7/17/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

moe. closed

Friday, July 17, 2009
Masquerade Music Park
Atlanta, GA


Come and Join the Party Everyday
Tonight was Super Duper Delicious
Thank you Ratdog

Marie, Sayreville
Anybody know what the timeline is for today's show ? Gates open at 4, Show starts at 5, is that Moe ? Is there another band ? What time does Bob come on ?

Pat, Atlanta
You could tell the band traveled before this show. I drove 14 hours to see the show and it was not worth it. The show was choppy,slow, and unorganized. No Encore. Bobbie dissapared at the end of scarlet, and the band was lost. I hope Saturday is better. I was highly impressed with Moe. The best music of the night was the closeing, the Weight. Overall ratdog was a 3 out of ten and Moe was a 8.

steve, key west
Steve, great over exaggeration. He "disappeared" because something was wrong with his guitar, it happens occasionally. That was the only "sloppy" part I saw.

Wayne, NC
The Boys are just a FUN time and that is my story and I am sticking to it, wish I was there, Bobby i will see you at Humphreys and 2 nights at the Beacon with my Sister and my Boys, how much fun is that ? Ratdog gets me together with old friends for life and my wife is OK with me going to NY,God I love her, The second time is a Charm!!! God Bless the Grateful Dead and all that goes with the music, may it never stop!!!!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
My first RatDog show, third time seeing Bob (number one was Grateful Dead, 10/28/79, Cape Cod.....second was the Atlanta show during the Dead's 2004 tour), and I thought they were great! Tight, with a very good setlist.

Keep up the good work, boys.

David, Decatur, GA
The venue is unbelievable. Outside on the grass in downtown Atlanta!! Huge festival vibe. Ratdog was tight Bobby flubbed lyrics to start Wang dang doodle but it was the 1st time played in 70 shows. Moe encore was sick. The other ones tagging rock thick with fiery guitar licks. The weight was great!! Bob with a powered up moe!! Looking forward to tonight and Sunday in fl!!

Jason, Orlando
In 28+ years of GD & Dead related shows, absolutely one of the most exactly perfect experiences I've ever had. Beautiful day, wonderful venue, kind people, & awesome music. Totally free-form, free flowing dancing with ample room for everyone. My first DITS was thrilling > The Golden Road started things off in jumping, joyful, jubilant fashion, and it never let up! The Wang Dang Doodle was extra incendiary and hot, with thoroughly explored and well played solo jamming segments. Bobby's lyrical "lapsus linguae" elicted a swell of sympathetic and buoyant laughter from the crowd. Super cool transition into Milestones; such a great tune to dance to, and being a big Miles Davis fan, is an especially tasty treat for me. Loved the arty juxtopisitioning of Picasso Moon to follow. I dig this tune, and it continued the rollicking, rocking good time vibe that infused the entire first set. And what can you say about a Weather Report>Let It Grow set closer but WOW! Only the second or third time I've seen the entire Suite live. Lyrically it is so expressly well suited to the outdoor environs, and it proved particularly poingant and powerful this afternoon with the unseasonable, almost fall like weather we were having. Non-stop, high octane, galloping energy for the entire set. Superb and unique song selections. Loved it!
A finer second set @ opening you will not find. Beginning with the super rare and special treat of Hank Williams' "You Win Again", then the always lovely and welcome Jack-A-Roe, and concluding with a sweet and splendid reading of FOTD. Absolutely classic!
Then a mighty and funky electric break into an exceptionally well played, hard rocking, and jammed out West LA. What other band in the world can flip on a dime like that(or at all!) from a trilogy of country, traditional, and folk ballads to a smoldering, slinking, smoking rocker like West LA? With the red lights burning, on and off into Scarlet! As to be expected, the dancing and mood took on an extra ecstatic and exuberant quality, as the crowd released as one all of its boundless love and happiness into the early evening air. Fun, fun & more fun! I think during the second instrumental part of the song is when I was spinning so much I got dizzy and tumbled harmlessly and hilariously to the soft, green, grassy ground. The next instant a kind brother appeared to take me by the arm and help me back to my feet. Thanks, brother! Scarlet seguing into Stuff meant more & more inspired and creative dancing possibilities to be explored. Out of Stuff into a gorgeous Knockin' On Heaven's Door, and we were. This has to be the best post-GD version of this song I have seen. Very well conceived and played with a natural, organic feel that swept and soared to the ethereal heights in which this song dwells. Then into what felt like a perfectly placed and again, organic passage into NFA. With the grand and golden emotional ebb from Knockin', the transition into NFA flowed with a seemlessness that just felt so natural and immaculate and meant to be! Talk about going out on a high note. As the song wound down and Bobby and the band lead us into the You Know Our Love Will Not Fade Away refrain, the crowd joined in and sang and clapped as the boys ambled off to the side of the stage. After a few more rounds of the refrain, they returned and delivered the requisite and heartfelt bow. Magnificent! Thanks to all the kind brothers and sisters that shared in this beautiful afternoon/evening of music and dancing. Thanks especially to the nice couple and their adorable little daughter for letting me join in on your beach ball party. That was a blast! Wonderful to run into my cosmic friend James and his lady friend after the show in the lot. Glad you made it to and enjoyed camping at Stone Mtn. And of course, many thanks and much gratitude to Bobby and the Boys. Thank you for a REAL good time! Until next time; peace, love, and happiness to all!

John P., Duluth
Didn't want to leave out a big thank you for the big man on sax, Brian Lopes. Powerful contribution! Always love it when he sits in. Thanks for blasting us!

John P., Duluth
I just want to say a special thank you for a beautiful evening-particularly for the NFA close which left me wanting-an encore perhaps? I should also mention that the West LA Fadeaway I found to be an interesting choice-but fitting-so I want to say a special thank you for that as well. The evening began with what looked like might become a storm-but turned out to be unusually cool and perfect weather for this time of year. There was also a wonderfully small crowd for this venue which turned out to be the first of 3 shows in a row for me-something I've never done before-I look forward to Ratdog coming back to Atlanta again soon and hope there will once again be a time when the band tours the South more than once per year. We need to see you here more often!:)

GC, Atlanta
I liked the Dancin'>Golden Road>Wang Dang
(more blues--bring on Smokestack and Spoonful!), Picasso,
WRS. The first set was all segues with no stops which was cool. You Win Again was alright, but I can do without Milestones, Jack-A-Roe and FOTD those tunes are boring to me. The West LA and Scarlet were good. The jam I skipped. I never like Heaven's Door--too sad. NFA I enjoyed as always.

Scott Probeck, Boulder, CO