7/5/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened; also The Black Crowes

Sunday, July 5, 2009
LC Pavilion
Columbus, OH


Good show, nice venue. Bobby seemed to be searching for the sound most of the set. Nice 1/2 step and Dark Star was pretty sick. Chris looked barely able to stand and his vocals were terrible all night. Wish Ratdog would have headlined! Thanks Bobby it's always a pleasure to see an old friend!

Sam king, Louisville ky
Wish i could've been here but was at the last nite of Rothbury. I was so bummed when Bobby announced this show on this date. I dont understand if he knew alot of people from town would be in Roth or not but someone in the chain of command def screwed the pooch on this one. Anyways good to see the guys back on the road. Bobbys new strat is sick by the way. And Sam he was searching and fiddling with his rack and pedals during the rothbury dead set so ya he's probably just getting used to something that he changed.

Derf Sanderson, Columbus, Ohio/Brazoria County
It was great to see Bobby and the boys but it was sort of a tease for me. They sounded great and played a great setlist but just a two hour set with no encore is just a tease.
Seriously, I could have done without the Black Crowes and Chris Robinson's lack of vocal talent although it was funny to see him ask Jackie what line was next during Sugaree also the dude was clueless during Dear Prudence.

Jackie's set was great and the Sugaree was pretty jamming for the most part. I know he's burned out from playing it but you wouldn't have been able to tell yesterday. He had some mic problems during his set and then again during his presence on Dark Star with the boys. It was pretty cool seeing him come out with Ratdog during Dark Star and Touch of Grey...it made up for the cheezy cameo Chris Robinson made.

Ratdog's set had alot of great jams and everybody was on from start to finish. The Easy to Slip was really good to hear and jammed out a little bit really nice. The Dark Stars were also nice and spacey as usual but funny to hear in the sunshine. Half-Step was the highlight for me although it turned into a sing-a-long but I didn't let that ruin it for me especially when the old drunk lady next to me spilt her wine on me twice. Bobby did have some mic issues at the begining of Easy to Slip but then after that it was smooth sailing until he fumbled some words during Half-Step.
I wish we could have had an encore but it was what is was. I was just happy to atleast see Ratdog do their thing.

All in all the show was great....atleast Jackie's set and Ratdog's set. Great weather and nice setlist from both bands. Good times were had yesterday in Columbus.

Jason, Eastlake, Ohio