8/27/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, August 27, 2009
Knitting Factory
Boise, ID


Setlist looks great. Ratdog is perfecting the formula which is Gratefully appreciated. Wasn't there but waiting to hear the show.

Bob, Danbury, CT
great venue good crowd with plenty of room to dance. ramble on rose was a tasty treat what a beautiful dance groove. it was my first salt lake city, started out slow but kicked into overdrive and the song just seem to keep building. i like it alot. then deal was smoking, remined my of the good old boot kicking days of of early 90's jerry band. the truckin opener was a surprise, but got the mood set just right and after that they just keep bringing it. I thought it was an excellent experience. thanks Bob & the boys you still got it plus some.

bobby, boise
Show was outstanding. Great setlist. Bob goofing up the words on Ramble On Rose was a treat. Just like the old days!

Robert, Boise
This show was such a good time! It is a ride I would like to take again and agian and again! It really felt warm and comfy-for me, it was just like the all of those Dead shows from back in the 70's...keep on trucking!

ted williamson, Boise
Smokin hot show! Great energy, fun and funky Loose Lucy, nice jams on Deal, Estimated and a GDTRFB that about ripped my face off. Thank you, for a real good time!

Craig, Boise
Great show. Great vibe. Great playing. It's taken me, oh about 30 years, to get excited about a Bobby-led band, but I've got to say that after the last two Boise Ratdog shows, I'm on. Many thanks to Bob & the band for continuing the tradition and still bringing IT.

Adam, Boise
Killer Loose Lucy and Ramblin Rose, Deal was a treat. Come again soon, thank you for a real good time!

Riley, Boise
man o man that was so much fun!!!!! I think there was so much energy there i got naturally high!!!! i was not in the mood to leave and not to say i cant talk today too!!!

john, baker
gosh all mighty..does this show look fun! so many Bobby tunes, including ESTIMATED! hope the show at House of Blues, Vegas will be this nice...I kno it will be. cant wait.

Jamon Whipple, Gilbert, Az
Great Show in Boise. Many friends, far and wide to see
Rat DOG! Hi To RObin Sylvestor. What a nice guy.
HI from Linda Lou, The blond that always is winking
at you when you come to IDaho! Love YOur cool style!
Spirit too!

Linda Lou, Hailey, Idaho
Fantastic show! This was actually my first Ratdog show, and I couldn't have been happier. Was super-pleased to hear the one-two punch of Greatest Story and Salt Lake City. Earlier in the day I had told my girlfriend (who had asked if there were any songs I particularly wanted to hear) that the one song that would I was dying to hear - yet there was probably no chance of it happening - was SLC. Bobby did not disappoint.

I was worried initally that Bobby wasn't having much fun - he seemed to be having guitar troubles from the get-go, and it was a real distraction for both him and me. I've never been much of a Row Jimmy fan, so things really began to slow down. Bu, as mentioned, Greatest Story and SLC kicked ass, and Deal was a fantastic closer. Second set was a great improvement - loved hearing The Wheel, and GDTRFB was phenomenal. And to cap it all off, a kind soul hurled a lit joint on-stage as the boys took their bows. Bob smiled for what must have been the first time all nignt, not quite sure what to do. Kudos for Mark Karan for doing to the right thing. :-)

If it ain't too much trouble, Bob, swing by again. I'll be front row, center, just like I was this time!

Steve, Boise