11/22/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 22, 2008
Mizner Park Amphitheatre
Boca Raton, FL


Best Dog show in years! Fun, fun, fun from start to end. Thank you Bob!

Jon, Delray Beach
OK enough already, I can't this any more.....this was incredible and like I said in last night's review I am sad to be going home and not because it's minus 10 there. For the 4th show in a row Rat Dog delivered an epic concert. There's no point in pointing out the highlights, the whole show and the past 4 have all been a highlight, but I will for review sake say LRR and Morning Dew made me cry and not just because it was truly channelled, but it made me feel so much about life, Jerry, Bob and my recently passed dog Allah, thank you Bob again for putting your heart and soul into this as well as Mark, Jay, Jeff, Kenny and Robin for an amazing 4 nights in Florida, we hope to see you on Dec 30th.

David from Canada, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Friggin off the chain!!! I can't sleep, I've been up all night, laughin' in Miami at the Bay Street moon.....English session bass player Robin Sylvester is lovin' it playin with Bobby! Does he ever not smile!! Thanks boys for a kick ass time.................Loved the Box!!!

Ratdog rocked Florida,and me right down to my sole. Last nights setlist was incredible, but out of the three shows I went to...I cant pick a favorite show...they were all stellar performances. Thank You...Thank You Boys..Godspeed

Rick, Miami
best ratdog show ever....saw phil last week @ nokia and that was his best showing also.....ok boys, lets get it together now for a tour...

al f., boca raton, fl
I caught 2 shows on this tour. Hard Rock was blow-out. MK and Bob on fire. Only issue is the Hard Rock Live CD MK is not mixed well. MK was turned up great at the show. Boca was amazing. The energy kept building song after song. Only one issue in Boca. They should play 5 nights in BOCA. 1 night is not acceptable. Cmon Bob 5 nights in Boca.
Bottom line is that it was so nice to hear this great music in South Florida. WE NEED MORE. Bobby maybe you should buy a winter home in South Florida.

Randy, Aventura
Bobby rocked Mizner better then I've seen in years! It was high energy and awesome vibes last night, wow!
My only wish would be for the facial hari to go and htat he would have played Sugar Magnolia at our show, oh well! It was a super time had by all and the recoding I got after the show sounds amazing! Thanks Bobby and Ratdog for such a great night!

Peggy, Coral Springs
wow, a tad upset i blew off these last 3 shows, only went to clearwater which was quite gud. i am going to jamaica, and i have an extra, becuase my wife and i recently split up.

anyone interested in going u can ping me at mmerolli@verizon.net

mark merolli, tampa
my annual show to attend...once again theres nothing like a ratdog show..the band just keeps getting hotter....thanks boys for golden road, dancin, and box,..bob, stay a few more days at Boca...see you in jamaica

richard delboccio, naples fl
Another spectucular night with The Rat. Loved Bertha to kick start the party, and later Bird Song-Golden Rd-Lazy River-Bird Song was fantastic and the Big RR Blues to close the opener rocked the house. Hard to believe it was only firt set. But the 2nd took it higher. Loved Candyman, Masterpiece, and later Morning Dew was powerful. China Cat-Rider was a perfect finish. What a treat to hear Box of Rain, and of course the closer was predictable and great!!!

Greg in Boca, Boca Raton, FL
2nd set was by far, the best you guys have ever been in my presence! Unreal!!!! Mark Karen, i am so glad to see you doing better my friend! You played better than i have ever seen you play! Bobby unreal(even loved the double verse in me and my uncle!). Please come back sooner than later!

Babylon jon, babylon NY
Solid. Not my favorite setlist but great playing, great sound and nice venue. The timing of Bob's vocals on Dew were a little weird but he is an artist, it's his gig and I am not complaining. So that being said, the Dog has really got it going on.

PJ Marks, earth

mike, boynton beach
One of the best...ever? Best in Florida, no doubt. If only Mizner had Ft Myers' lot scene! Thanks to everyone I encountered.

sahagian, Winter Park
We sat outside last night and i brought a few friends of mine who have never been to a ratdog show and we all had a freaking blast last night...I wont forget that lazy river road..Thanks bobbie for all the great energy you laid out there last night brought back alot of my old tour memories..
Can't wait till next show.

smokeyluv, tamarac florida
Great show. My 3rd of the Florida tour, and my first at Mizner. As others have said, first set had great energy. Dancin' was incredible, as was Masterpiece. But the ultimate highlite was Box of Rain. FINALLY a Phil song!!
(OK guys, now learn Unbroken Chain. The Dog would just KILL on UBC)
This was Jeff's 750th show. Hippy Bill, the world's friendlies roadie, gave me the set list off of Jeff's Hamond B-3. -Thank you again for making possible years of great shows.

Side note: 1st set was to include Easy to slip, after Golden Road. 2nd set Masterpiece replaced Black Throated Wind.
Mark- Your (extended) family welcomes you back to the stage and to Florida. My friend, you were the reciepiant of many a healing prayer. Our prayers were answered. You played w/ a passion greater then before.

Rick, Bradenton
what a show. First show since Albany of last yr, by far one of the better ones if seen, thanks bobby for masterpiece, waited along time to hear that one. Just a outstanding night

Great encore loved box of rain

dave, delray beach
I finished three nights with the Dogs in Boca bringing the fall tour to a close. I couldnít be happier right now. I can sum the entire experience up in one word, Outstanding.

Mark Karan is inspiring on guitar. When he goes into a blues riff you get chills that make your hair stand up. He has such a passion for playing great music and he sounds better than ever, welcome back Mark we definitely missed you!
Jeff Chimentiís keyboard skills are amazing. He knows how to bring a ragtime smile to a room, thatís for sure with crazy acid jazz undertones and high harmony in flow and at peak with the percussion and string. He is amazing.
Watching Jay Lane play the drums is like watching Animal from the Muppets, he is such talent on the drums and so much fun to rock out with.
Robin Sylvester is having a good time and really gets the bass. His bass skills are the glue of Bob and Markís dueling rhythm guitars.
Kenny Brooks has amazing lungs and talent. I respect a sax player that can keep up with that set list year after year. Kenny has definitely found his sound in the band. When he gets bored he just sips a Heineken and plays with his synthesizer and looks adorable.

Bob has been playing this music for 44 years, his experience matches his skill, he looks and sounds great and I respect him immensely. He has a few senior moments and knows how to laugh at himself. One thing Bob never does is stop playing, thank you Bob for bringing together a great band, Ratdog. See you all next fall.

shelldog, tampa
I was just going to have a relaxed evening sittiing outide the main Mizner venue in my beach chair. Bertha hinted that we were in for an epic night - By the time Althea was over I was debating on going in. I heard a hint of Dancin during the Bird Jam & was more than looking forward to the second set. During intermission & purchased tickets, provided a couple miracles, & the rest is history - By the way, I was the lunatice jumping & dancing uncontrollably.. Sorry to those I bumped into.

Thanks for the Box - Me & My Uncle & China Cat killed too. Can't wait to get the CD.


Chris , Jensen Beach FL
Wonderful show, wonderful audience. Thank you all. I was nice to see I wasn't the only old man who remembered 35 year old lyrics and intonations. There is nothing like a Rat Dog concert with a bunch of old Dead Freaks.

Andrew, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
After Ft. Myersí second set I figured Mizner Park would be just dessert, but this outdoor show, general admission, warmest night of the Florida run, dancing under the stars, free to roam headspace was too fresh for words, but Iíll try. Like everyone knows who was there, the first set was kick ass with Bertha, Althea, Golden Road, Big Railroad Blues, BRB another dancing fool gift from the wish list and to open and close the set with jail songs, felt like get out of jail free we all win. Lee from NY it was fun talking to you in line for drinks and Florida Larry, always a pleasure but I was happy to have my friends to dance with up on the grass, and second set Candyman, what a sweet surprise, the setlist computer was working tonight, and the loudest acoustic selections ever and another one for the wishlist, Me and My Uncle, oh boy, always love Masterpiece, what a surprise Dancin in the Street and finally after countless show teases I get The Other One but never expected Morning Dew China Rider and the double song encore with a first time ever Box of Rain and did I mention the keyboard was superb in Boca and all the guitars and of course the sax and drums, leader of the band Bob, youíre the best. Loved the little rain that fell and so funny when someone pulled the plug for a few seconds and I am blown away by the three shows I caught at the end of the fall tour.

RamblonRoze, Cooper City, FL
I caught the tour opener in Westbury, thought,oh well, !st night back,,,souds decent,,, I went to Boca & was blown away,,,,, Thats the show that keeps us comming back for more, & more ,& more,,,what a night, what a set list, what a BAND!!!!
Thanks boys! Hope to see you in Spring, Summer, Fall,,,,Keep it going please.

Stu, Long Island
wow, after seeing a super hot show in ft myers with my 17 yr old son, on our drive home, i said the only way they can beat this show , they would have to blow me away with a true 1968 show, i said they would have to play DANCIN> the other ones>drums>morning dew>china cat>rider

Great show, has been a couplke of years since I have seen you .
Thanks for the new memories,


Steven Roos, Sunrise
great show it was amazing loved box of rain , and me and my uncle !!!!!!! hope to see you all real soon!!!!

lori, philadelphia
I love it!! I am still high from the music, not to mention the air!!!!

adam, Weston, FL
Excellent Show, Amazing song selections highlighted for this listener by The Deadesque Bird Song Golden Road, Lazy River, Birdsong inot Big Rail Road Blues. The second set was just as golden with my first ever Candyman and freakishly good Other One and what a finish with the Box of Rain, One more Sat. night encore. Well done guys and come back again real soon. Ya hear. Happy Thanksgiving to one and all

Michael, Margate, FL
Saw them at Hershey 8/25 and Munhall 11/1, and have listened to a half dozen or so other shows in between. I think we have just witnessed the greatest "RUN" ever for the guys!!

David Jenkins, Steubenville, Ohio
I have to agree with David Jenkins. I was blessed to see 4 shows this Fall Tour and this was the best I have ever seen this band perform. My first RatDog show was in Central Park the night Jerry died back in 1995. I have seen this band many times through the years with different configurations, and this "run" this fall was magical. I am glad to see and read that many other people feel the same way. Peace to everyone and Happy Holidays!

Andy Winebrenner, Knoxville, Tennessee
I was truly inspired. The harmony was incredible/ The bird song lazy river bird song/ Masterpiece Oh my god! Therapy! Wish I could get more.

alex dicembrino, weston
Having seen Mr. Robert Hall Weir well over 100 shows, I can honestly say Pure Enjoyment!!! Ace was in full comand all night. Setting the tone from the opening with a very hot Bertha>Silvio-whjich he just loves to sing,Kenny and Jay were smiling into Tequila> Silvio Althea was better than usual,not Spoken as much but lots of feelin. Birdsong was a little jazzy/sloppy but made its way to a very fun Golden Road.
Lazy river was time to get another bathroom>beer>bathroom and Big RR was FINE!
Second set Candyman Uncle was strong,Masterpiece was solid,Then the Fun started!! I heard the first note of dancin
and all I can say is Thank You Bobby,!! Obama will be here soon and we can be happy that the Other one(George W) won't be coming around!! THe Dew China Rider was a Steamroller!!!
Box a Huge Suprise!!! and Sat Nite w/the reprise left all of BOCA RATON Smilin to the lot!!!
Thanks Mizener & Boca Police for lettin us have our scene.
Bobby, we need more than 1 show a year here!!

Daver, Ft.Lauderdale
After relocating to florida a couple years back and bouncing all over the country i finally had a night to go back to my roots. what an incredible night and way to relax for an evening. From Bertha to Saturday night i could not stand still. Have listened to the discs over and over and can't get enough of them. been a long time since i saw bobby and this night definitely made me remember what i was missing. Thanks for a great show and a night of letting the music get down in my soul

hope to see you soon

T Mac, Moundsville WV
The numbers don't lie on this particular tour: 4 brand-spanking-new breakouts, over 40 songs played only once, only one show of of seventeen not having a song uniquely played for it and a slew of tunes broken out that hadn't been played since the early part of Spring 2008. But, most importantly, the PLAYING of the band, wow...

Caught six shows and it felt like 1989 all over again, but in a different and beautiful way. Kudos to Bob and the boys in the band for keeping it real...


Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
Ok...so I finally got here to leave my review and let me tell you, I can still hear the show! Absolutely phenomenal show this year in Mizner. I've seen RD every year since 1995 in one state or another and it just keeps getting better. Bobby-don't stop!!!! my only hope is that next year, you play Scarlet Begonia's. We are getting married two weeks before the show and I will be wearing scarlet begonia's in my hair in honor of Jerry. Hopefully RD never changes it's Boca schedule of the sat before thanksgiving because that will be our welcome home from our honeymoon party in 2009.
Thank you RD for "one helluva an evening"

Rosie, Pompano Beach, FL
A second the comment on "more Dog shows in south Florida"
I could make a full week of it -- 2 here & 2 there, ending with 2-3 nights in Boca!
Anyways, I'm just grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to have been there in Boca, everytime the Dog is in town.
SEE YOU'ALL IN NEGRIL!!!!!!! Wooo Hooo!

Hunter, Chicago, IL
thought we were gonna get the only althea but he graced ya'll with one. setlist was on fire, wish i coulda been there.

evan, richmond VA