8/25/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Martin Woldson Theater at the Fox
Spokane, WA


Very nice set list and love they have no breaks between acts to accomadate 2 sets for Ratdog, only the Dog would do that. Look forward to seeing you guys on 9/4/09 and then 2 nights at the Beacon. Stay healthy and keep on Rockin Ratdog!!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
liked smooth set/band transition, disliked hard backwall (too much slapback echo)...liked jackie, disliked volume (distorted drums during jackie's set)...liked tequila>silvio>althea...wife (1st show!!) liked drum solo during 'stuff'...liked beatles cover (tomorrow never knows)...will see again for sure!!

Les Lieber, Spokane Valley
Jackie Greene, true rocker. Great vibes and clear lyrics.

Bob Weir/Ratdog-A Night of Jamming. Lyrics not as clear as usual and Bobby forgetting some of the lyrics to Wharf Rat, thats okay.
Bobby thank you for that awesome El Paso, Althea and Mission in the Rain. I took my father for his first show, he cannot stop thanking me. I Thank You.

Charles Hagedorn, Spokane
Jackie Green set the pins up and Ratdog fired a perfect strike!
Set I was an amazing build up of intensity. "Music Never Stopped" described the transition from Jackies Band to the Dog! "Crazy Fingers" & "Wharf Rat" conjured Jerry as did the "Captain Trips" button on Bobbys acoustic guitar strap!

I came to this show with three songs in my mind that I was going to attempt to send to Bobby telepathically or yell them loud enough for him to hear (I was up front).
The songs were- "The Frozen Logger", "Desolation Row" and the Ratdog original "Lucky Enough".
As "Crazy Fingers" ended Jeff started noodleing around on the Piano and the guy next to me goes "Oh my God, they're gonna play "Lucky Enough"! I wasn't hearing any indications, but then sure enough it turned into the song! I was ecstatic!
A beautiful 15 minute version at that!!!
The band sounded great and the energy was Pure Dead!
What a Night.... Thanks to all who made the Magic happen and please keep Spokane on the map!

Ben Upham, Spokane, Wa.