7/15/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Penn's Peak
Jim Thorpe, PA


well the show REALLY started when Bob Mark and Jeff joined Jackie Greene's band for the 7 man supergroup. After Jackie's ripping rendition of the Beatles' "Taxman" the band of seven showed up on stage and rocked "Scarlet Begonias" --> "Sugaree." That I was dead center five feet from the stage didn't hurt things. It was pretty sparse there til Ratdog came out.

The Jackie Bob hug afterwards was a goodbye for now as moe. rejoins the tour and Jackie returns later.

Ratdoggy ripped a nice jam into "Here Comes Sunshine" to open into the crowdpleaser "Casey Jones' before mellowing out with "Mission" and "Crazy Fingers'. "Browneyed Women" got everybody dancin' again though and the set closed with "Dark Star"[part 1].....

After a break til 11 p.m. the band returned acoustic and opened with a splendid "Blackbird"-->"When I Paint my Masterpiece"-->"Black-throated Wind"

Terrapin Station was also really rocking and the band closed the show with Terrapin-->stuffjam-->Stella Blue-->Dark Star reprise-->Johnny be Goode

Unlike Atlantic City we got two full sets and no curfew call and the show ended around 1230 a.m.

Also unlike Atlantic City the sound mix was perfect and not too loud and the acoustically friendly Penns Peak was a cookout cooking in. And a smokeout on the veranda....

The encore of "At a Siding-->Terrapin Station[part2]" was unexpected and superlative

next: the Tower for the two shows in rocktober....after i take in live Paul McCartney at fedex field in Landover MD on Jerry's birthday.....

Got home at two a.m. and I am getting fuzzy g'night all.....

mcleary, Reading PA
Bobby, and the boys joined Jackie for a tight Scarlet and Sugaree. I knew this night was going to be a great show to catch. The first set was a little mellow as was the crowd. A great Mission by Bobby followed by Crazy fingers then a jam that sounded like the band was going to breat out with the Allman's In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.
The second set started with Black Bird into Masterpiece then a killer Black Throated Wind -it's still buzzing throught my head- right into Terrapin (Lady with a fan). Jam and Stella Blues. Jonny B Good ended the second set and the place was jumpin'
The Encore was very unexpected with Terripin Flyer!!!
A very tight band tonight and one of the best RD shows I have seen.

Jlock, Hanover Twp.
Best Ratdog show that I've ever seen. Best Dead-related show I've been at in many years! Great venue and crowd. No talkers around me! Smoking Jackie Greene set with excellent Scarlet and Sugaree with Weir and Jackie trading verses and respect. Amazing Mission, BTWind, exploratory 1st Dark Star jam after the verse, Terrapin, Crazy Fingers with jam, close of Stella Blue, Brown Eyed Women. Here Comes Sunshine opener, lots of inspired jamming by the band. Superb night. Thanks!

dj, ithaca, ny
yin, and yang. Tonights show was yin to last nights yang.Last night' set was rocking, and lean. Tonight's set was moody and jammy.Greaat show. Both were very different shows from these guys. When was the last time you heard terripin flyer as an encore!

bobbyrat, jim thorpe
two nights two very different shows. RD is so diverse it is to their credit that they can so rapidly change moods of the show and play so tightly in light of the vast catalog they play from.

btw penns peak, IMJ, is a place for sacred rituals.

really entertaining and diverse show... very cool!!!

marc, no longer on planet earth
Tremendous show. Quite possibly the strongest Ratdog performance I've experienced. The music seemed to be flowing fluidly as opposed to other nights, including, tuesday night when Bobby, and the band, seem to be fighting it a bit. Absolutely loved the Brown Eyed Women.....STRONG! Mark has more than earned my admiration and respect as a legitimate contributor to the Grateful Dead carrying on. Thanks Mark!!!
Terrapin was a treat as was Blackbird, as was Masterpiece, as was Mission........It was all very very very good stuff....start to finish.

Usch, West Chester
I'm still feelin the vibes almost 24 hrs later. Great show all around, thanks everybody....


Dennis, Bethlehem
Sounds like a great show! Wish I could've been there in person. Anyone who was at the NY show in March '07, Beacon Theatre, or has a copy- Whew, one for the ages!! Thanks Ratdog ;^}

Cosmic Charlie, The 'Cuse

chris carr, simpsoville s.c.
bobby was either in a shitty mood, drunk, contracting early alzheimers, or wanting to be a dick when he decided not take dark star and not only bog down the first set and the latter part of the second set with this monstrosity, but why not totally ruin the end of the first set while we're at it. Bull not to play sailot saint or weather report or straw or picasso moon or play a taperecording of him taking a dump rather than playing dark star there. cmon get real. and anyone who disagrees is a jackass

haji kane, allentown pa
I think Haji has gone off his medication. Two great nights. We all have our dream sets to hear but you must respect the playing even if you didn't get your way. Clearly the majority wins this one. Haji do this group of fine people a favor and get your water tested for high lead contents............I think you might have a problem.

Underestimated Prophet, Reading, PA
It's true, Dark Star should be left alone. The pages of history should have closed on this masterpiece the last time that the GD performed it. Also Dew, St.Stephen, Stella Blue, Black Peter. I'm fine with a Ratdog or Phil version of Eyes, Terrapin, Crazy Fingers, etc. but some things are better left unsung.

Nick, Astoria, NY
i know bobby loves doing the jerry songs but those medium tempo jer tunes such as "here comes sunshine", "mission in rain" , "crazy fingers" and "terrapin" are better skipped because the vocal parts aren't suited for bob; not to mention the need for continual teleprompter consultation during "crazy fingers"......bob nailed "casey jones" and "brown eyed women" and the masterful delivery of "masterpiece" and "black throated wind" was worth the trip up from philly......i was hopin for some jerry rockers like "deal", "big r/r blues" or "bertha"....those medium tempo jer tumes are better delivered by susan tedeschi or joan osborne or, dare i say, a mike mcdonald type voice absent jerry's voice --- the show was a little boring....the backing vocals by the band were strong as was the drum/stuff segment....i guess its a matter of taste but my preference is for the cowboy/chuck berry bobby weir!

brian, philly
glad someone thought wed. was the ticket other then me and the people i was with. both nights had grate set list but we thought wed. was nailed to the wall. tue. had a couple VERY minor holes. dam, i hate to judge this music but it is what it is.

steve, balto.
show on wednesday was best ive seen in years. they nailed it. Terrapin was amazing!!!!!!!!!! I would give this show a 10 but just cant due only because Jerry is not there. Thanks BOB

don, ashley
not a show reviewer but MK's solo on brown eyed was great,no it was fucking awesome,and what a huge Terrapin,and terrapin flyer as an encore....wow great show thanks guys

boomerguy, nepa
Planned my trip to Allentown (to vist friends and family) around Ratdog's 7-15 show at Penn's Peak.
It was a Fantastic Show!! Started with the jam with Jackie Greene! From then on, the entire show rocked! Even the usually slower tunes like Mission in the Rain and Stella Blue! Ratdog was on tonight!!
I Loved every minute of it!
Great parking lot scene, Great crowd, Great sound and Great fun on the outside deck during set break!! Hope to see them at Jannus Landing in St Pete this Fall -- Wayne

Wayne, Bradenton, FL
Just a note on the jam out of Crazy Fingers: I hear something there, but to me it sounds more like the intro to Santana's version of Black Magic Woman than the In Memory of Elizabeth Reed mentioned above. In either case, it's beautiful!

Andrew, Basel, Switzerland