7/14/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA


What a show. Jackie was a great opener, and the boys sittin' in for "New Speedway" lit a fire under Bobby's ass, and it definitely carried over into RD's set. Two debuts in one night, plus a slammin' acoustic set (even with the "cadillac" flub in NFA.) "Stuff" could have been a little tighter, but from "Come Together" on the band turned into a locomotive. I've seen 27 shows, and had about 6 "Sugar Mags" but nothing compares to tonights! What better way to cap it all off with a rocking "G-L-O-R-I-A." Let's just hope the second night can be as good...

The Peaker, Pittston
I agree with The Peaker. I never saw the guys rock so hard! Im not a big Jackie Green fan but I do think he may have inspired them to do a great rocking show. I also think two shows at the same venue helped nudge them also. I dont know if its me but these guys play great in northeast Pa. I think the second show will be interesting to see what direction they go in.amazing 1st night guys.

bobbyrat, jim thorpe
Wow what a show LOUD and rocken. up beat for most of show hope the fire is still there tonight.

Dave, Bethlehem
Count yourself as very fortunate to have been at this show, I am jealous,WOW, OMG and all that, Bobby is just the maestro and that is all there is, Jerry has that big FREAKIN smile we all remember right now about his little BROTHER Bobby, way to go RATDOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
ON...........FIRE............... WOW, PLENTY of times where I stood with my jaw dropped while the music swayed me. The whole mountain bounced up and down and bounced the roof off Penn's Peak like a baby on a knee. Thank you Bobby and Jackie, I'll see you tonight! Round 2!

Jesse M, Old Forge
WOW is correct my friends.From the NO-jam intro in The first ever Viola Lee,to the extensive "rider"jam,before brining it to a close,these dogs were cookin'.This was night wriiten for an awesome Bobby show.Minglewood,walkin,bucket!!!C-mon;}This was NOT your average Ratdog show.Other than the crowd being a little to rowdy(wasted young people,out of control)We were still able to enjoy ourselves.The second set was shorter than the first but that was just fine the QUALITY was there!!!!I still here G_L_O_R_I_A.......Thank you fellas.You sure put the critics in there place.See you at the Tower on bobby's b-day..Let your lovelight shine.

TommyO., Hamburg Pa
Truly awesome. I witnessed GREATNESS!!!!! : ) So fn happy i was there!!

Cindy, Cherry HiLL, NJ
FIST PUMP!!! OH YES INDEEEDEEE!!!Thats what im talkin abouT! Feels like i been here before! SMILE!!SMILE!! every once in a while, I realize how much this music means to me.The soundtrack to my life...and WEIR NOT DONE YET!!! it was just totally... !!DOUBLE FIST PUMP!! p.s. the dudes w/the tan vw that made noise at proud marys in ac and the lot at penns pk need to stop.REALLY.stop.its horrible noise,get a Mel Bay chord book and do that shit somewhere else! ISNT LIFE WONDERFUL!!!

BigBoyPete, atlantic city
not catching any of these shows but have been listening to the tapes. holy sheistermencht the band is on fire. without being there, i attribute this to one simple factor - bobby is letting the band swing again, esp Jay Lane. in the recent and not so recent past there's been much (warranted) debate about tempos, bobby's strict approach, arrangement changes and so forth and it's just very clear to these ears that the sound is faster, looser, freer. if it's just exactly perfectly bobby's doing or not we'll never know - but it's workin' big time. see you at westbury boys :)

mosscone bailbonds, lb, ny
This is one of the best Ratdog shows I have ever attended. From the opening notes of the Viola Lee Blues breakout, to the pure joy of Gloria, this show had it all!! The three blues tunes in the first set were great, especially Viola Lee, which had me thinking of the Jim Thorpe jail, and the Molly Maguires. The acoustic set in this show was about as perfect as you can get, from Stealin', to the Oh Boy! breakout, and acoustic Not Fade Away. Nice to hear those two Buddy Holly songs together. The end of the show, Sugar Mags-> Gloria. What more could you ask for? I knew Gloria was coming for the all star game. The baseball rap includes "Outta Here" several times at the end, which I didn't notice live, but put a huge grin on my face when I heard the soundboard later. If you were in the house for this one, you are one lucky doggie.

Mike In Philly, Philadelphia, PA
Penns Peak charges full price for an infant to get in the door. 1day old or 100yrs old. you pay the same price. anyone other then me see a problem with this?

notpayingfortoddler, pittston
My 3-yr-old daughter and I listened to this smokin' show in our kitchen while we made pancakes! The stove wasn't the only thing sizzlin'!!!
Thanks for being able to download this one!

Maggie Rose, Boulder