12/31/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene and Phil & Friends opened; New Year's Band closed

Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
San Francisco, CA


what a crock, what a crying shame that haynes is to be the lead guitar for the new dead. gimme larry cambell, or mark, not warren. its always about the money, ya know they figure they sell more tixx with haynes name attached. But he is so overbearing, he will ruin the sound just like at the obama rally. Larry and his wife as Donna would have been great, imagine an amazing here comes sunshine opener into tom thumb into loser. I cannot stomache the dead sounding like the allman bros, which is what this will be. What a pity, what a shame, what a crime.

hank, philly
If You didn't get off tonight, you probably never will
Music Review >
1-Jackie Greene set was tight he is super talented. He can jam on multiple instruments and rocks out too
2-Phil's full set was incredible. Golden Road> Wheel Wow!
jazzy dead !!. I was blown away during the Eleven peaks
3-Acoustic- the jam during El Paso! also The Dark Star jam was so so mellow it felt like a Bird Song.
4-Bob's set- I love the Half Step! Bob is the ultimate hippy cowboy. Only klinker of the evening for me was "Ma Said" but truthfully Bob has been on the road the last 13 years so who am I to get down on him. THANK YOU>BOB WEIR!The 'I know youRider' was a big sing-along closer
This is all before New Years!
5-New Years was beautiful, Besides the wacky turtle and all the balloons I loved the kids being able to be up on stage
I thought about all the trials and tribulations of the years during GOOD LOVIN-Push back the night!
We had trouble hearing Phi's vocals and Bob seemed to be bothered by that too.
It was a little jolting when Weir exied stage right but there were 8 other musicians holding the fort down.SUGAREE
It was good to here Phil sing on Scarlet...
Love Bob on Come Together..
Dark Star ...NFA (Like a Blast from the past)
6-they could easily have curtained called without encore.
but they gave us a nice U.S. Blues
complete with traditional flag waver!
and then a lovely Ripple.
I caught the Ripple at the Cap Centre back in the day-(R.I.P-Jerry) but this was sweeter because it was the sum total of the evening.


Vibe Review>
There is no place I would rather be for New Years!
This was my Son's first show.
General Admission! Dancing Ushers and Kind Staff People!
Thank You for a real good time!!!

Chris Freedom Scott, NYC-CAL
If you didnt have fun at this show you must have not been there! Something Bob said "It's about time we're back doing this" I couldnt agree more... The Music, The Vibes, that band to audience intraconnectical (my own word) thing going on. Bravo and a heartful thanks.

BurntPage, Sonoma, CA
Just kept getting better from start to finish.

Highlights for me include DLMD into The Eleven. Phil's set had a slower jazzier feel to it for the most part, with the exception of the particle jam, which really stepped up the tempo. Bobby's set was really good, particularly half step and the other one. I thought the Rider was the peak moment of the 12/31 show. Thundering vocals in unison, crackling with energy at 11:30 pm to close out 2008.

Of course, the 1/1 show was classic. Jackie was great on Sugaree. Bobby really led the way while he was on stage. Great crowd participation on NFA. Fantastic encores.

Thanks so much! Well worth the ticket price.

jeff, las vegas/detroit
i hav 2 agree w the hankster-anybody-jimmy herring-kimock-scofield-even jorma would be better than that loud ass hillbilly-hes a great guitar player but not for psychedelic music-the karan-herring situation was great!!let warren play southern rock w his own bands and get a more subtle player-at any rate i will probably still go to the ca shows and might even have a good time

bs bob, greenwood,in
This was my first time in SF. I had the most wonderful time both nites. Thank You to all the GREAT and talented musicians for thier stellar performances. And thank you to all the gracious, friendly, fun people of SF...for a real good time. Cant wait for next NYE. Happy New Year to all. God Bless

Rick, Miami
completely blown away by the two nights, i flew in all the way from ct for these two shows, i was not disappointed in the least bit, love you guys and i cant wait till the dead tours next year!

Clayton, Meriden, ct
Wow, flew in from FL and both shows were amazing, although new years was a stand out. Not only was the song selection awesome-Phil always find the coolest shit-but the quality of the musicianship for both groups was totally tight and together. Phil and Bobby acoustic, come on , how friggin cool was that??? Acoustic dark Star! Eleven, New Potato and it went on and on with no let up in the intensity or crowd enthusiasm. Shared many puffs with new friends, donated a ticket to Moon who hopefully enjoyed the show and didn't have a heart attack from the "miracle" of actually getting a free ticket and can't wait for the dead tour. By the way, Hank get a life and stop whining about shit that hasn't happened and if it does, enjoy the ride. you might be surprised but not with that attitude. Its all good and if its good enough for the boys, its good enough for me. To the rest, have a great new year, stay positive and strong with the new administration and new hope and hope to catch you all soon. Hey Tim, wife and kid from somewhere, nice hanging. Out.

blew marlin, boca raton
I loved 12/31 as much or moreso than 12/30.

Phil's set was much better than the previous night's. Barry finally finding his voice in conversation with Jackie.

I don't even know if I can quantify it with a rating. Was a precious two nights.

Highlights from Ratdog's set...

Other One
Flyer>At A Siding>Rider

Carlo the Ski Nose, pDX
Ain't no hillbillies in Greenwood bumf--- Indiana eh Bob?

rich, marin
just a quick note ... thank you for a real good time!!,after being on the bus since 76,, we finally made it out to san fran. for new years,, had my 13 yr. old along for his first show..it was everything I hoped for and more,, the music played the band all night.. super kind Bill graham civic ,, met folks from all over ,, but you san fran natives are special.. god bless you all,, great energy all night most of the highligts have been mentioned.. teerapin flyer was suberb.. an over the top filled with emotion standing on the moon,, did it for me,, felt those hairs standing up again,, I could feel all our friends and brothers that have left us ,, my brother Toms spirit for sure,,,loved the acoustic trio,, pure fun,, great countdown,, the turtle,, balloons,, angels,,the magic was back,, its been a wile but worth the wait.. good health to all the players in the band and to you all .. spring is commin..

Bob K., oceanside ny
I voted for Steve Kimock to play guitar. When he played with Ratdog in 2007, it was some of the best guitar playing I have ever heard.

Colorado Deadhead, Colorado
First night was Great a good warm up for New Years Eve.
New Years Eve, EPIC, Historical, a show I have been chasing for years. Bobby for the first time for me sounded like Bob Weir from The Grateful Dead. Phil and Bobby were GREAT TOGETHER AGAIN!. Jackie Green was a Great addition. He held his own and them some on both nights as the warm up band. Jackie with Phil is just a Fantastic Mix. I was on the floor 50 yard line Dead Center for both nights. Sound was the BEST the 2nd night. Met new friends from: Utah, Florida, Connecticut,LA,San Francisco and more. Great scene outside the venue across the street. I did not wait around for show CD's does anyone lnow where to get the offical show New Years Cd's, or Tapers? Thanks to ALL FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Scott, LA
Hey Mark it was real nice meeting you. FL people here. We are still trying to find words that describe the two nights and are at a loss. Just wonderful. I think with the Cds you will need to go to ratdog live and check over at the philzone and in the near future they will pop up for download. I dont know what they will do with the tweener sets. Well saying we had a great time bringing in the New Year their in San Francisco with you and everybody else is an understatement. Happy New Year

Tim and Laure

livluvgrow, New Port Richey, FL
My first NYE with the Dead, front row center for the whole of night 2 and it was incredible (will send pics soon).. My cheeks are still sore. Ratdog really has taken off, they are so damn tight..especially Robin's bass.. Holy Cowlicious!!

Very disappointed to not see Larry Campbell with Phil.. sorry guys but Jackie Green is nowhere near being a full time lead guitar.. he may be very multi-talented and a decent singer (Sugaree was awesome), but Larry really knows how to make that sound dance!
Highlights for me (besides the entire Phil/Bob acoustic set)were: Other Ones/ Dark Star/ UJB/ Hard Rain and Know you Rider were unbelievable. Bobby you look HAPPY up there bless your heart. We will pretend that Wharf Rat was perfect ok? hehe
Agree with reviewer about Warren Haynes with the Dead.. Not cool, shoulda been Karan fo' sho! Karan is THE MAN by the way, then Kimock, but both are soo close you coulda taken either one. Warren rocks with the Mule no doubt about it, but come on guys they are two different sounds!!

Bless you and see ya'll at Forum and Shoreline!

Dan Nelson, LA
High Time had by all rolling into one and thought the night might last forever until we walked ourselves out till the morning came when loose lucy was my delight rolling in the rushes, down by the docks of the city, drunk on burgundy ripple in clear water. Other than that god bless us each and every one. And, maybe if enough of us whine, Warren will bow out?

scott, la selva
NYE starts with a nice set by Jackie Green and then we get serious, PAF open with a Golden Road to set the Tone for the evening, Wheel into a wonderful Eyes of the World and then Jackie kills it on Beatles Don`t let me down. The Eleven just Rocks and then a Slipknot/Elevator into Franklins leaves everyone wanting more,Whew and we still are not close to NYE. Bobby and Phil treat us to Me&Uncle into El Paso and really kill it on Maggies and Dark star /Cassidy. Bob and Ratdog open with a rockin Half Step,Mama Said/Playin then Rain gonnafall and Other One,emotional Standing on the Moon,Terrapin-siding/flyer and end with a sing along Know you Rider-Now for the NYE Band, of course Sugar to open the New Year into Uncle Johns Band,Wharf Rat into a marvelous Good Lovin, then to a delight to all in attendence a Sugaree/Scarlet-felt like Jerry was with us. Coming out of space into Come together and then Dark Star and with crowd not wanting to let it stop on Not Fade away, Encores US Blues and then a Ripple, last time I saw electric ripple was late 80s at the Cap center in Maryland. A GREAT NEW YEARS SHOW and look forward to seeing the DEAD at the Forum and Shoreline in May. Let the Music last forever !!!!

Blanch, San Diego