11/19/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Hard Rock Live
Orlando, FL


Again, what a show, WRS, Stella Blue, Bob's vocals were at the top of his game, Mark's playin, stellar. I really want this band to come to Hamilton, Canada in the spring, I will do whatever I have to, to get them there. This is the real deal, the best music out there, that's just my opinion. Thank you Bob and the rest of the band.

david hickey, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
hey now! great show guys. weir really weaeved his way through this one tonight. from the beginning jam with the happiest place on earth tied up in help slip through the whole deeply played first set ending with the moving let it grow, ratdog demonstated tonight that they were getting this florida tour all geared up. back to back marty robbins last night and tonight with big iron is amazing if you are here. great jamming in women and stuff. but when stella went to ashes, nfa and back into help slip well, it was like perfect. venue just ok. ok sound. weird in disney. aloha.

chuckieboy, kona,hi.
really great show , i turned 30 yesterday and that was the best present anyone could have given me!bobby and the band were awesome that stella blue brought a tear to my eye! definitly a little weird in disney where were all the heads? took my father and brother first time either of them have seen em and they loved it im just one happy dog!!!!!!! love u guys keep on truckin hope to see u at wanee fest this year!

james randall, palm bay fla
Strange for a local to hear "Happiest place on Earth" on Universal property instead of last year's visit at House of Blues on Disney property, but nice nod to Orlando anyway.
Also strange hearing Help On The Way>Slipknot opening with Franklin's Tower as encore just like last years' show. Also The Weight was played here last year, but great performances all around. Loved Weather Report Suite, Big Iron was a nice surprise, everyone was in fine form. Excellent show last year with Kimmock filling in; Mark--welcome back, you sounded great! A very enjoyable night!

CosmicCharlie84, Orlando
It's All Over Now, Watchtower and Not Fade Away, were my personal favorites... and Weather Report. Happiest place on earth.. fun way to start a show.. how could we not be happy with this great bunch of guys playing for us all night. David Hickey... it was a real pleasure to share the rail with you and Eden... the best music, new friends... I'm blessed. :-)

Mary Klett, DeLand
Sounds like the DOG is rippin it up right now!~!!


Just got back to town after such an incredible evening. Highlights for me included a great venue with great people listening and jamming to the Happiest Band on Earth.....at least for tonite! It's All Over Now was just way too much fun and Watchtower was absolutely incredible.
West LA was just raw and dirty...need to listen to the CD if you get a chance....almost makes ya want to take your clothes off!!!
Women are Smarter was killer but I'd have to say that my favorite of the evening was Stella with the disco ball rolling.
Laura, hope you enjoyed your "prom evening" and we'll catch ya'll in Jamaica....God willing and the creeks don't rise!!!!!!!!!!

Holly, King,NC
Thanks Bobby! I welcome you every november in fla. The venue change from HOB -> HRL was a great change. Perfect size for RD i.e. room to groove! Granted his "Happiest Place on Earth" was a bit misplaced, but WRS made my night. The whole sequence from West L.A. Fadeaway, Women are Smarter > Stuff > Stella Blue > Throwing Stones > Not Fade Away
E: Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower

SMOKED! and you cant do that at the HOB!

jason, melb
Happiest place on earth was a grate chant to start the night. Solid play all night. Not as many jams as Tuesdays show, but a real swingfest. If you didn't shake at least a few bones you were probably in a coma.
Second set from what was on the bands paperwork was different from what was played. Lots of band and crowd energy. Mabey they will play been all around this world, and black th. wind in Ft Meyers as previously planned for O town?
Grate show...alot of fun...nice to see old friends....time to get wierd

Tim, Stuart, Fla.
Great show! much better venue than clearwater and the usual HOB, the band sounded strong and set list rocked! gettin ready to head out to fort myers!

Tdog, tampa
Wow, absolutely can't believe how can this band, any band get better every freaking time. "Happiest Place on Earth", "Paradise Waits, Help is on the way" not my words, Bobbies!!!
Incredible show, absolutely off the hook from the first strum to the last, no nonsense rock and roll. Just keeps on evolving, dontcha know.
ONe of the best Tenessee's i ever heard, West LA Fadeaway was MONSTER!!! Don't believe i ever heard em play woman are smarter, very nice. Just a fantastic show. See ya's in San FRan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAn't wait.

Big Mac, Macclenny, FL
smokinnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been a long time since ive seen a show.i guess you could say my expectations were high.It was above and beyond my wildest expectations.great venue ,not a bad seat in the house . made it up front
bob sounds as good as ever and the sax is so awesome
big iron,you got to be kidding .what a treat .the mexacali was a little sloppy in the begining but who cares what great combo.and the women are smater was steller.
thank you so much for coming to orlando please come again .we will be regulars for sure.
god bless the grateful dead and rat dog

Great night. Again! (was in Clearwater also) Great seeing old friends (hey Rick). Really great seeing Mark on stage, He played with a passion that I had not seen before this week. and TONE!!
I got 2 of my very favorite songs: Help>Slipknot and (OMG) Stella Blue.
Also a bunch of off the hook stuff.
See ya in Boca

Rick , Bradenton
All I can say is WOW. Tennessee Jed 1st set and Mexicali Blues in the 2nd. I have not been to a show since Jerry and I was blown away. Thanks to Bob and the Dogs for a great time, brought back some killer memories

Scott, Port Orange
Another solid show. Nothing spectacular in my opinion but for sure worth the price of admission. I can honestly say that I have never been to a Ratdog show where I walk out feeling like I did not get my money's worth. Hard Rock is not a great venue though. Weird shaped room, therefore not a great sounding room. Mike and the boys made it sound as good as it possibly could have though. Parking is lame, security ok. I like HOB better.

PJ Marks, earth
I had the best time !!! I had two friends drop out,so I went alone.When your at a show like that your not alone when you get there, I was home.The music was Great! Bob and the guys filled my cup.I'm glad I got the CD.I'm hopeing we get to see the band every year here at "O" town.Stella Blue.Happiest place,Fadeaway,Women are smarter,And Franklyn tower were my pix for the best. A++

Nate, Lake Mary