7/18/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

moe. opened

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Masquerade Music Park
Atlanta, GA


Intimate little venue. First time seeing MOE. The Dog were wonderful. Went with son and enjoyed every moment.

fred s., gastonia, NC
Great time last night! Love the up tempo Ratdog shows -Bobby was on it! We love the Masquerade Music Park venue as well -it's really perfect -almost like going to a really good show in someone's back yard!

Julie, Atlanta, GA
Both of the bands were outstanding moe is become one of my favorite live bands to see. ratdog could not have been better, Shakedown St opener perfect great first set and the 2nd with that me and my uncle, corrina, he's gone, other one, WOW! Thanks Yall

Jed, Chattanooga, Tn
Bobby was way on it for this show. The whole band was- the Birdsong/Other One jam at the end of the second set was nothing short of mindblowing!

S2, Atlanta, GA
big smiles and shivers from the music & company. If anyone is going on to St. Augustine's next...I recommend trying to fit in some para sailing. Last week when I was up in the air I saw a pair of giant sea turtles swimming below. Heavenly.

denise, atlanta
Great show, great venue. Shakedown was so perfect for that very Urban venue. I loved the parts when piano player Jeff Chimenti went off, I wish he did more. Bobby looked great, his vocals were the some of the best I have seen him do. I really enjoyed "They love each other." For some reason I really like it when Bobby does Jerry tunes, he gives them proper respect without being the same. A perfect balance.

Neil, Decatur, GA
Fantastic show, took my 13 year old son for his 1st concert. Shakedown/Maggie start was tremendous---set the tone for a fantastic evening.

jblock, Acworth Ga
The show was awesome from beginning to end! Great venue and good vibes. Sugaree was amazing! Thanks Bobby and the rest of the Ratdog crew for keeping the music alive and rocking!

Melissa, Panama City Beach
WOW !! This looks like a GREAT couple of sets... Wish I was there! Per Neil from Decatur... I could not agree more. Bobby always gives Jerry his due respect when jammin his tunes. Keep it goin boys !!

TOMO, Rochester
Haven't seen Shakedown since '98, what a treat
Bobby and the Boys did a great run through Atlanta
Thank you so much, you sure know how to treat a Gal
I'm probably off base, but, Jay felt sad, hope not

Marie, Sayreville
Wow! Ratdog stole my face right off of my head several times. Shakedown was the most perfect beginning, reminding me of an 80's show at the Omni. Maggie's Farm was weird . . . but Bobby held it together fantastically. He's Gone actually made me cry and wrapping it up with Birdsong before Saturday Night was most amazing. The entire band was tight and dead on. Hats off to Jay; he blew me away on the skins. What a fine performance!

BS, Lawrenceville, GA
Saturday was so much fun (although I did not get to see the Race Is On with Moe or the Other One or The Weight with Moe the night before either-too bad~.) My favorites of this night from the wonderful Ratdog show I did see however-were They Love Each Other and Lazy River Road although this night's version of One More Saturday Night really caught me off guard and is now possibly one of my favorites as well. I did notice that there was a "missing verse" in the Other One?-interesting~on purpose or just the way it happened to turn out? Also I was listening to the end of Corrina for the words "Sweet Like Honey Baby"-which is on another Ratdog version I have-but -maybe they'll come back another time?
Also I would like to add that I loved this version of He's Gone-with the awesome bluesy gospel sound to it. I must say that it suits the song quite well and is likely the best version I've ever heard~Thank you for an evening that will not be soon forgotten. ps Just listened to the CD-while in the midst of writing this and it is excellent~

GC, Atlanta
People that go to see Bobby & Ratdog are drinking beer and smoking, and they want to be taken all the way down so bands like Perpetual Groove can bring them back up. I am a hardcore Grateful Dead fan, but sometimes its just not that great. You know, same songs, different order. Bruce Hornsby means more to me than the Grateful Dead. You need to see moe. I can't wait for college football season!

SD, K'ville
To SD-if your rant was in response to my not seeing Bob Weir play with Moe-it is entirely out of context as I did see Moe but was not interested enough to stay for the whole show on Friday or to come early to the show on Saturday. I will say that what I did see of Moe on Saturday was pretty good. As for Perpetual Groove-they're fine but to imply that theirs or Moes crowd is not a beer drinking, smoking crowd is not what I saw at all-quite the contraty in fact. To claim to be a hard core Grateful Dead fan and then say what you said is at best bizarre. During this leg of the tour Ratdog played-according to statistics-approximately 137 different songs-and by the way-that's what real Grateful Dead fans want to hear-is the same songs-different order-all 137--200 of them-or however many more there are-certainly more than nearly any other band in history-. That's what real Grateful Dead fans love about the experience-hearing the same meaningful, intense, and amazing songs played in different layers and light. For Grateful Dead fans this show rocked-and what football season has to do with a show review-I have no idea~take care.

GC, Atlanta
I love this show! Thanks to those who made it possible to download it off the internet.

Maggie Rose, Boulder