1/31/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Rat Dog Daze

Saturday, January 31, 2009
Grand Lido Negril Resort & Spa
Negril, Jamaica


I can't imagine a better place or feeling. To have your feat in the sand, with the wind blowing, with 500 people that feel the same as you....I will stay with me the rest of my life. Thank you. Thank you.
That second set was beautiful. So was the first set. So was everything.

Tim, Toledo,Ohio
best time ever.It wasn't just about the shows. it was the atmosphere, the band hung out with us like we were all family.thay had breakfast, lunch and diner whith every one and partied the entire time. all of us there had a blast. hammer, steve, mike and myself won the golf outing and I came in 3rd in poker . how can you beat that. worth every penny!!!!!!

jimmy booth, floral park, ny
The whole Jamaica experience was off the hook. So cool seeing Ratdog play on the beach and be able to dance in the ocean during the show. The band was into it and the sound and lighting were on the money. The lighting crew tie dyed the waves rolling on to the beach during the second show. I will never forget Ratdog in Jamaica and can't wait until next year.

Jon Dupee, Warwick, NY
What a GRATE time had by all. I met so many happy people that were having just as fantastic time as we were. The staff @ The Lido all were anxious and willing to go the extra mile for all of us boneheads. Bobby was ejoying himself and brought it as usual. Easy 2 Slip, Book of Rules and Silvio>Tequila was the highlight this night along with the farwell BBQ.

weirDogHead(Mark), Pitman, NJ
just when you thought you heard it all..2nd night was superior....great to meet all the folks that attended

richard, naples, fl
wow. having been to negril, i knew this was going to be spectacular. glad to have met so many nice people, like me, that enjoyed a slice of heaven. i was fortunate enough to meet weir himself in charlotte...see you next year

chuck, attica
got my cds saturday. ive only listened to the first set of the 2nd nite.

i pretty much agree with the ratings for the 3 shows, but the last show had its moments!

i was quite sure we wud see certain songs, but only a few panned out. bucket, sat nite (duh), Even So > October Queen > The Deep End , lost sailor, saint, and black throated.

Tomorrow Never Knows set the tone, for me. when they dropped that to open, said to myself "self, this show is about ratdog, and not the dead." and that was just fine with me. these guys r really getting comfortable with each other and its really showing on stage. imvho, bob is way happier jamming with this band than what he is about to embark on this spring. the song was strong and dark, NICE.

playin lacked some energy and expected a phat reprise in the 2nd set that i think maybe got sacked becuase of the weather, near the end of the show.

ten jed, what u gonna do? some muffed lyrics, decent jamming kinda drifted for 10 minutes as the waves grew icreasingly more aggresive (which was way cool).

Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > this is a ratdog special. didnt care for it on the album but over the last 10 yrs these songs have evolved. the deep end always provides some fine jams, and the boys delivered the goods. vintage DOG!

Lazy River Road, imo, odd selection and kinda flat.

Dark Star was puzzled by this as well. interesting inter play, not bad.

jack straw was very strong, again odd closer, but it was sweet. the weather was really kicking it by now.

im posting some pics on facebook and will revist the 2nd set later.



still have my wrist band on :-)

mark merolli, tampa, fl
Couldn't have asked for better shows. This was our honeymoon, and as someone told us at Thursday's show - "BEST HONEYMOON EVER!!" We both had a blast and can't wait for next year!!

Brian & Essie Clark, Pennsville, NJ
2nd set has been listened to throughly, i was pretty sober, and upfront most of the show.

Easy to slip- was delighted to hear them open with this. i dont know if they were wearing ear pieces at the time, i didnt think to look, but the wind was howling and i think it messed with some timing. especially on the vocals. i liked the reggae beat in the middle, but the jam just didnt take off like it usualy does.

book of rules- the treat of the night! i barely knew what was going on, them i heard someone say Hemptones and i got a vague recollection. was upfront, and it looked like they were breaking down when bob says "just like a swiss watch". havent heard that since the 3rd nite at red rocks in 03. i guess it was a clean break into a great song. it was fun.

silvio-tequila- was solid. a few bad notes here and there, but in those conditons, who can blame em?

west la fade away- odd selection, well played. liked karans solo.

stuff best part of the show. robin and mark going at it was great!

Dear Prudence- odd selection again, well done, just odd.

sat nite was ok. was thinking this was the sat nite and was waiting for

Turn on channel six, the President comes on the news,
Says, "I get no satisfaction, that's why I sing the blues."
His wife say "Don't get crazy, Lord, BARRY know just what to do,
Crank up that old Victrola, put on them rockin' shoes."

but its like he forgot who was prez and mumbled it. i wud have loved if he pulled that off!

brokedown was nice but i was stunned at no franklins.

at the b-bque i think kenny was saying the weather made them cut out about 15 minutes.

cant complain, just some odd selections, but thats why we keep going back for more, isnt it........

still have my arm band on. lol

mark merolli, tampa
May 4, 1979 Hampton Coliseum Hampton,Va. During the encore of the show I threw a shirt on your picking hand as you played, causing you and the band to cut the encore short .I truly apologize to you Bob.I was wrong , I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.Sorry to you Bob and any of the fans whom were there.

RelixHunter, Richmond,Va.
any info for 2010. with out message board it's difficult to find. thanks

stevel, baltimore md.