11/12/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, November 12, 2008
Prudential Hall
Newark, NJ


Thank you Bobby & Band...SMOOOOKIN' show. Weirs Back

Keith Nog, Long Branch NJ
Tonight was an example of why we keep coming back for more. This show just kept getting better from the first set Truckin opener to the 1 set Scarlet closer with tons of nuggets in between. We got to hear a great Brown eyed Women, Gratest Story, Bobby Mcgee, She Said, Broke Down. Everything was great, the boys were hot and it's a grateful venue to boot.

Thank you, can't wait till the weekend's shows in PA.

Chris, Bernardsville, NJ
been going for well over 20 years, excellent first set, playing was flawless and weir is at the top of his game on guitar. i am sure there are off nights once in awhile ( we all have them ) but i have no idea how anybody can bitch about this band. smiles all around, sound was great, and the show was very solid.

thank you bobby for giving 110% for all of these years!

tim, bucks county, pa
Scary good, what is Bob thinking nowadays playing these kinds of shows? He's going to ruin his reputation...lol!

Don't know why I only rated this show a nine, must have been the weak-ass Knockin', felt a little rushed becuase he had to get the show over by eleven and he had another song or two to play. Ok, glad that I got the harsh part of the review out of the way...

...otherwise the rest of the show was a 10 plus...WOW WOW WOW!

Woke up this morning with an ear-to-ear grin over this masterpiece of a show. Unbelievable except I know that it is believable 'cause I was one of the lucky ones to be in attendance. The Truckin'>BE Women smoked out of the gate. TNK was elegant and beautiful and Jus' Like Mama Said had an ending that would have made any second-set closer proud except that it was still the 1st set! The CR&S (only the second of the year and first of the Fall tour) was so hot that Bob himself took a bow after it! And the rest of the band should have taken a bow along with him, as they should have for virtually every song tonight 'cause this truly was a group effort through and through and CR&S was only one representation of that collective effort. Same applied to the Bury Me Standing. The Silvio>Tequila>Silvio felt perfectly placed in the 1st set and I was thinking during it that it would be the 1st set closer but Bobby then puts down the musical hammer with the one-two punch of Greatest Story>Scarlet Begonias to finish the 1st set and send the assembled masses gleefully into intermission.

The 1st Me and Bobby McGee of the Fall tour was greeted warmly then the warm glow of it afterwards shattered by the plunging into another Victim or the Crime, a personal fave. This was followed by She Says and this version was the best I've ever witnessed and Liberty was driven by Jay's syncopated beat. The tour's 1st Franklin's Tower was totally monstrous, 'nuff said. Stuff was its usual raucous self and then the aforementioned Knockin', which quickly gave way to the 1st Sugar Mags of the tour and it was fresh out of the musical box and a great way to end a great 2nd set with Brokedown Palace sending us sweetly home into the night.

The level of playing tonight was exemplary across virtually every song and it felt like it I was attending a "this is how it is done" musical clinic. Nothing but praise for both the band and the venue. It really doesn't get much better and I couldn't possibly ask more of either than what I was given over the last two nights...WOW!


Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
Great show! Playing great, song selection good and could not have a better first set.

ICD MAN, Kenvil, NJ
Great show - bass was way too loud in the mix where we sat, only thing that bothered me all night. These guys are phenomenal players and love to play, night-in-night-out. GREAT JOB!

1 question, anyone know if the dedication to New Jerseyers "who like to party" before they played Franklin's was in honor of the NJ councilmen who watered the crowd at the DSO show a few days ago?

Mike, NYC
Ill get right to the point an epic performance at a great venue. It was like watching a great orchestra didnt want the nite to end. This is the stuff that makes us fanatics,and Im proud to be one.

mike, long island
Have been reading all the reviews this fall tour, and saw a great show in Munhall Nov 1st. Seems to me that the guys are on a strong strong run!!!! Any reader out there who hasn't gone yet: TRY TO GO!!!!!! Is an amazing period we are witnessing.

David Jenkinss, Steubenville, Ohio
3 more days until the Greensboro show and the good/bad thing with a RatDog show is you never know what you're going to get. Hope, hope, hope for the best. (like this show!) The suspense is killing me. But, ya know, in a good way!

Be good,

JGB, Ventura
Been going to Ratdog shows for a number of years now and I've got to say, this show was great and the first set was unbelievable. After the last few lame shows I saw at the Beacon, and outdoors this past summer, was beginning to wonder. But the band, which always has the potential, really put it out there. Kudos to the venue with its great acoustics,... also made a big difference and I think Bob played up to the sound.

KD, westchester
This is a review I posted on my blog.

Besides the day I married my beautiful wife and the day each of my children were born, this was one of the greatest days of my life.

We got up the NJPAC at 5:30 and parked in one of the lots directly across the street. We were well positioned a few cars down from the peak of shakedown, close to the action but also quite enough that we could get some peace of mind if need be. I say we because it was a special night, I got to go to the show with my older brother, my best friend. This night had a magical feel to it, everything was coming together so perfectly, not an ounce of effort. I setup a table to display some of our homemade bags and sensual jewelry. My brother and I enjoyed a few Sierra Nevadas while we chatted with some friends we were fortunate to run into again. We made some new friends, hoping to see then again someday. We were letting people know about our contest we are running for a free Phish Ticket to benefit the charity of your choice. Shakedown was really nice tonight, it was there , but it was mellow. Just enough to soothe your soul, not attack you like a rabid dog like it can if you allow it too.

My brother, Brian, was able to get a ticket outside from a kind soul for $40, while I purchased one from the box office since it was getting near show time. Entering the venue, you are immediately presented with a very open and spacious architecture. The front of the venue is nothing but glass overlooking the business district of Newark. There were three levels to the building, staircase entrances to the left and the right. The staff was extremely pleasant, you got a vibe that they did not mind coming into work tonight. On the second level there was a catwalk that you were free to enter and exit the building at your free will. This was a nice amenity since most venues nowadays have a no re-admittance rule in place. I can't comment on the types of beers or the prices since I did not drink while I was inside. We had tickets for the second level and figured we would start our night where our tickets directed us too and then go from there.

As soon as we walked through the doors we were smacked in the face with a Jamming Truckin. When you walk into the opening song jamming one of the better dancing songs out there, you know you are going to have a blast! Truckin was a gateway into an energetic Brown Eyed Women. Kenny's sax playing on Brown Eyed Women was a standout for me during this song, he brought a real sense of energy halfway through the song. The next memorable moment of the first set came at Cold Rain & Snow. Being the first time this has appeared during his fall tour, Bob played it with an elevated emotion. His vocals were extremely strong and soulful, using this perfect rendition of CR&S as a bridge into The Silvio>Tequila>Silvio. This part of the show had a very funky feel to it, I could really feel my feet and legs starting to loosen up as I danced around the venue. How could you top such a great combination, well, Bob and the boys knew exactly how to deliver. They closed out he set with Greatest Story>Scarlet Begonias. You could see the energy of the band on the peoples faces during intermission with all the smiles floating around the crowd.

The second set opened with a beautiful acoustic rendition of Bobby McGee. The band used this masterpiece acoustical performance to segway that into another flawless version of Victim or the Crime. Victim had a hammer like effect on me, I was completely blown away at this point, how could it get any better? Just when I thought I had reached a maximum peak of emotion, I heard one of the best versions of Franklins I have ever heard Ratdog play. This is one of my favourite songs and they delivered it with clockwork precision. They came in and out of it a few times and slowing it down to a Robert Hunter style and them ramping it right back into their own. The Scarlet that was closing out the second set was perfectly placed, letting you go home with the energy the band was offering to their fans. Rather then sending everyone home high on Scarlet they came out to ease you back into reality with a heartfelt version of Brokendown Palace. I danced near the stage for the encore and saw a few tears streaming down a girls cheek as the boys belted out theirs hearts.

The show had an amazing setlist and delivery. They put on an epic performance, with one of the best Ratdog shows I have ever been fortunate to attend. My only wish for the night was that a large number of people in the audience accepted the energy the band was putting out to them. Don't get me wrong, I had an amazing time, I felt the band's energy, I just think too many people were not willing to accept the band's offering and get down. The show gets 5 out of 5 stars, you can't put it any better than they delivered! The venue gets 5 out of 5 stars as well. This is a very clean elegant venue that has a very laid back staff. They let you come and go with no interference. I think I got ushered out of the isles once while dancing around the entire venue. The night was not over for me, something magical and life altering was about to happen to me.

A coupe of days before the show I got an e-mail from a gentlemen I met at the Westbury show. He said he told Bob Weir about my trippy laser pens, and he wanted one! Of course I was skeptical at first, but heck what if? The morning of the show I got a text message from Howard to telling me to definitely bring a couple of extra pens since he was going to introduce me to Bob. I met up with him during intermission where he gave me his guest VIP pass. After the show, I met Howard right by the exit sign by the stage. He escorted me to the back VIP where I was going to meet Bob Weir!

We walked into the backstage area where I waited to be escorted upstairs to be introduced. I walked up a long meal staircase as I was accompanied by Harold, is this what it feels like to walk up the stairway to heaven? As soon as I reached the top of the stairs there was a doorway to my right, I could feel my stomach cramp, my toes tingle, I felt like a school girl going on her first date. As I walked through the doorway, Bob was sitting on the couch talking with some of his friends. The entire band was hanging out drinking beers and smoking cigarettes talking among each other. I stood patiently waiting my turn to be introduced. Harold walked over to Bob and let him know I brought his trippy laser pens for him. As he was getting ready to leave for the bus, he approached me very gently. He extended his hand in an offering of introduction.

I immediately thanked him for a lifetime of great music and let him know how much it has meant to me personally. I handed him one of the pens and gave him a demonstration of how it works and what they do. He let me know that he thought they were pretty cool as he stood there playing with one of my pens. I handed him one more pen and then asked for a photo with him. You better believe that picture is getting framed and put over my fireplace! We said our good-byes and he left the room to retire to his bus. I stayed awhile in the back room talking with some really nice people I met and drank a few beers. This was truly a very magical night for me. Thank you Harold for putting this together for me, you don't know how much I appreciate your kindness and friendship.



Setlist 11/12/2008 NJPAC Source
I: Jam > Truckin > Brown-Eyed Women, Tomorrow Never Knows > Jus' Like Mama Said > Cold Rain and Snow, Bury Me Standing > Silvio > Tequila > Silvio > Greatest Story Ever Told > Scarlet Begonias
II: Me and Bobby McGee@4, Victim or the Crime@ > She Says > Liberty > Franklin's Tower > Stuff > Knockin on Heaven's Door > Sugar Magnolia
E: Brokedown Palace

Doctortrip.com, Tuckerton NJ
To all you Deadheads out in Deadhead land. You missed one last night. The one we chase. Cannot even begin to add to the reviews above, they hit it on the veritable head. This could be the 5/8/77 of Ratdog. Since 95, weve seen 10 a year, and this was by far, at least what I can remember, one of the best ever. Even though "theres nothing you can hold for very long", this one is ringing in my ears, and the "ripple" is banging in my bones right now. I invested my energy, and they returned it, in full, with double interest. In Pittsburgh, we could feel the change a comin, it was stellar, and showed us what was to be, but I did not expect this. The music can never stop

Harley, Cleveland
Wow!!!! Greatest story was fantastic.Sugar mags great.
Really the whole show rocked,had alot of fun.Cant wait till next time

Truly a sensational show with the highest energy level I have seen in a long time.

Tonight was the night that they were in synch and totally on the money.................

So glad I was there........... and now so glad I am going to see Phil, yet again, at the Nokiathon in NYC baby.

Adam, Manhattan
great show start to finish. mark carran only getting better and better and better. this is the band to see - best band in america

joe, hillsborough nj
the band never ceases to amaze! Just when i think ive seen the best show, they deliver yet another terrific performance! Truckin into Women began what was to be a smokin hot set. Add a little dylan and a goregous brokedown to close (jeff fantastic on keys- of course) makes for what was a great show; flawless. Thanks not only to the band for what was pure magic but for my good friend Chris who set us up with sweet seats- much appreciated!

ginamarie, morris plains nj
what a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greatest story was awesome.

the whole show worked. Can't wait until next time.

It's like seeing an old friend everytime and I always end up back again

paul, emerson,nj
Poor me, last night was my last show for 2008 :(

Thanks RATDOG for a great year of music and fun!! Musically, last night was the 2008 highlight for me. As far as the fun... from the lost weekend in Manhattan (R), the fierce storm @ PNC (R,D,E), fun in Philly (P.R), Rockin @ Red Rocks (P), getting lost in LI (R). Fun is truely an understatement.

Every show was special in its own right and I'm grateful for each. For anyone reading this and continuing on the fall tour, Rock-on and safe travels.

F,, Hackensack, NJ
if you are nj, phil, or ny you must come to njpac for the dog!!! always a great place, great sound, great people. i know the rangers and devils were playing a few blocks away but not to fill this place was a shame. if they keep up the energy the tower should be unbelievable shows. did beacon twice, PNC and njpac this year. this was far better then all this year. thanks gin, thanks larry and the boys, and thanks bobby and the dog for making us happy for even a little while...

njtom, tinton falls
Great, great show. I was very disappointed with the performance at the PNC Arts Center over the summer, but this show completely made up for it. I expected there to be great acoustics at NJPAC since they have the symphonies there, but this blew my friggin mind. Cant wait until Bobby and crew are back in town again.

Nick, Rockaway
I taped this great show from the 23rd row. My rig is
The sound quality is one of the best I have ever taped in my more than 25 yrears of taping experience. You must hear this to believe it. (My Ratdog 11/11/06 from same venue as well is a must hear). Anyone who wants it or 11/11/06, send me an email and I will hook thee up.

Jon Pasternak, Tenafly, NJ
excellent show great venue, great sound I caught a couple of Phill shows and the ones I saw rocked(The 1st mon show when Warren showed up for the 2nd set and fri 11/7 and that show kicked butt) Phil just seems to be really enjoying himself I thought Bobby rushed thru the 2nd set. Great 1st set truckin brown eyed women was a great opening duo cold rain and snow was awesome and ending the set with greatest story and scarlet was smoking. Unlike most of you i thought the 2nd set was good not grate. opening witn me an bobby mcgee was interesting But victim,Liberty and knockin didn't do it for me Franklin's cooked and it is always great to hear brokedown(Jerry we miss you)
Looking foward to a Dead reunion this spring. As long as you guys keep rockin i'll keep coming.

Dave , Morristown

blic, perth amboy
What a great night.
Jon Pasternak - I'd love to take you up on your offer....
I work in Englewood - (201) 227-7105 x.130
PLEASE "hook me up"

Danno, New York, NY