7/23/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, July 23, 2009
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH


Great show by Bob and the guys....energy level was exceptional and song selections were fantastic. Thanks for a great time last night!!!!

skid, weatogue ct
my proverbial hat goes off to Kenny tonight he was outstanding . Eyes, Money 4 gas, Wharf Rat,China Cat/Rider... The man blew his Reed right off his Sax.
The whole band was fine indeed..
Thanks guys for a real good time.
Thanks to young lady who helped find satchel owner at end of show with me. What groovy neighbours we have around us.

ralberty, Vt
The Casey Jones opener alone was worth the price of admission..

Everything else was gravy and how sweet it was.

Keep drivin that train Bobby.. .Thanks

Jack, Hampton, NH
From opener to closer.. a brilliant show. The only thing tht tops last night is the next Phil show. When is Phil playing again ?

TJ Welch, Danvers
This was the best Ratdog show I've ever seen, and I've seen many. The energy was so high right out of the gate, and kept going. Everything had a real rocky edge. They jammed the shit out everything. Kenny was AWESOME!! Amazing creshendos (sp?). Haven't had that much fun at a show in while. Danced my feet off. Can't wait for tonight.

Ann, Gloucester, ma
Wow, they were laughing and smiling and jamming all night. Great show...KC opener... Killer! Hampton is a great venue, little strict with the staff roaming around, cops busting kids in the lot....but the band rocked, and Kenny gets the nod, he had Mark looking over and laughing all night. Really, really nice to see how much fun they have playing, Bobby was in good spirits and sang well.
.....can't wait for tonight!!!!!

Here Comes Sunshine.

Marc, Plymouth
It was a great comeback in the second set! EYES / MEXICALI and WHARF RAT made my night!! I am sad to say but Bobby's problems with the teleprompter and his guitars really detracted from the first set. Not to worry all you had to do is close your eyes and listen. Fantastic riffs with Marc throughout the night, and I am not sure but I think Kenny popped a blood vessel, he was blowing that damn sax so hard. Always a pleasure to see Bobby and the Boys in Hampton. See you all in NYC this October.

I hope the music never stops!

Qzmoto, Boston, MA
What a night! The energy was amazing. I thought they were gonna turn Casey Jones into a metal song they got it going so fast in the end!! The China Cat/Rider was one of the best I have ever heard. Cant wait for tonight!!!

Dan, Fremont
Have to somewhat go against the tide here. Casey Jones was phenomenal and the first set overall was terrific, but it generally isn't a good thing when the highlight of the show is the opening number. The second set was flat and Bobby stuck a pin in Rider and sucked the air out of it at the end.

Rich, Westminster
One of the better all around Ratdog shows I've seen in awhile!Payful jamming and a thoughtful song selection makes this show stand out.Watchtower was like a long roadtrip with many changing lanscapes that kept a common song very exiting.Thank you Bobby and the band for continuing to carry the torch and playing heartfelt music.Also thanks for inspiring us to remember that no matter what life throws our way,the good and the bad,to keep "truckin" and "We will survive"!

Nate, Manchester
Can anybody tell me about what time they went on last night?

Wharfrat72, Salisbury
soo jealous of you East Coasters. great freakin shows goin on. wish Dog was comin to the desert. cant wait for House of Blues; Vegas.

have one for me people


Jamon Whipple, Phoenix
Thanks for a great show! Casey Jones was a pleasant surprise. Great energy and loved the set list!! Keep it coming!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Ridergirl, Acton, MA
Thanks to Bobby and the boys for a GREAT birthday...I couldn't have expected a better show...peace...

Carl, Winthrop, ME
One of the BEST Ratdog shows i've ever seen! Very jammy night. Much more jamming then friday. money for gasoline>Eyes To close the first set was the highlight for me. Second set also very nice. Two Djinn>stuff>wharf rat>china/rider was top notch. Also a lot roomier thurs night. sold out friday. Alot more room to dance thurs. THANK YOU RATDOG!!! God Bless.

J.D.L., Waltham,MA
Smaller crowd made for a lot of dance room in the ballroom and shorter lines at the bars. At the time, show seemed to lack energy, but I think that might have just been me. I got up way too early that am--excited for the drive and beach. Looking back at the setlist--wow. Yeah, Thursday night may have been hotter than Friday, I just don't know! Bobby, please come back to North New England! Vermont misses you!

Joshua Meyer, Burlington, Vt
Brought so NEWBEEs to the show
They had the best time
Ratdog is awesome thanks a WHOLE BUNCH

Ron Liss, Meredith NH
Good show-not great. Not sure what show some people were at, but to each their own. Highlights were the RD originals. $4Gas and 2Dijinn. Mark had some nice work on Eyes. Victim and Warf were nice as well, but the rest of the show was meh.

Nuggets, Holderness, NH
Casey Jones. Eyes. Wharf Rat. Plus Odessa, Mexicali Blues, and Victim. Not a great show, but a very, very good show. Together with Friday night, I would call this a great two night run. Tons of great songs played, and played well. Great crowd both nights.

Mike, Ann Arbor
They had some trouble with the equipement but played right thru it. Alot of good vibes and energy, love casey,dire, ship of, eyes, mexi, china, i know and every thing in between. What a set list. You know it was a great show and that they would have all the kinks worked out for fridays show.

maarten, plymouth,n.h.