7/24/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, July 24, 2009
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH


Great Set list, how could ask for better. Rowdy Dead Crowd. Best Ratdog show i've seen.

FluffHaead2001, ManchVegas
Monster Show...Great Crowd...FanFnTastic Set...

Paul, Newton MA
deslation row ...unreal come together.....good crowd! The band put it all out there and fired on all cylinders!!! As good as it gets !

cozmic charlie, ipswich,ma
I concur with the previous reviews. One of the hottest Ratdog shows I've seen in a long time (and I'm usually waaaay to critical of the shows I attend). In particular, the first set was a monster and incredibly well played, with the blues theme prevalent throughout.
The whole band was ON this evening but Karan was just unbelievable, shredding every lead he played. In particular the jam with Bobby back and forth on both The Deep End and The Other One.
This maybe the only Ratdog show I get to see this year as it appears the Fall Tour won't come through New England. If that's the case, my fix has been more than satisfied.
I wish I was heading to the Vibes in the sunshine today...

Mole, Mendon, MA
The best Bob/Rat show I've seen at the beach. Electric crowd excellent set list. Can't wait to see them again.

Adam, K-port ME
I thought that thursday night was a better all around show as far as energy and song selection. The first set was ok. Then Bob and the boys came out firing on all cylinders. From the acoustic me@my uncle to gdtrfb. Very high energy. Also my first Estimated. I've been waiting for that one. GOD BLESS RATDOG.

J.D.L., Waltham,MA
I thought that thursday night was a better all around show as far as energy and song selection. The first set was ok. Then Bob and the boys came out firing on all cylinders. From the acoustic me@my uncle to gdtrfb. Very high energy. Also my first Estimated. I've been waiting for that one. GOD BLESS RATDOG.

J.D.L., Waltham,MA
DESOLATION ROW!! Miracle > truckin > miracle!!

.ORGers everywhere!!

Shittin it up Hampton Beach style!!


Shov39, Naples Fl
as a longtime deadhead who has seen many many gd, phil, ratdog,etc this was it what is all about- a smoking hot show and 3 generations of deadheads once again being transported to higher consciousness! in particular the band started out with a ferocious jam on Miracle>truckin>miracle. the only slow moments came on even so-october queen but came back into the jam with a pretty dark star. several times in the first set they hinted at the other one but it wasn't until the second set that they got to it. when they did they blew the roof off the casino. the whole second set speaks for it self-it was a monster. the acapella attics was really sweet.

Jeff, St. Johnsbury, VT
This show blew my doors off. Great first set, but the meat and potatos for me as a twirler was the estimated>other one sent me off to points unknown but quite welcome. Robin dropped the perfect bass bomb launch. Mark has only gotten stronger and stronger since his demise. Quite simply we now have the Ratdog I was always hoping to emerge. Kudos and thank you to the boys!

Raymod Romanoski, Orrington
Great show, rowdy crowd, and the whole band rocked all night. The second set was the best of the 4 this stand at Hampton. Gotta love Estimated>the other one.

Scott, Webster, NH
Not everyday you get to see an Acepella encore -Attics was amazing - Thursadys show was a bit more fun but I enjoyed this very much - Thanx guys for making our New England rainy summer a bit brighter!!!!!

dan, fremont
Glad i went for all and went to both dances.The heads and the band were right on in the groove, I saw several miracle tickets getting handed out by band members after it was sold out, how cool our society is.I could pull out one more night of twirlling and boogie, just must work ya know. desolation row. estimated other one the love supreme mini tease and that wild dark star jam . dark star to finish from thursday that was 2 much fun too. It was all played so well. thanks ratdog
see ya in october

Loren, Nashua Nh
My first Dog show and God willing not my last. Thank you for everyone who stopped by the table. Sprinkle some of my ashes on the dance floor of the casino in honor of that show!

Mark the Wharf Rat, Barrington,RI
another great nite at Casino.. music was right on, Bobby seemed like he was havin a real good time up there very animated. Liked the MK & Bobby duel they were laying it down smilin' all the while at edge of stage. Robin;s intro into other one was purrfect as was Kenny Sax playing during Est & GDTRFB. Jay with shirt off 2nd set gave the skins a work out. Bobby changed a couple songs on setlist towards end of show on the fly. encore everybody was ready with instrument's & put them down stood there & sang Attic's.

ralberty, Vt
Estimated > The Other One is all that needs to be said. When they went full-blown into TOO the roof almost came off the place.

5 stars!

HippieGuy420, Parts Unknown
High energy night at the old ballroom. Bobby and the boys really seemed to respond to it. Great Dark Star theme going through the night. Attics acapella encore was much unexpected and was quited an emotional ending to another great casino ballroom experience. We'll be back next year fer sure!

Joshua Meyer, Burlington, VT
Terrific Thurs / Fri night run..I thought Thursday night had a ton of energy and I expected Friday to be a little more subdued.. It was and it was perfect.

The GDTRFB had the enitre audience moving felt like the 70's and 80's all over again.. best song of the 2 nights in 2 nights of great songs...

Thanks again Bobby and band.. hope to see you again soon..

Side note.. To the Red Sox shirt Djinn #2. You know who you are. I have literally been bumped into by you for the last 5 or 6 shows and I am tired of your nonsense.. Enjoy the music but respect others personal space or next time I am going to bloody your zipperhead face.

I hate to wirte this stuff but this is annoying and really over the top and this guy is not what a dead crowd is about.. If you want to spin and jump a shake your head like a retard do it outside the mass humanity of the crowd near the stage.. fucking jerkoff

Jack, Hampton, NH
I am in disbelief at these reviews saying "best show." first set, with exception of decent miracle and truckin' was a total sleeper until Deep End jam and BRRB. If I want to hear meandering slow blues I'll turn on some real blues and stay home on my porch. C'mon people, be honest with yourselves........

2nd set had some strong moments but can someone please explain to me the purpose of playing Dark Star without Jerry because I don't get it ( and if you respond to that, please be someone that actually saw jerry live), let alone filling half teh set with it?
Estimated was awesome, come together is boring and the pace they played it at sounded like it was designed for guitar school 101. GDTRFB was a welcome great song played with the kind of energy one would expect out of most of the set, but unfortunately we only got about 10 minutes of that.
sorry to be a downer and I fully expect to be blasted here, but if you dig down and be true to yourself, that's the deal. Sadly, it's downward from here I think. Hope Phil's tour comes round soon...

pete, boston
Show was a bit meandering but it went places in the bluesy jazz realm which is not everyone's liking especially with a rowdy crowd. Estimated and GSTRFB were highlights. Thurdays show was more upbeat and fun for me but two nights in row were satifying for the summer. Anyone else pick up the Ratdog 3D tour poster? Worth going to the show to get.

Bob, Danbury, CT
sorry pete, but I don't get your your comment "can someone please explain to me the purpose of playing Dark Star without Jerry because I don't get it " As someone who saw Jerry and the GD many times including some dark stars all I can say is "Why not?" Jerry is no longer with us but i'm real glad bobby is. so I say BE HERE NOW and enjoy the dark star.

Jeff, St. Johnsbury, VT
Both nights were incredible. The Casino is one of the best venues to see a Bobby show. He really seems to hold it near and dear to his heart and always delivers. The 2nd set of Friday night was one of the best I've ever experienced in the 25 years I've been seeing shows. Dark Star, the Other One, Estimated, Come Together. GDTRFB, Atttics. The energy of the crowd and the band was amazing. I was truly transported and thought the roof was going to fly off of and the floor fall from under the ballroom. Thank you Bobby and the band- for always making the Casino a memorable experience.

Julie , Burlington, VT
I have to say I am surprised at the praise this show is getting. Of my 20+ RatDog shows I have to say that was by far the worst. Talk about a snoozer. Other than Estimated>The other one the rest of the setlist was garbage.

At least we were spared one more saturday night.

Nate, Shelburne, VT
Better than last night. Miracle> Truckin'> Miracle was a sweet opener. The rest of the first set was forgettable. Pre-stuff second set was outstanding. Uncle was very well played. Desolation, well shit it's Desolation duh. Estimated was solid and Other One smoked (one of the best I've seen RD do). The Come Together should have never happened. Take that out and they have time for the intended Stephen>Eleven. Attics was a nice touch. I gave it a 7 and Thurs a 6.

nuggets, Holderness, NH
This was a tremendous show, and the ballroom was packed. Second set was just amazing, though I agree with nuggets on the Come Together cover. Desolation Row was, hands down, the best Dylan cover I've seen Bobby do - and I love Bobby's Dylan covers. Estimated into The Other One was smoking - thunderous, in fact. Can't wait for the Grand Ballroom in NYC.

Mike, Ann Arbor
This was the kind of Ratdog show that I've been waiting to see. It's one of those things that you don't know what you're missing until you experience it. I've never seen Bobby so in it as far as throwing energy out to the crowd and i know we caught it. Bluesy tunes are what Ratdog does and they do it well but that GDTRFB felt incredible. This show made me really excited to see what the boys are going to come up with next.

Susie Q, Quincy MA
Also I really want a copy of this show I saw the tapers now where is the copy? Please anyone out there with a copy put it up and share the love.

Susie Q, Quincy MA
First I would like to say to pete of boston it sounds like you had a bad night or some thing on your mind, or maybe you should stop seeing shows. Nate of shelburne you sound like you don't like rat dog. You guys think these two shows were bad... what do you expect? Both shows were great and friday was the best dog show I've ever seen. What a set list. Ratdog was right on the money, high level of energy and they nailed it. What a set list. People who did not think these two shows were good or great and don't like one more sat night need to stop going to shows. Whats wrong with you? What do want to hear? This show for me was a religious experience the best. Why can't Bob play Jerry songs? I'm sure they(dark star) have just as much meaning to Bob and Phil as it did to Jerry..Don't like the shows don't go...idiots!

maarten, plymouth,n.h.