11/16/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, November 16, 2008
War Memorial Auditorium
Greensboro, NC


I'm sitting here listening to another tedious, laborious, long, lame come together getting a text that Phil is doing a stephen-other one- china doll- hard rain, after a smokin muxic, ashes with a hott cumberland in there, wandering why why why. So predicable tonight in NC, somethings gotta give, lets keep it fresh please, this is stale as day old bread. Wake up Mark! True that.

henry, bolder
Why do you even go dude. Stay home and complain about something This tour is great plus may be a little tierd after blowing up the TOWER 2 NITES>>>>>>>>>


Cletus, Harrisonburg
Correction to setlist above Jam>Milestones>HCS to start show

Everything well played...personal first set highlights mission, cream puff, lucky enuff, good lovin...2nd set acoustic really nice, TOO jammed long and hard, GDTRFB blistering hot...

Strong show, not as epic as last Sunday Bridgeport for me personally, but hometown show (already in bed ) and was nice being center rail (thanks Kakalaki)

Wish I was going to FL or NYE...oh well, next shows Jamaica

purplybob, nc
What a wonderfully STRONG show this was last night. Cream Puff went through your soul at times and the crowd was on fire by the end of Good Lovin....Peggy-O was absolutely beautiful-o and if you can't get into that, well, go see Phil. Quinn was great and Sampson and Delilah was some booty shaking fun. Mark was more than awake,dude! I think you were the one asleep and dreaming there, henry! Headed to FLA right now!!!

Holly, King,NC
Great show! The first set was rocking and there was never a moment when I was not dancing my ass off! I thought Jeff's solos were top notch last night. I bought the CD and there was a long line of people waiting on the CD, so I think many other people must have enjoyed the performance as well. The Other One into Samson was smokin'! If they had another hour of time, I am sure they would have stretched the end of GDTRFB for even longer. Another great performance on a tour that seems to be their best ever.

Andy, Tennessee
What can one say to a really upbeat night? 'BOUT TIME!

The Dog has really stepped it up - no more songs in reverse speed please.

After a blistering hot first set (Silvio to Good Lovin' was spectacular) they came back out with a great Me and My Uncle Sing Along and then absolutely *crushed* Quinn. The audience was great and *very* into the music.

The only complaint- maybe a little too much noodle-jamming in the second set- but by then many in the audience needed "the break".

Ripple was sweetly sung to take us all home again. On my way to sunny F-L-A.

dkstar, siesta key
I thought this was a wonderful show! The Baby Blue was so delicate, and following it with Mission conjurred some serious Jerry presence. Cream Puff was super strong. When the light went down after halftime, Bobby just launched right into a sweet Peggy-O before half the crowd could get back to their seats! The rest the night was mass sing-along and the Ripple encore just melted me!

Special note should be made of the crowd last night: the energy was so high, so palpable. I found myself giggling with joy at the music AND the crowd responses! Thank you all!

Bob, Asheville, NC
What a great show. I think the high energy level was a sustained presence the entire night. The last show I saw barely got me off my feet for more than three songs and last night was a feeling of, who needs a seat, get the hell up and dance. This venue also sounds so good! Smokin' show that sounded awesome! I think the only thing predictable about last night's solid jam is that there will always be a "Henry" in the crowd that is not satisfied...maybe the thing that's "gotta give" is you leaving the Dog Scene?!? Get on PLF tour man and quit bashing a hot show and pretty tight sounding band!

Jason, NC
the show was awesome with great energy throughout. everyone was on point and the sound was very tight.
I think henry should listen to mark's solo on samson one more time and then decide if he is 'awake'

trent, richmond
Overall, I thought it was a pretty darn good show!

The beginning of the 1st set wasn't "exactly perfect" musically or sonically (the sound was kinda' weird in the place all night), but they really nailed Mission in the Rain. The sound had just gotten a bunch better than the first couple tunes, and especially the bass was absolutely rockin'. The band was well in the pocket and really playing well together. Now, despite the echo off the back balcony wall all evening that often had me wondering if there was another band in the room playing just a little slower than :) Ratdog, there was an amazing bass note that would sympathetically act as a pacemaker and make ya feel like your chest might explode. It wasn't even a low note (it was A or Bb, sorry my ears were a bit off), but it fookin' made the whole sound system go fffffvvvvvvv right through you. It wasn't something "wrong" with the sound, it was just there.

Big Boss Man was cheesy, but good. And as others have said, the Cream Puff War >Silvio > Tequila thing was kick-ass, despite no real guitar solo from Karan in the whole thing (the Tequila jam was really a saxy thing, of course). There was a short stop before Good Lovin', but the groove kept going and Bobby opened up on it.

The 2nd set was one of those really incredible Ratdog sets that actually reminds you that you were once a deadhead. It was pretty much dead-on (pun intended) from beginning to end, with the minor exception of Come Together, which was a little slow and anthemic (but the audience really likes singing along...albeit in the improper place, twice! :)

The Other One was rockin', the GDTRFB was really fookin' good, the Ripple was truly excellent.

n almost humorous parking lot scene, consisting of one small lane of folks selling some stuff and about 6 different locations of nitrous tanks whooshing loudly. Luckily, we didn't hear that long-ago-remembered coconut sound of anyone's head hitting the pavement, nor did we witness anyone "doing the fish" on the ground!

More seriously, allinall, a great show. A good time was had by almost all,

now of Durham, NC

¯`°²¤Flash¤²°´¯, Chicago, IL
This is a message to Ratdog. This is the only way i can get a message to you, but i have gotten ripped off by Munckmusic and they are not responding to any of my e mails. I baught one of your shows from the '07 tour, and i have not recieved it for months. This is a site from your link and i purchased your show and have not recieved it. Please help. thanks

Byron , Las Vegas
After seeing the abortion, that was Phil in Raleigh and Charlotte, I was so psyched to see Bobby again in Greensboro. Phil might want to reconsider having Ratdog open on New Years, because Bobby's on fire! I, too didn't sit down once during this performance. "The Other One" was definitely a high energy freak fest, and I really dug the experimental "Sampson." Anyone who didn't enjoy this performance must have had too much of that bad nitrous from the lot......

Norm, Yadkinville, NC
The show was over the top. Excellent song selection and flow.

HCS opener was crisp leading to a spunky Mama Tried. Baby Blue was simply sweet and thought provoking. My favorite JGB tune the Dog does is Mission in the Rain and last night's version bought Jerry's spirit to the forefront with smiles all around. Lucky Enough wandered some but was okay with Big Boss Man following strong with Kenny blowing his horn for all it was worth. Cream Puff War absolutely SMOKED. Upbeat steaming psychedelia in everyone's face. Silvio>Tequila>Silvio had everyone grinning and the Good Lovin' set closer set hips to shaking.
All in all a stunningly well played and moving set!

Peggy-O shined opening the 2nd set w/ a nice Chimenti lead and Bobby strumming strong. Me & My Uncle was well received throughout the house like a rodeo at roundup! Quinn the Eskimo was a rollicking romp. The mood veered to more serious terrain as the Other One climbed to crescendo. After cratering the auditorium, the Sunday go to meeting Samson & Delilah had the congregation dancing in the pews!

Stuff was short leading to a creepy crawling Come Together leading to a toe tapping Going Down the Road.
The Ripple encore was more than fitting.

I took a friend to her first show and she had a blast. The crowd was friendly and space was freely given to do as one pleased. The connection to the band was palpable helping to drive the show. Thanks to all who were there as well as the kind staff at the venue.

This show renewed my musical spirit heading into Winter and the coming of 2009. Let's all keep this Mother rolling as many times as we can!

Thanks Ratdog!!!!!!

CaseyJonesed, Charlotte, NC
Girlfriend broke up with me earlier this week and was completely devastated by the way i had been treated by her. This show, as have many many others, comes at a pivotal time in life. Came looking for catharsis and some relief and got both during first set.

Here comes sunshine: This immediately gave me the hope I am going to need in order to get thru this difficult time of healing that a breakup requires. Played beautifully btw.

Mama tried: Although she was not a deadhead she knew all the words to this song because she is into country. Just like this band to do this. They, as have GD, have been the backdrop for the good, bad and ugly for the last 25 years of my life. Hearing this one and realizing how much it reminded me of her saddened me deeply but struck me with the reality that life is sometimes this way.

Baby Blue: This one was full of references to angry side of how I am feeling toward her and the shameful way I feel I was treated. She will certainly strike a match and start anew to be sure. But its all over now Baby Blue.

Mission in the Rain: Such tremendous hope here. Felt Jerry soothing my soul during this one. No matter what comes down the mission always looks the same. It is exactly this kind of imagery that has always meant so much to me. However, tonight I would be happy for any dream at all. More catharsis now but getting closer to acceptance and resolution of these dreadful emotions.

Lucky Enough: Hey, nobodys perfect no saints here. Hopin to find the Grace that this song speaks of. Maybe she even will. Some ya win, some ya lose.

This 5 song run was exactly what I needed to realize what I was facing, how it felt, and the fact that a little acceptance with a reasonable dose of optimism might get me through... That and the Music of my favorite rock n roll band. Thanks again guys and thanks for reading this rather atypical review. See ya next time.

Firewire, Charlotte
Firewire, You never understand women. I have been married for 22 years. Love her, great woman, still dont understand her. Stay related to music...It will get you thru it.
As of the show, Not my best RD show. My fav was last year in Asheville. But this was really good. Really Good.
One of my highlights was when I was talking to a guy in front of me who was 57 years old with his wife at his side. He said he saw the Dead in 1971. Thats 37 years ago guys, but he nver saw RD before. I started going to Dead shows around 85 or 86. Seen quite a few shows in my life time.(not 150 or so like some people claim when they dont look older than 25 or 30). That still cracks me up!!
But anyway it was great to meet someone new and do a little remanencing(is that spelled right). I always thought that was what Dead and RD and Phil shows where supposed to be about. Having fun and meeting new friends. Not putting bad reviews up to get attention.
Back to the show----
Cool tunes man. Started out a little rough to me on HCSS, but they seem to really get it together real quick.
To me this was more of a cover show than anything, which there is nothing wrong with that, because RD covers songs just as well as any other band anywhere else.
My turning point of the show was Mission. This is where I thought the show really took a turn and really got started. From there on, I never looked back. Peggy-O was sweet, MAMU was fabulous and they where all good. Other One and Sampson>>>Good Job MK. One of the best GDTR Ive ever heard in 20years.
Some weird parts related to me was a couple scenarios Ill share. Creme Puff was a song to me I wasnt familiar with(40year old song, I know Thanks Bobby for keeping it together and going. As for me, "I keep holding on to yesterday"

chuck, roanoke
Half of my review got cut off(dont know why)
Not going to retype it. Just had a great time. Cant wait till spring.

chuck, roanoke
Great Show!!! Thanks Bobby for a rockin good time in Greensboro.

WahooDead, Petersburg VA
Had a great time,My mom's first show with Ratdog ,she loved it.Thankyou Ratdog and Venue for a real good time...JUst sent some photos in ,hope they get up.Forgive me if i offend anyone in the photos,just wanted to let the masses see how much fun they were having,instead of alot of band shots..See Ya'll next spring !!!

anthony, kingsport,tn.
Would have enjoyed the show more if I was sitting in front of Denaz & Purply Bob!

It was not "Epic", but it was damn sure solid as a rock.

Mission and TOO were smokin.

georgiapeacocks, Woodstock, GA
My first Ratdog show...It was amazing to see the connection and energy flowing between those on stage and those in the crowd. Thanks to all for the great experience.

Shan, Charlotte

A good show but I enjoyed the second set the most. Was it just me or did they turn the volume up for the 2nd ? Because I commented to a friend during 1st that it wasn't quite loud enough ... but I didn't have that complaint the second half. At any rate both sets were great and an all around fun show ... especially GDTRFB. Had a good time ... keep it up guys.

mike&augdog, Lynchburg, VA
awesome show .band was very tight .good to see bobby again.thank you purply bob for the sticker.

ncdeadhead, raleigh ,NC
I just started listening to this show b/c the setlist looked good. My immediate constructive criticism (and I do love this band) is for Jay Lane....Jay if you guys are going to play Milestones, which is way cool, can you try to do something on the drums other than providing a basic rock and roll beat? If you played some jazz fills on this tune, or any of your opening jazz jams for that matter, the music would improve immensely and sore to higher ground. The Rock beat you provide weighs down the jazz music, making it feel heavy and forceful. You played very well on versions of Eternity back in 2002 so I know you've got some jazz chops in your vocabulary. Is it too much to ask to break them out on all the jazz tunes Ratdog covers? Please!

Steve , Denver
great time. loved the dylan covers. Samson made me want to tear the whole buildin down. hope to see them in san fran for new years.

westleyjames, wilmington
love the difference of opinion...

certainly NOT epic, but fun, crowd was definitely into it...

front row in front of jeff...

agree with flash, "the beginning of the 1st set wasn't "exactly perfect" musically or sonically (the sound was kinda' weird in the place all night)"

sound was a lot better when i would get in front of the stack but think the empty balcony played a lot into the hollow sound, recording actually sounds very good though...

rough transition into sunshine and mama tried...

baby blue and mission were sweet!!

almost took it there in lucky enough and quit...

big bossman made me dance!!

cream puff smoked!!

good lovin' was a nice closer going old school with the phil bass thumps...

peggy-o and uncle were a little disappointing especially after seeing band's setlist saying it was all around this world, big iron...

quinn>other one>samson were smokin. too was nice and long jammed out...

not much to stuff or come together...

GDTRFB was smokin hot with a sweet ripple on top...
bob is always great. and jeff and mark definitely had some shining moments...

still can't help but feel a little like henry. although i think bob's band is super tight compared to current plf lineup, phil's setlist are super sick and i'm feeling a little unfulfilled...

Spivey, Little River, SC
Bob and mark played my song i asked for("samson and delilah") and i gt a bonus of "mighty quinn/eskimo quinn" my fav song of all time."come together" was nice and "ripple"mase a nice encore.i went in smiling,danced the whole show and left smiling! way to go guys! i went to 26 dead shows and 2 j.g.b. shows ,11 phil shows and that was my first ratdog show.they played my song,and they played "quinn" that is more than phil has done in 11 trips to his shows,he never plays what i ask for.i think i have moved ratdog ahead of phil an his friends,because they played my song............"samson an delilah"

jay shealy, rock hill,s.c.
and henry bolder,why dont you just go see phil if you are gonna be a sour puss,totally negative you are as yoda would say,leave your unhappy comments off this site you chump!

jay shealy, rock hill,s.c.
thanks star,be careful out there,skate boarding is dangerous in some towns

jay shealy, rock hill,s.c.
This was my first Rat Dog show. Met so many new friends even though I came Solo since it was a last minute thing for me. Lots of my old friends where there and I felt that old GD family feeling that used to be there....... Oh man was I happy about what an upbeat show we got! The fan energy was great just like most of the Greensboro shows in the old days. This is the kind of thing that gets me charged up for weeks afterwards.

Thanks Rat Dog!

Alfred , Asheboro NC
great show,as always,could have done with out silvio just hate the song,but quinn more than made up for it,saw it in 95 first show. THANK YOU BOBBY

curtis, apex