8/26/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Wilma Theater
Missoula, MT


Well, there it is. I am recovering from having my ears blown out....WHAT? 4th row/center, 25 feet from the stage. RatDog came out first at the request of Bob. They ripped off 3 songs which were all first timers. They were good tunes and got the crowd and the band warmed up. I think this formula works out well for them. Get the RatDog tunes out of the way and then play Dead tunes for the remainder of the show!

Then they break into Easy Wind, another first. I'm waiting for PigPen to rise out of the ashes! Instead, as they wind it down, Bob steps on the stage and plugs in. There was about 3-4 minutes of space and then Feel Like a Stranger. The place lights up, literally! Minglewood and Bird Song got us feeling pretty high and Big Railroad Blues had a wailing sax section that brought down the house.

After the intermission, Bob came on acoustic. This haggard looking guy comes on with him and Bob says something like "I'd like to introduce Huey Lewis, who hasn't retired yet!" PigPen has been reincarnated in the form of Huey Lewis!!! They played 3 acoustic songs including KC Moan, Fever and Friend of the Devil. Ahhh, what more could you ask for? The Missoula crowd was really into it. Huey sits in for the rest of the show and sings and plays harmonica. He was pretty good and they worked him into several songs. His presence kept the boys on track. What I mean is they didn't space/stuff for very long because he was there. I only wish that he was wearing a scrunched up black cowboy hat, black leather vest and cowboy boots! He could have broke into a 30 minute LoveLight!!! Long live PigPen!!!

Schoolgirl, Tennessee Jed, Come Together, China/Rider with a US Blues encore was a pretty classic way to end up. US Blues included a giant US flag unfurling behind the band and then some guy with a 3 foot gray beard running around the stage with an American flag and then grabbing an American flag with a peace symbol on it instead of stars! Great fun!

My ears are still ringing! Thanks for coming to Missoula guys!

DeafHead, Missoula, MT

Al, ilion, NY
Mark Karan sang the first four songs. He seemed pretty happy to be able to showcase a series of RatDog songs, although it was kind of weird to have a hole where Bob stands.

DeafHead, Missoula, MT
Thanks dude!! Wish i could have been there. Anyone know if they were puddleduck tunes? Can't wait to get an AUD recording.

Al, ilion, NY
Don't Let Go. Sweet!!.... Not a Ratdog Tune DeafHead..........
Way to step up Mark!!!

Daver, Plantation
second 2 songs of first set were karan songs.

of his latest effort 'walk through the fire'

levi lederer, portland oregon
was my fourth ratdog show on top of 25 times with the- GD.......... AND I TRULY BELIEVE ---------
the venue, the audience, the music, the collective vibe

stan, missoula
bobby at his all time best.
plus easy wind.
great great show

injerrywetrust, seeley lake, mt
From a 60 Yr old Dead Head. Great Show! To hear all these young kids singing all the lyrics to all the Dead songs. The Dead will never die! I'm recreated! Please come back! The Wilma was a great place for the show. Not a bad seat in the house.

GaryK, Stevensvillem N/t