8/21/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Friday, August 21, 2009
Britt Pavilion
Jacksonville, OR


Overall, this was a really good show. Of course some moments were much better than others. Maybe the artist in She Belongs To Me never stumbles but Bob sure did a couple times, like the "she's a hypnotist collector" line. I love it when Bob blows a line or skips a beat, that makes it more real. Before the teleprompters it was funny when the audience remembered the lyrics better than Bob or Jerry. What can you say about that Morning Dew! Mark's lead at the end of Dew was just crazy. I love the Britt and I hope to see many more Dead related shows there in the future. The place has a very low key and free to be me type of atmosphere. My friend and I ran into Jay and Robin just chillin on some steps by the backstage door before the show. They were both very cool and friendly. Did you know Jay has a tattoo of his family on his arm? Thanks for the photo-op guys. My only complaint about the Britt is the 10:30 curfew. It seems like we got short changed that night. There is a picture posted here of woman holding one of the band member's setlist. The setlist shows Winners as being between Blackbird and Masterpiece and then they should have gone back into Playin' with a Terrapin reprise after Morning Dew. Oh well, life can't always be all unicorns and rainbows. Thanks for a great show guys.

Rich, Nor-Cal coast
I was blown away! they have these tunes so wired, the sky is the limit. I am convinced that any night they want, they can be completely tight. I might not have noticed miscues someone else mentioned, I was just pleasantly impressed by the talent. After this many years, of course you would expect alot. It was eary 2000's when I last saw Rat Dog and I was happy to see the love alive and well, yes sir, it's alive!

Chris Wren , western colorado
As always- a little music puts you right back on track with life. And these days we all need more music in our lives to get back to the basics. Thank you Bobby for another wonderful night.

Jan, Grants Pass
Was lucky enough to fit in a show while I was on the West Coast for my cousins wedding and man it was a good one. The Britt was nothing short of spectacular, quaint and beautiful with valley and mountains as your natural backdrop. The boys were great, Blackbird stands out to me because it isn't usually one of my favs but damn they nailed it. You could have heard a pin drop. Very intimate. I would recommend that venue to anyone willing to get there, staff was extremely kind including the cops and they even let you bring in coolers, yeah you heard me. Miles away from the East Coast mentality that I am used to.

Steven, Richmond, Va
A killer show! Far from being just nostalgia, it is nice to see Bobbie so at home as he and Ratdog explore and tease out the magic of old material from the vaults of the Dead, stepping out into some nice new territory that includes a distinct jazz component that works really well, especially, in those lengthy improv jams that were so much a part of the Dead. Nice to see them willing to take a risk and jump off into the unknown, even if they fall at times. The only disappointing thing about the show was the abrupt ending due to the curfew in Jacksonville. It seemed like the band was just hitting their stride during Morning Dew and Goin' Down the Road, when the lights went on. No big surprise and certainly no fault of the band. The magic was there, of that there can be no doubt.

Robert, Ashland