be thrilled that the music never stopped and that theres a hint in the air of a DEAD 2009 tour - NOTHING LEFT TO DO BUT SMILE SMILE SMILE !!!!!!!

tim crawford, freehold nj
Great show! The energy level was high and the band was on. The first set was smokin' hot! The second set picked up at Playin'. Low spot was Desolation Row. That really quieted down the auditorium.

Timmy Tucker, Bloomsburg, PA
Not everyone seems happy on the review page for every concert but here's our take:

This was our 3rd show of this tour. Only bad items - a little feedback on several songs, Stagger Lee was a bit too hurried, and some of the fans down front were pushy. That being said -

The first set ROCKED ! Great opener to any concert, The Music Never Stopped, into a rockin Casy Jones. ( the crowd was pumped ) The Golden Road was good and clear. Little Red Rooster was SMOKIN ! Stagger Lee a bit rushed but our first in concert so we're happy with it. Lot's of singing along by the way. Slow train was ok but WRS was fantastic !

The theater people were great, the aisles were filled with people dancing and having a great time. We never sat in our seats.

2nd set - the first ever Stealin' - wow ! Pretty special to see a first-played. Bobby was spectacular on Desolation. I thought I knew all words but not even close. He sings it with such emotion. We were front row by this time and he was very into the song, facial expressions and everything, he was really feeling it. Mark was an excellent co-guitarist on this. Wrong Way Feeling was good, seen it several times so it gets tired but hey, it's his choice. The band was tight for all these. Playin rocked -everyone singing and dancing. Iko Iko WOW, never gets tired, 2nd time this tour we've seen it and just as good as the first.

Another first ever - Death Don't Have No Mercy - 2 first evers in the same set ! What can you say ? Well played.

Closin out with a good solid GDTRFB - everyone was bouncing down front. And a good solid Jonny B Goode encore. ROCKIN !!!

Listened to the CDs on the 3 hour trip back and it kept us going. You can focus on a couple flubs, lost lyrics and feedback but overall an excellent show and an excellent tour so far !


jim and sandy, Syracuse, NY
Never write esp not attending . To Tom Hill, Easton PA. Maybe your unaware, Mark just fought a battle with a serious life threatening illness not too long ago. Why don't you try being more Grateful like? Just a suggestion!
Can't wait till next week.

Franklintower, Tampa
Been at several shows this year. Phil, The Dead, Bobby and the Allman's and every one has been the time of my life. I was really looking forward to two sets of Ratdog and they didn't let me down. Reviews say Stagger Lee was rushed, but hey we got a first timer here, enjoy it. Iko Iko blew my mind and the show went out with a bang. Every show has it's ups and downs, just ride the wave and enjoy the time.

Ron, Scranton, Pa
I'm going to file this review under the "you just can't please everybody..." category and it's all good 'cause IMHO I felt like I witnessed the RatDog show of the year last night. The uniqueness of the set was matched by the band's performance of it and I felt priviliged to have attended the "Mark Karan Guitar Clinic@FM Kirby Center", yes he was THAT good and I really don't see how he and/or the band could have done much better. I drove in silence back to NYC for the first hour grinning ear-to-ear over what I had just witnessed. Wow! They opened up with a killer MNS into a joyful Casey Jones. Then they upped the joy factor with The Golden Road, followed by the first Rooster of the Fall tour and its typical guitar/guitar/keyboard exchange, fully developed. Into the first Stagger Lee since The Beacon '07 and, while rough around the edges it was still a great breakout. Into the second Slow Train of the year with a slamming jam at its conclusion into the first Weather Report/Let It Grow of the tour. I felt like I was in another universe...in a real good way.

The first Stealin EVER into a beautiful Desolation Row (only the third of the year), what's not to like 'bout that? The second Wrong Way Feeling of the year complete with another killer jam to end it into a beautiful and well-thought out Playin' into another killer Iko. Stuff was as wild as usual and just when I thought it couldn't get any better they break out the first-ever and fully jammed-out Death Don't into another raucous version of GDTRFB. I heard someone muttering 'bout Bobby getting "cheesy" with the JB Goode. Well, after all of that I think he had the right to toss out that encore and it sure didn't bother me one bit.

Yeah, they weren't always "perfect" but it sure did feel inspiried and I'm not quite sure what the folks in Wilkes-Barre did to get this great night of music but I know that I was very very happy that I made the trip there and 'am almost (but not quite, wink) fearful 'bout the remaining three nights on my personal tour (NJPAC and The Tower's) being as inspired as last night and, in general, the three nights that I've already attended (including the Westbury shows). Kudos and thanks to the entire band and may they continue on "The Golden Road..."


Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
Correcting myself above, the first Slow Train of the year.

Also gotta add that the venue was way cool and the sound, at least where I was (Orch Center, Row U, Seat 205), was "just exactly perfect" even though it (specifically Bobby's accoustic) did get a bit feedback-ish for a while there but a minor quibble in the grand scheme of things.


Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
My first time seeing bobby since rfk 1995, so needless to say i was excited already ! then to get a death dont have no mercy just made the evening for me GREAT SHOW !!!!

Sean Mailley, Wilkes-Barre
Once again to correct my original thoughts above, first Stagger Lee played in a year and not since the Beacon '07 as I originally posted. (Geez, I wasn't that buzzed...lol!).

Got to meet the Executive Director of the venue during intermission, she was a kewl lady & kudos to her and her staff for letting us just be us...:smile


Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
Hey Alex from Sunnyside, you were a few seats to my left, same row-small world. Great show and a much needed re-charging of the system.
I was bummed that the acoustic set was cut short, but something was wrong and the feedback got to be a bit much, so can't blame Bobby for the kabash on that end. But being V-Day I was praying for a little Peggy-O and if the acoustics hung out a lilttle longer, it might have happened. But then again...
Good time w/ Mike Miz at River St Jazz afterwords. Was happy to see the beautiful brunette w/ green dress(lobby dancer) made it there as well, wow is all I can muster. Out.

Tom, Lake Carey
Great show...and as has been said, great venue!
I realize everyone has their opinion, hence their own revue....But MK, WEAK? He was shredding on Death...and from what I saw, the whole band seemed to be on....I was manning the Wharfrat table so I didn't see much of the show (the woman who was referred to before, came to the table and said..."c'mon...you've been here all night...you need a dance"!....took me by the arm and put me right behind the soundboard for DDHNM, GDTRFR and Johnny B. Goode! Listened to the CD on the way and loved it....thanks RD...for carrying on the Vibe.....God Bless....see you along the road!

Murph, Endicott, NY
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for streaming this show on .org!!! I just finished listening and can't wait to plug back in this evening!! Sometimes.....you can tell right from the opening "whip up" that the show you are about to see is going to be something special. It proved true last night! I loved Music opener.....slow train....and second WRS/LIG (last was RedRocks and it rocked there too) Well....I'll just say I appreciate this band and this scene for staying ALIVE, VIBRANT, and DYNAMIC!!!

Thanks for the tunes and all the beautiful moments....each and every one of them:)

This whole show managed to make my heart smile as well as make for a better work day;)

Safe Travels to all,

schultzy, Scottsdale
the setlist caught me off guard, never would have expected most of these songs. the band was stellar, but almost overcome by the bad sound, FEEDBACK. this venue is great fortunately i live nearby. and surprisingly before the show and during the area was hoppin, unusual for this area the popo didn't show up until afterwards.hope to see bobby keep on truckin for a long time. THANKS RATDOG!

shawn, white haven, pa
Woo Hoo! Thank you to Bobby and the Band. I needed a good soul cleansing. I only get to a few a year and was thrilled with this show. I was stunned by Stealin'. I knew that was a special moment but I had no idea it was a first-played. Even more reason to cherish it.

Jess, Dingman's Ferry
This show was fuckin RIPPIN. Awesome time. Great venue. This show was an absolute MONSTER!!!!

Tom M, Binghamton, NY
AWESOME. My second time seeing the guys, first was at Bethel earlier this year when they opened for The Allman Brothers. This was the better of the two (and that's not saying the one at Bethel was bad)

If there was a way to know the power of the performance they put on this night, before-hand, I would've sold my soul to the devil to see this show. A HUGE THANKS to Bobby, Kenny, Jay, Jeff, Robin, and Mark.


Jesse , Old Forge
this show was SMOKIN! I haven't seen the dog since "97" and by far this blew that away. They have come so far.
I just wanted to add, I really don't know why so many people rag on mark. From the performace I saw him give last night all I can say is AWESOME. Also I noticed that bobby wouldn't let him really go into a long ripping jam, bobby pulled him right back in and wouldn't let him go. Gee that makes me remember the dead shows I went to and bobby did the same thing to another lead guitar player (rip jerry).
anyway all said and done I had a great time and would have

given this show a high 8, but because of the feedback 7.5.

mike, Carbondale,pa.
I'm serisously wishing i had just blown off work and caught the whole series of north east shows. I didn't think it could get better than the Klein but HOLY SHIZA this is crazy good. Thanks so much for steaming!!! This set list is killer! Next time time around, screw work.... life's short and this stuff is too good not to experience live.

It continually amazes me how incredible this music and his voice make me feel. The more i partake, the happier I am... just as it's always been. In fact, i think it's getting better with age : ) Unlimited devotion? yeah...that's putting it mildly.

janet, Trumbull
I thought all the jams were great. it's a real inspiration watching those guys play they really know how to get into it. Playin' in the Band was my favorite the jam in it left me feeling confused.

Kevin Rose, Trucksville, PA
All I can say is WOW..The boys really rocked the Kirby..Good show guys!!!

tapertom, swoyersville
Listening to the show right now and I'm loving what brother Mark is puttin' down. Not sure what ol' Tom Hill is hearing?! I like Kimock as well, but with MK playing like this not sure why someone would bash him . . . in fact I was just thinking that I really like the sound of the "new" guitar Mark has been playing this tour!

Nick, Denver
hey keith litzenberger ~ "preciate" da stream!!!!!!!!

thatjeffdude, quinton, va
got to listen to this show thru this website, holy smoke!
looking at the setlists , is every show special or what!
cant wait to see them in no cal next month

coach dan, boston
Just listened to show..MK is great. so is kimock...I went to the orpheum this tour..that show was solid too. T. Hill has no idea how much everyone loves Mark Karan-Obama.

Jake N., Mount Desert Island. Maine
It is funny I have been to shows that everyone loved and I just didn't get. And I have been to shows that I loved and read terrible reviews for later. It is amazing what we "Hear."

I am listening to this show right now, and it sounds great. I know Bobby can be off sometimes. I guess that happens once and a while when you have been touring for over 40 years. He sounds right on this night. Really tight. Energized.

I guess we all see through different windows.

Michael, Chicago
I agree with Tom Hill not too many people out there have fingers like Jerry Garcia let alone a missing one

big ed, Indiana Pa
I really enjoyed listening to this show! It's one of the better recordings I've heard from the tour. Much better than the next night which is overrated and better than 10-30 which contains some of the same songs. Besides the Stagger Lee and a couple others, every song was a highlight. I didn't mind that they didn't play the We Bid You Goodnight in GDTRFB because it was Really rockin'! It was so great instrumentally that they didn't need to do a reprise of the vocals at the end. Thanks guys!!

Scott Probeck, Boulder, CO
Weather Report Suite/ Let it Grow was worth the price of the ticket for me. I have listened to it close to 100 times! It was awsom to hear a great Death Don't Have no Mercy for the first time. I loved this show.

bobbyrat, jim thorpe