1/29/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Rat Dog Daze

Thursday, January 29, 2009
Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa
Negril, Jamaica


Interesting perspective for me. I was staying at the Riu-Negril, across the bay from the Grand Lido. I knew about the show and tried to find someway to get in, but nothing worked. I guess my sources in Negril are better at getting me some things than they are a day-pass to the Grand Lido. The sound was great, even a mile or so away. I could clearly see the light show and heard every song well enough to text the set list to my friends. Next year our little group has already decided, we're going to Rat Dog Daze.

Tom, Peoria, IL
nothing to do but smile, smile, smile!! such an amazing time in Jamaica. The boys were so powerful and Bobby was in fine form! Thursday was maybe the best of the 2 nights, but the whole thing was mind blowing!!! The Help>Slip>Minglewood was incredible as was the other one (maybe the best other one i've ever heard) and the setting was perfect for the Terrapin! Just everything was so beautiful!! THANK YOU GUYS FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!!!!!! Can't wait for next year! NO PROBLEM MON!!!

wes, E.TN
" I know you rider gonna miss me when I'm Gone"
Im gonna miss Jamaica! Great show. Great Venue. I will never forget it.

Tim, Toledo
The most incredible venue ever!!! Great weather...Great music...Great people. So much fun it had to be illegal. Already started saving for next year.

Jeff, Hilltown,PA
still trying to activate what little brain cells i have left. What a great time! cant wait till next yr! i review the first nite and get to the 2nd show over the weekend or something.

setting was obviously as gud as it gets, like red rocks. the band was ready to rock.

help was solid
minglewood was HOT. bobby charged the staged and looked at us with that crazy look. very nice.
easy answers flawless
she belongs to me was great and mark really carried some nice licks during that jam. smiles all around!
bird song V1- was just perfect given the weather and the moment. i though of janis throughout and pig.
little red rooster hadnt seen in yrs. it was fun
Dire Wolf- Big Railroad Blues: well just lets say i cant wait for the disc to listen to this sick arrangement to close out the first set.
bucket (about the only song i predicted) was great and of course they kicked it with some that reggae wrinkle. bob the rock star emerges!
milestones......... SWEET!!!!!! nice interplay between these guys. this band is really getting to know each other.
the other one, was big and raw just the way it was supposed to be!
terps, was fun as hell. everyone singing and dancing.
stuff once again proved this is a very tight band!
standing on the moon was great. jerry was smiling somewhere.
bird song- perfect place to drop the 2nd verse.
takes us home with the china/rider boys and try to put us to rest with ripple, but none of were going to bed till dawn after that show.

one minor complaint was kenny was not turned up enuff in the mix, but they took care of that on saturday nite.

met a lot of interesting and great people. dont remember a lot of names.

if anyone remembers me, ping me on facebook. ill be putting my jamaica picks up there soon.

to Bobby, the crew and the rest of the band. THANK U FOR A REAL GUD TIME!

mark merolli, tampa fl
mind blowing....the only way to see the band...great venue

richard, naples, fl
The sentence most often heard was"this is soooo cool".It was such a laid back enviro,family members were present,fans felt like ,well,at home! Marks new song rocks!Everbody was so comfortable,band+fans,that we felt like one.beautiful.

jeff, westminster,md
WOW!! A dream come to fruition. What's next. Negril was amazing. The beach the sun the local fare!! From the first notes of the welcome Jam session on wednesday to the last notes on Saturday the boys were on.
Some special memories... The sound check on thurs. Bob introduced us to his wife and two daughters,who were on a jet ski just a few feet away. Youngblood I can't get you out of my mind. Hanging and talking with most of the band members at the beach bar. So many good folks from everywhere. We stayed a few extra days went to YS falls and swam in 4 natural pools under the falls. Had jamaican food at cosmos on negril beach. tried special cakes from the yellow bird and drank way to much appelton rum.
See y'all next year!!

John, Montreal