7/21/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, July 21, 2009
Greenfield Amphitheater
Wilmington, NC


Very mellow show set by the banks of Greenfield Lake in Wilmington...

I was outside for the first set and half of the second, and it sounded amazing even outside the place!

Death Don't was certainly the highlight for me, and the Brokedown Palace encore was absolutely necessary, considering they were playing on the "banks green edge"...

Good stuff, fun time, nice setlist!

Squirm, San Antonio, TX
Good Stuff. Been years since I've seen a show, and this one was a keeper. I second the first reviewer on the Death Don't. Other highlights for me were the Catfish John, Mama Tried, Row Jimmy, and for once I didn't curse the Corrina(best one I've heard, even when Bobby was with the Dead). Had some of your usual distractions, shirtless guy almost maced and dragged out by cops(although I don't think he was a show-goer), your social butterflies(not there for the tunes), and one young lady who called me a M****F*** because she ran into me while trying to cross through our ailse. You kiss your mother with that mouth, Miss. Still a far cry from some of the outragous stuff I use to see in the NY area years ago and with the boys on stage it all slides. Thank you, Bobby and the boys for stopping by this small venue and showing the Southeast some love. Rock on.

Matt, Wilmington
What a great venue for a show! Setting and sound were just ripe for a wonderful two sets. After so many years of traveling around and away to catch the bus it was nice to catch a show at home in such a great spot as our quaint amphitheater by the lake. Very nice BBEMGEE, Youngblood was rolling, Cream Puff a nice surprise, but the highlights for me were Its All Over Now (cranking) and The Wheel rolling and morphing into its Regge Jam was a nice touch. Thanks for stopping by - how about next year too?

New Potato, Wilmington
Great show and a great venue!!! Had never been to a show @ Greenfield. Beautiful place and it sounded GREAT!!! Cool to know we got a cool lil outside music venue in this town i love calling home. The highlights for me were Death don't have no mercy(gave me chills), cream puff war, and Corrina. Yes Corrina. Great dance song :) Thanks Bobby & Ratdog!!!

Jeffy, Wilmington
Fabulous show from start to finish. The best venue I have ever been to (900 seats!). I agree with all of the previous highlights. Death Don't became even more chilling once we got to the hotel and found out that John "Marmaduke" Dawson had passed away. These boys really know how do a show and leave us shaking our heads in wonder.

Unkljohn, Durham, NC
It was a Stella Blue evening, swaying by the waterside, riding the wings of the flying blue heron overhead. These are the days of Dead dreams, that fill the heart with joy and the soul with peace. Soundstreams such as this, come but only as a rare and brilliant diamond that shines to declare Blues for Allah. Blessings flow from the Water of Life and the bird sings.....Eternally GRATEFUL for Me & Bobby McGee...........

Hooteroll , mcleansville,nc
Outstanding show in my home part of the world. Loved the Cream Puff, Mama Tried and Uncle John. The Wheel really took me somewhere...

Many old and new friends in a wonderful setting. The vibe was joyous. Great to see you Unkljohn.

yesworldjeff, wilmington
Wow - I had a very different perspective on this show. First, it started super early something like 6pm. I wasn't aware it was going to start so early and missed most of the first set. The scene was weird too, lots of plain clothes cops outside. I thought the acoustic section of set II was a yawn except for Catfish John. I couldn't hear Bob's acoustic guitar or Robin's standup bass at all despite being right in front of the sounboard. When they switched back to electric though every changed. I could hear Bob and Robin much better and things picked up. The "stuff" section of the show was great. And yes Death Don't Have No Mercy was intense. And yes Corrina was one of the better parts of the second set, that's pretty sad. The setlist was a stinker except for a few standouts like Catfish and Death. I mean where was the Help-Slip-Franklins or China-Rider or Sugar Mags or Lovelight??

JD, Raleigh
Epic show. I had a wonderful time and met many wonderful people last night! The music was incredible, ya'll killed it out there! Even with the gators lurking in the waters behind you. I enjoyed meeting ya'll backstage afterwards too! Thanks for coming to Wilmington and make sure to come back soon!!

And thank you especially to Peter !


Casey Solana, Wilmington, NC
Followed the Dead since Keith & Donna. Lost count of the shows before many of today's fans were born. Could not believe Bobby was coming to my town after having followed them as far as CA! The idea to play in our swamp was great! One of the best shows I have ever seen. Crowd was children to 70s and most in a great mood. The lake, cypress, moss, etc. were surreal and some of the tunes matched. Keep it up and come back soon. Stay longer the next time. We love you!!!

DC, Wilmington
Please come back. ujb->wheel->reggae funkness took me out there, but peak was for sure the jamming in Corrina - wow. a uniquely dead setlist that will stand out for a while. 2nd Carolina Cream Puff - I think he likes us. Never been so close. except for the lame drunk guys in the back right GA, all was fun. thanks family

Phil, NC

Thanks for such a magical show in my beautiful hometown.
I have to express my great joy and thanks to Bobby& company for this great gift. I will remember this show always....please come back and stay a little longer! This old dead head is a happy, happy hippy!!!!!!

Karen, Wilmington,N.C.
Great scene,very friendly folks....a smoking 2nd set which really took some great twists and turns...for the first time in my life,I've got to say Corrina took the show with death don't have no mercy a close 2nd...thanks boys for sharing with us in such an intimate venue-please try to come again next summer!

russ, holden beach nc
I thought the show, venue and vibe was great and I'd like to think Bob & the Dog gave us a little something extra and special (a few rarely played songs- Death Don't, Cream Puff, Mama Tried, Catfish John) b/c of our quaint, intimate and alluring little venue here. I'm biased though b/c i've lived here for 15+ years and it was honor to finally see them in my home grounds.

Highlights of the show, as others have noted, of course the best Corrina i've ever heard. I used to not like that song very much when it was played with the GD (I remember people walking out in droves when it was played), but this one absolutely rolled, burned and smoked with a very heady jam. Another personal favorite of mine was Bobby McGee, and I heard the soundcheck early in the day of KC Moan- I've always liked those songs with Bob doing them and it was a real treat!

One other thing, I really like how Bob or the band tuned in to their surroundings and played relevant songs for the atmosphere and beauty around the venue.
Ex: 'Row Jimmy'- people on boats and kayaks floating nearby in the lake. 'Catfish John'- Greenfield Lake, at least it looks like there could be catfish in there.
Death Don't- the passing of John "Marmaduke Dawson" on that day.
And as someone else noted, the fitting''Brokedown Palace to end the show.
And to echo everyone else on here, please come back next summer!

Joel, Wilmigton, NC
The Dark Star has yet to be acknowledged, which could only be heard through the cosmic waves of the total solar eclipse that began in India during the timing of this ethereal show. It is noted to have been the greatest of the 21st century-to-date.

The celestial powers, reflecting along the sacred water of the Ganges, where Jerry is laid to rest, bring even greater significance to this moment in time.

As the Buddhist priests prayed in their temples, and all that is pure emanated within the Taj Mahal, new meaning was brought forth as to ~

"Paint the daytime black......."

Hooterall, Universe
First, I want to thank GDTS for getting me my tickets so quickly. Wilmington has a gem of a venue and got a gem of a gem of a show. I agree that they played to the surroundings but how we didn't get a Sugar Mag with that huge magnolia tree looming just outside the fence left me wondering. I also would have liked to have heard Me and My Uncle as I brought my nephew. He popped his cherry and took his first busride. All in all, this was a great show and I liked the early start and finish. It made for an easier ride back to the beach,

tom kovack, Frederick, Md
Does anyone know if this show is gonna be on internetarchive.org anytime soon or if it is available on another (spyware-free) site? If not I'll just buy a copy cuz I gotta have this one! Wanted to hear a streaming version first if nothing else.
Peace to all.

Joel, Wilmigton, NC
Wow, Wow, Wow. Seen the dog a lot since Jerry Passed. The best yet. They seemed to be really digging our cool little town. Please....Please..... do it again!!! Incredible talent....tight....MM

M and M, Wilmington