7/8/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

moe. opened

Wednesday, July 8, 2009
Snagajob.com Pavilion
Glen Allen, VA


Great show!!! Bob wanted to play more. After GDTRFB, he turned around and there was a fellow at the back of the stage empahatically making the hands across the throat sigmal meaning "that's it....no more." Bob turned to the crowd and said that's all the time we're allowed and the show ended. What a huge bummer. This curfew sucked. The band was really smoking and ready to keep going.

Wize Maxie, Richmond
This show smoked from start to finish, blusey Stranger>Easy Answers opener highlighted Karan's new found energy and were very tight. Cool Odessa was followed by an urgent sounding Baby Blue and a rousing Ramble On Rose. Bobby does this Jerry tune so well! The snaky Playin and SPECTACULAR Other One were just what the Doctor ordered. Sylvester's intro and muscular changes propelled the band to further and higher heights. This is the best drum solo I've ever seen Jay pull off! Kenney and Jeff were cracking up as it sounded like he was posessed! Smooth Standing came next and it was soo much better than the Dead's version this year. Ripping Quinn/GDTRFB kept the love and energy flowin' as Schnier and Karan traded hot licks for the band's finale. My ears are still ringing from standing next to the stacks! No encore because of curfew but this show was awesome. Way to go guys!

Randy Garner, Richmond, Va
This venue sucked! 1st, you couldnt hang in the parking lot at all, some1 kept coming up to you every 5 mins telling you to go in or get out, and it didnt even start yet. Then the big one, i got arrested inside the show for pos. of jane by a group of undercover cops. We werent being care free either,kneeled down, took 1 puff and the next thing i new a undercover grabbed my arm tight, showed me his badge, and said come with me. This was a first for me at any dead related show, and i go to alot of them. So please, bobby, do not come to this venue ever again. And i dont recomend any1 going to this place for any show, ever! I work 7 days a week, only get a day off for "dead" related stuff, so, thank you pig for making my night, i hope you die!

Bill, Williamsburg
This show was groovin' hot from first to last note! The guys looked as though they were thoroughly enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. The renditions of Dylan's B. Blue & Q the E were very nice. GDTRFB rocked! and the PITB & R.Rose were sweet.
I must say also, the sound guys were on their game. They had it nailed as everything was crisp & clear.
There was but one down side...the curfew. The way the band was groovin, they could have easily kept it rollin as the music ruled the night.
If anyone in or with the band reads this stuff, Thank You for coming to Richmond again. You are something to behold and I'd love to see/hear you again in River City.

whisperdog, Richmond area
1st thing I have to say is wishing someone dead is the most ungrateful dead thing a person could do or say in a review, 2nd too Freakin bad you had a bad show, but I am sure you were a real dick with making the dead comment, and 3 stay the F*** home so that we don`t have to see these types of emails, reviews are meant to be fun and if you have too, critical of the show, not about you being arrested???? I wish I had been at the show because it sounded like it was a great show with the exception of the time frame, hasn`t anybody figured out that these boys just want too play, can`t wait to see you guys at Humphreys and I am sure no will be arrested at that show, cause nobody is that stupid in CA

Blanch, San Diego
Absolutely loved the show last night - great energy from start to finish and a strong set list to boot.

The venue was a bit unusual being that it's in the middle of an office park but I did enjoy being real close up in the special seating area. I'm wasn't surprised by the tight security - the venue made no secret about it on their website. Plenty of beer available inside though.

All in all, it was worth the trip from DC and back. Luckily, I was fortunate to have escaped a close call with a deer on the drive home.

jmvfrva, Falls Church, Va
I agree with Bill, venue sucks!! RatDog/Bobby, please stay away from this place. Only thing to do was drink draft beer inside the venue, and try and dodge the cops long enough to sneak a puff. I know I wont be back.

gr8tful09, greensboro, nc
I moved from the east coast 20 years ago and one of the reasons is I had the mispleasure of living in VA for 2 years, so thanks you Ass***** for once again proving my theory that being around so much political BS creates a wealth of people I never cared for, please stay there and don`t pollute the west coast with your negativity!!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
I thought the show was fantastic. I went to a handful of shows while living in West Virginia and Kentucky. Great venue and great weather! I hung out and had a photo with Jay and spoke with him for a few. I also made it back to the tour bus and saw Bob talking with some folks, I hung around till they left and asked Bob for a photo. He said"real quick" and this was what topped the night off for me. Thanks Bob for that moment in time! Ill see if I can post the photo on this site.

Rob, Richmond
Blanch, 1st off im not stupid, 2nd your a real jerkoff. Go hang out with your cop friends, you pig lover

Bill, Williamsburg
Get back to the review of the show. All venues in VA pretty much suck so deal with it. Great show, great energy, great times. To those who missed it hopefully a recording will be out by the end of the day. I know I am eager to hear it again!

Adam, Richmond
My first Dead show was March, 1986. I saw Ratdog last time they were in Richmond, and the Dead in Charlottesville this past April.

Last nightís show was the best Ė THE BEST Ė Ratdog show, and much better than the Dead in April. (Although Mickey and Bill are at an all time best, with this past tour.)

Last night cooked. Bobby has odd phrasing on some songs Ė Standing on the Moon, and Baby Blue, especially. Easy Answers is one of those Ratdog songs with both odd timing AND odd phrasing Ė makes it nearly impossible to sing along to, much less remember.

But the jams were all within the structure of the song Ė not so the Dead in Charlottesville. And Iím not a fan of Space, at all. But the jams rolled last night.

The Other One cooked Ė just smoking hot cooked Ė best performance of that song Iíve heard in more than 20 years. Playing in the Band was tight, and smoking hot.

They need to turn up the volume on Kenny Brooks.

Poor boy is blowing as hard as he can, but he canít compete with electric guitars and drums.

Also, how did I miss the Steinway Grand piano Jeff Chimenti is playing? I know there wasnít a grand piano on stage five years ago. Itís a nice addition. During one song Chimenti was turning from the piano, to the keyboards, to the organ and back to the piano.

As an aside . . .

Some people like the Dead scene because of the drugs and Ďhanging outí in parking lots.

This really hasnít appealed to me much since MTV and Touch of Grey.

But hereís a reminder -- trespassing and illegal drugs are illegal. Even in the Dead world, itís still illegal. Donít do the crime, if you canít do the time. Donít cry when you get arrested for breaking the law. (But hereís a hint Ė each time I went to the porto-john, they smelled like reefer, not an outhouse.)

Jim, Richmond
Great show. Bobby was really on his game and focused, as well was the rest of the band. Great hearing Al and Mark trade licks, too! Nice song selection and it really flowed well, and I got the Stranger and Other One that I wanted to hear, but failed to catch over the 3 Dead shows I got to see this past spring.

As far as the venue, this is a very unique spot being in an upscale office park in Henrico County. The security at Innsbrook has always been VERY tight and local area regulars that see multiple shows here each season know the deal, tone down their partying accordingly for a few hours while at the site, and enjoy what is supposed to be the primary purpose of going to shows, listening to the music.

I also feel a need to take issue with those that posted general assumptions about supposedly "conservative" VA. Sure, it's definately more conservative here than some states, but as long as you don't wear your freak flag too far out in the open and just stay below the radar, you have nothing to worry about seeing shows here in the Commonwealth.

The Grateful Dead and Phish always liked VA, booked gigs here repeatedly, and played some the all-time best shows of their respective careers here, so that should tell you far more about VA than what a few folks that posted here seem to think we are about.

Thanks for another great Richmond show, Bob!!!

datbrad, Richmond
smokin' show start to finish. high energy and creative. a pure bobby-driven show with solid support all around straight through. loved it. hilites: stranger, baby blue, playin, jay/drums.

agreed: terrible venue... uptight, regimented, poorly conceived.

gordon hensley, washington dc
I had absolutely zero issues with the venue. Matter of fact, I would love to see the boys play there again.

These were my impressions and I realize that they will not be shared by everyone. The staff was friendly, the concession lines were short, the porta-johns were plentiful, I was able to smoke (cigarettes) within the venue confines and no one was hassled for crowding the stage in the "Gold" seating area. For those not in the Gold area, it was still easy to get up close for a good view of the stage. And, the sound was top notch.

Heck - they even had a moon bounce for the kids.

From the venue's website, one could tell that the place was not going to allow any type of party scene prior to the show. I was wondering if alchohol was even going to be provided - fortunately, it was.

In regards to the curfew, this website provided information about projected show lengths (in this case, two hours).

I'm always thrilled to see Ratdog and if I have to adhere to a few restrictions at the venue, so be it. It beats staying home and watching TV.

jmvfrva, Falls Church Va
I totally agree with jmvfrva- if you did a little research you knew the venue was tight; there are plenty of places around to preparty at. Agree with all show smoked; too short is only complaint. Hey the ticket was $20.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHAT WAS THE TAX AND FACILITY FEE ON A DEAD TICKET THIS SPRING. Venue was very well run for a thrown up cover on an open lawn. Lots of cops; oh well do not do anything to get caught. The ticket is to enter not a license to smoke weed. Sorry man I hate that your night was ruined but I will go here again. Plenty of room and close stage proximity.

shapelessmass, nelson county, va
Bobby started late, but made up for it in Quality.

As for Henrico County's finest, I guess all budgets are hurting for easy cash, so busting guys for posession (read:smoking a joint) fills the coffers.

But they are pricks and ruin The Botannical Garden Gig as well as Innsbrook.

How many felonies were committed last night in Henrico while Cheech & Chong were getting the rubber glove treatment ?

Sy Conte, Tel Aviv
WOW! the show and energy was awesome. way to go Bobby and Ratdog! i liked the venue other than the cops-small, not packed, room for dancing and good sound. as for the remarks on here re the ticket is for enjoying music not puffing, it's illegal, stay home and especially "if you don't wave you're freak flag too high..." yeah yeah it is illegal but what's the effin harm of a few puffs while grooving? the cops COULD choose to ignore it as they do in Charlottesville where everyone has a great time without being noided out. and not waving your freak flag too high? that's the problem with this world. if you don't conform to the bourgeouis, mainstream, straight reality you can get harrassed if not arrested. more power to the Freaks. fuck the pigs. we had one security guy facing away from the stage staring at us cos he smelled weed from our direction (we weren't puffing) ANNOYING. we eventually moved, puffed in the portojohns and danced our asses off with other blissed-out dancers. heaven.
anyway the band was amazing and well worth the trip and time off from the stupid dayjob.

smokestaxx, Takoma Park MD
Didn't you see the 100 cop cars in the lot when you tried to "hang" there? All you had to do was hotbox like a man before the show or better yet, anyone ever heard of this new thing called Psychedelics? Ever gotten busted for eating shrooms? Be a man, you were not smart, and you paid for it, sorry. Not making excuses for the venue, I personally hate it, but a couple of pigs will NEVER get in the way of my good time! "You know all the rules by now and the FIRE FROM THE ICE"!

Randy Garner, Richmond
Blanch for someone who moved to Cali to get away from East Coast negativity you sure do your share of imparting negativity and assholeness here. just saying. i have no problem with Bill sharing his experience at the show--seems appropriate here. maybe he was being less than smart but he was just trying to have a good time and his post wasn't assholish in my opinion. (ok the wish you dead line was a bit over the top but he's angry). your multiple posts are - in my opinion - mean, angry and belie your intimation that ppl on the West Coast are less negative. can't we all just get along?

Stella B., dc
Band sounded great and we had a good time!

Lots of cops hauling people away. You are in Richmond. You are next to an office park. These are Henrico cops. You have Bob Weir. You knew that was coming.

Couple of points: I thought Bobby really struggled with vocals, whether it was hearing himself or what I'm not sure. This was especially apparent on Ramble On Rose. Kenny Brooks may as well not have even been on stage. Hard to tell what's going on there. Seems like he's blowing the whole time and the sound board basically decides when to turn him up.

Come back to Richmond, Ratdog!!!

Nathan, Richmond, VA
I have to say I agree with the guy from Williamsburg. This venue was waaaay to uptight for Ratdog/Dead scene. I saw a couple of guys get taken by the cops in the show for puffin. and these guys were being cool about it. Never have I seen this at a show for that. Fallen down drunks, and freaking out acid heads, and balloon huffers yes, but not for a little smoke. That's part of the scene. It has been since the beginning. And the parking lot, awful. That's part of the scene too. The band was sounding great, and the summer air was fantastic, but it really felt like a set up to see how many people they could get. Not a good venue. I will not go back there either

Michelle, Virginia
Bill is correct !!! ,,, I've been to many multiple east coast shows in Pa., Va., NC., SC., & MD., over the years and by far the atmosphere last nite of this venue was the lowest on the list. !st time at the InnsBrook. After a 3 plus hour ride, we were ready to relax and have a taste of wonderful music magic. The afternoon was beautiful and then here rolls in the parade of the security circus wiz to start the evening. These security guys out in the parking lot would not let you tail gate all,,, and I mean nothing ! We were just trying to eat some basic snacks, have a little plate of food, however we were told the promoters were responsible for the restrictions,,, ZERO tolerance of beverages or food in the lot. ZERO Vending either,,, Park and go inside the gates.

Some of these guys were rent-a jokes, others were Henrico's finest and some were from the local venue Innsbrook team. I've never been to a show where in the lot we watched constantly the village circus patrol riding by looking in autos, ride around on biycles, looking in-between cars, walking patrols, one guy had a Razor scooter zipping around and as soon as another car parked then here they go to make the statement !

While we were trying to get chairs out and make our way to the gate,, these goof balls on an inforcemt mission stopped one guy, made him pour out contents from a cup,,, then he comes another one who just about arrested him for an empty cup. I've watched other folks in the lot who were harrassed or hounded during the short time until we got into the gates. Inside these guys were on patrol all night as well ! I was told someone was nabbed near the porto pottie's.

I been a Bobby fan for over 30 years and his talent last night was epic ! The band was tight and the Music was beyond description. Unfortunantly @ 10:30pm we saw the last note,,, and I watched Bobby make a comment on the time's up,,, appeared to me like he wanted to keep going. Sure wished he belted out another one,,, I agree Bobby and the boys sounded fantastic, but I will not be attending the InnsBrook for him or any other bands,,, I go to these as relaxation,,, not harrassment ! Love ya' Bobby. but Please find another place in Va. or the Carolina's.

Peace !

PS: Blanch ~ Screw yourself with the pooch and the Va boys hope you stay in San Diego !


DOITRITE, noke Va.
Yeah, Innsbrook is a little tight on the party scene. I think that is because it is in a professional office park, and they don't want the mess the next morning while folks are coming into work. Cops were a little anxious to bust those horrible pot smokers, but they didn't seem to care if you were staggering drunk. Go figure. However, the venue is 2 miles from house...so I can't complain too much. If I get hammered, I stumble home.

The show was excellent. The band was tight..much more so than the GD show in Charlottesville back in April. Loved Stranger, Other one, GDTRFB, SOTM...would love to know what else they had in store before getting cut off.

I knew about the Henrico county 10:30 rule & was hoping the band would get going right at 8:00 as opposed to 8:30, but I can't complain too much. Not often that you get live Dead music 2 miles from your house. Please come back again Bob!!

the other one, Glen Allen
this show reminded me of the casino in RI in 07. Security took all posative vibe outta the show. Music was Stella...Vibe sucked... I will quote a statemant made by Phil back in 1971 at a show in Boston when we weir having troubles with security being extremely physical to patrons.
" remember the security works for us" so do not blame the Pigs ...blame.. Ratdog.... they were there employer that night.

ralberty, not VA But VT
Just a littlle history of the venue.
Started about 25 years ago as a friday after work acoustic gig things for the complex workers after work.
has grown to a real cash cow for the fine and STRICT county of Henrico.

When I found out Weir was going there, it was OOOOKKKKK, this is gonna be interesting.

Short show for sure. Knew that coming in. I didn't like that MOE went beyond what I thought should have been RD's start time. 8 at the latest. No opening band wants to play to an empty field, but hey, it's Bobby and the band of fans who arrive late. Moe was quite tedious to me. I only heard/saw about 45 minutes.

From what I have read here, there is a strong sense of entitlement to do as one pleases anywhere, in any place, at anytime. Well, yes I peed in the bushes, had many nice brews on the patio at the Exxon station down the street, and even was treated to some "kind" hospitality on the way into the show. The fact of the matter is, lack of personal attention to the potential result of your actions is usually what gets you in trouble. AMEN brother, preaching is done.

I loved the show. It seemed to lope a little but the EA was a real surprise. They turned it into another totally different song. The sound from the rail inside the majic triangle (infront of sound board was really good, I mean as good as i have heard at that venue,)
I noticed Weir was playing a strat shaped guitar for most of the night, anyone got any info on this? It was a pure strat shape, not the pink Modulus knock offs of the 80's
I had the sense that the band was not really up on playing a worn out softball field in an office park, but they made the best of it. I thought they pushed what they chose to play just like Jerry coming out of a serious lyic flubbing.

I just love this band, Mrk, grate JOB!!!
NO doubt the crowd sensed the attention to detail and UMMPH! that a more "storied" venue may not elicit.


Brendan, Richmond
Someone her said that they have seen PLENTY of shows and never saw anyone busted for smoking pot! What shows were you going to? This is obviously NOT Bonnaroo friends. I have seen people getting busted for smoking as far back as '83 and I don't think It's vey fair to blame Ratdog because Henrico pigs got nothing better to do on a wednsday night but hang out at Innsbrook! I guess if you had been around as long as us golden agers you would know that the Dead played Richmond in 85 and THERE ARE STILL FOLKS IN JAIL FROM IT! If Bobby chooses to play here, that's his business, he's just trying to support his family and fans at the same time. They come here because it is cheap to rent out, period. Economics, you know? Reality. There is a smart way to go, and there is another way.It really is about the music you know.I smoke every damn day, yet I had no problem shelving it for a few hours, why can't you? Because you think all shows are free for alls, that's why. That's why we had all the problems in 95. We are supposed to learn from the mistakes we make, not keep repeating the same ones over and over again! Sorry to be so harsh but you young heads need to get it through your skulls before you really fuck things up. When I was in Jamaica, my friends down there told me point blank, don't smoke herb on the beach, you will be arrested! it is just as illegal there as it is here, You can't make it easy for them!

Randy Garner, Richmond
what a killer show! i am a richmond native and, yes, this is the worst venue in town. terrible location and even worse law enforcement. i do not think that people should not come back for another dead related show. you dont have to burn at the show to make it enjoyable. and believe me there were plenty of people burning there last night and every other show that i've been to there (phil last year, dso once a year, etc.). you just have to be smart about it and if worse comes to worse there are plenty of porta potties open for season :) i dont think i would miss any dead family show within reasonable travel because of how bad the venue was. its about the music not the venue. i do hope bobby comes back to town very very soon (although maybe somewhere else). but you better believe ill be at the the next bobby innsbrook show if there is one. could have done without the nitrous boys afterwards (hoped/thought i'd never see that there). o yea...how bout that other one>drums/stuff>standin?? and jay lane...that boy can beat those drums. come back bobby! see yall on the other side.

evan, richmond
Show was great...and yes, the venue sucked. For example! I watched before the show: One cop's "job" was to walk around, find all the balloons in the air and pop them. Wow. The band has to realize it is a crappy place and I'd be surprised for them to be back. However, Charlottesville and other towns have a great vibe and are perfect places for any show. We had heard about Innsbrook being zero tolerance and were prepared, but it was surprising how ridiculous it was. After all, the feel of the place def. contributes to the fun of the night no matter what!

RippleGirl, Roanoke

Innsbrook is a very "family friendly" venue. Most of us don't want our younger kids exposed to open drug use, drunken debauchery etc. The law presence keeps these weekly events family friendly. If you're not intelligent enough to "do your thing" out of the view of the authorities then perhaps staying away from Innsbrook would be a good idea.
Personally I had a blast, damn good show and plenty of booze.

Critical Bill, Windsor,VA


mcleary, reading PA
Can't wait for RatDog to come west. Im not going to go on and on about how many concerts I have been to, how many times I've seen the Dead, etc. Suffice to say its been a lot over decades. In my opinion concerts are supposed to be fun right? Relax, unwind, enjoy yourself while not disrupting your fellow concert goers. It shouldn't be like a prison setting. Smoking a little pot at a concert especially a Dead related concert is not a big deal. Of course you got to be smart about it no matter where you are at. Sure people get busted at every concert for doing something illegal but if they have "special" forces i.e. undercover cops just looking for a dope smoker - man that's nazi right winged BS. I guess you got to keep the world safe from that horrible, vicious killer marijuana ... oh no run!!! Thank you Mr police man and security dude for keeping me safe from that *gasp* pot smoker. Never mind the drunken ass falling all over himself, starting fights with people. That's perfectly ok and you got it .. legal. Sheesh when will we ever learn? Maybe its just a different view point out west I don't know. Finally I would never wish anyone to die not even a cop but I would not defend the cop's or the venue's nazi crap either.

JackstrawfromColorado, Boulder
sounds as if things haven't changed much in 25 years around Richmond. They know when The Dead come to town its time to make some cash the good old fashioned way, by busting heads. As was said earlier, there are still people in jail from the 85' run. Someone in our tour group got busted that year...the game was simple, pay us $10K fine or go to prison. Fortunately for him his family had the cash and he was able to buy his way home, many others were not so fortunate I suspect. The Grateful Dead never played Richmond after 85' and for that I'm grateful.

Conductor, Whitefish, MT
Thoughts on the above. (1) Innsbruck is a weird venue, and you take the bitter with the sweet. It's got no ambiance other than what the performer and audience can create together. Like Rob Derhak from moe. said at one point, looking out to the offices and parking lot "what.....is this place?" It would be nice to have a place like the Ntelos Pavilion in Portsmouth or the Cville Pavilion, but we don't. Personally, I'm glad to have an outdoor venue that offers this size summer show at an affordable price. (2) The security was cool if you were cool (and yeah, that means not openly breaking the law in these parts, at my age that doesn't seem that much to ask). Security allowed us to crowd the stage, they would take pictures (including on stage) if you asked. So, yeah, I've seen far far worse. (3) Moe. played too long. I knew it was going to be a problem at the time, knowing the curfew, and it shouldn't have been 830 before Ratdog could take the stage. (4) I enjoyed the Ratdog show, but I thought it took a longer time to get cooking than most others apparently did. Stranger was a turgid opener, and things didn't bubble up until ROR/Playin/TOO. It was a shame the arena curfew kicked in when it did, there was more to be played. (5) I agree that Kenny is too quiet in the mix, he adds so much and should be heard more. (6) Sublime moments of the night: the great blue heron swooping over the crowd during moe., the luna moth dive bombing Robin and Mark (during EA?) and Robin's bomb of his own during TOO. The third time I've caught Ratdog in 8 months and I look forward to more.

RT, Richmond
Im soooo glad The Mighty Quinn was played. I had my first baby 12 30 08 named him Quinn. Cant wait to see Bobby in ATL July 17. My first show after the eskimo arrived. Im like all the rest I like my sugar sweet


dude that wasn't a luna moth! they're green, son, and dont eat bugs like that crazy bat flappin around with his pointy wings! so cool! he was diggin the light show/buffet! anybody - what do you think THAT does to his sonar? makes the bugs clearer?

BROWNS ISLAND next time would be nice


sparklesb4shespeaks, richmonder 4 now
A bat? no shit, couldn't see it that well from where I was about 10 rows back at the time.

Brown's Island would be pretty cool.


RT, Richmond
mr bill and doitwrong, any person who wishes another person DEAD is a JERKOFF, thats my story and I am sticking to it.

Blanch, San Diego
Everyone agrees the show was smokin'! Gotta say something to Bill from Wmsbg., tho! Really sorry you got busted, but be a man! Do your business before the show,sit back and enjoy the tunes, and go on your merry way. This isn't 1967-- only dumba**'s get busted at these things. Do your homework!

KiG, Richmond
Wow, we were thinking security was totally chill! Nobody patted us down going in, barely looked at our tickets.

We burned in the car, had a swig of the flask and went in. Had a great time and cruised home, no fuss no muss. Methinks you gotta go out of your way to get in trouble.

Besides, the important point about any venue is how does the music sound? The sound was dialed in loud and broadcast over an reflectionless open field on a lovely summer night. Asking for more than that is just greedy and stupid, IMO. Charlottesville may be less conservative, but the Pavillion is horrible acoustically. Give me Innsbrook any day of the week.

Agreed that Kenny is mixed in and out and never high enough level. And he's the strongest soloist in the band. Jeff sounded great and the band stayed focused. And wow, a strat! That made for quite a different Bob Weir experience. Good show.

Leon, Charlottesville, VA
This show was fantastic! The only musical downer for me was "Easy Answers" which gets my vote for worst Dead song ever, but even that was well played. I just don't like the song. This was much better than the Dead show I saw in Charlottesville this spring! As for the venue, I'm from VA and just assume that security will be tight at any venue in the state! Having said that I was inhaling plenty of second hand pot smoke all night long! My biggest beef with the venue is I don't like the brands of beer they sell. However, I have seen a number of good shows here, Phil and Friends, DSO and now Ratdog, at a very affordable price. I hope these shows will continue to come here. Seems that everyone needs to be aware of where they are and exercise discretion.

Preston, Shenandoah, VA
Enjoyed the music, enjoyed the dancing and always love Bob, but I won't be going back to this place either. I agree with whoever suggested the C'ville pavilion - loved that Ratdog show too. Also saw the G Dead in Richmond 85 and it was a nightmare to many. Richmond is not the city for me.

Thanks for Ramble on Rose boys......my last name is Rose and due to sad events this year, I needed that song!!!!!!!

Margaret, Blacksburg, VA
smokin show thanks bobby for comin to richmond
come on guys im a construction worker i get high in the porta shitter comon guys get smart

cosmikcharlie, farmville
Due to traffic issues on the long drive, I missed the first half of this show. But felt very fortunate to have arrived in time for a delightful Playin' with a jam into TOO that was as fine as any jam I've heard. I thought they were really locked in for what I got to hear and loved every moment (wishing only that I hadn't missed the first portion of the set).

It was an unusual venue to be sure, but the sound in the seated (gold circle) area was among the best sound I have ever heard at an outdoor venue. And although the lots may have been well patrolled, it seemed to me that it was pretty open in front of the stage. I'd gladly go back here again for the great sound system if nothing else.

passin' through, tallahassee, fl
Been a year TODAY since the show and still enjoying the vibes from that evening. Was a great show and the weather was much better than the 100 degree shit in VA this year. Ratdog or Furthur need to visit Virginia again real soon ! Especially since we have gotten rid of ASSHOLES like Blanch from San Diego !!!

JO, Chesterfield