8/31/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Monday, August 31, 2009
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver, CO


Wow, tonight was a total rocker! I missed last night's show in Boulder, as my neighbor's donkey was sabotaged by a hyenna, so I was stoked for tonight's show. I managed to get involved in a great hackey sack game before the show. I was psyched to show some old form with the hack sack and maybe that was what got the vibe going for me. I heard last night's show in Boulder was a sleeper, so I made sure I loaded up on the DayQuil for this one. They came out and ripped Here Comes Sunshine. There was no jam beforehand, they just started right up with Here Comes Sunshine. The Easy Answers that followed was on. You could tell the band was jacked up for this gig. Even Bob said how cool of a place this was for a gig after one of the first tunes. I guess you had to be there. As the show progessed, I noticed that there was a lot of people in sneakers. I thought that was pretty cool. Actually, I thought that was really cool. Nothing better than a good show in sneakers. As the night went along, I was fired up for Peggy O. It seemed like Bob changed keys mid tune. I was hoping for the Me and My Uncle next, but we got the Weight. It was nice. After that, Terrapin flowed, It was then that I got the page from my wife for me to leave the show. She just came down with a case of piles and I had to head home to apply some Prep H to her, unfortunately. I hear the rest of the show was just as hot. RatDog rips and I hope they head back to Greater Denver again. Keep on Truckin' along and see you on the Golden Rd. to scenic views along the interstate.

Lang Pauwnt Ousch, Golden, Col.
There was static feedback most of the show. Sound was terrible. Venue was intimate. Show was slow, at first. Bobby seemed to be going through the motions, but not really into it. It lasted exactly 2 hours. On a scale of 1-10, if Red Rocks Rat Dog 7/24/07 was a 10 (which it was), then this show was a 3. 12 songs? R U kidding me? $80 bucks? Maybe there was a curfew at the venue, but seriously. Give me 1/2 my ticket price back and I'd up the rating to a 4 out of 10.

SM, Denver, CO
Sounded great from my driveway via satellite radio! I missed Here Comes Sunshine due to the show starting earlier than the 10pm EDT mentioned in the promos; tuned in around 9:50, heard Easy Answers and thought that was the opener... but thoroughly enjoyed the show and can't wait for RatDog to return to Michigan.

Scotter Z. Otter, Berkley, Mich.
Well, I don't want to sound like a downer, but this show was not that good at all. Music-wise, I know the band is very talented - without question. But Bob, really, when you have an intimate setting like the Gardens, and everyone who saw your set list in Boulder thinks (knows) that you could do a scorcher, and the most dancing you give us is Jack Straw? That is just not right. And for $80? Like the post said above, I should have chosen something better to do with my money...

Joe, Denver
The Denver Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite venues! It offers a relaxed setting, where you can enjoy a picnic dinner and a bottle of wine. Hope the band and family had an opportunity to walk around the Gardens. Seeing Ratdog there last night was a real treat. Highlights were a hearfelt "Peggy-O" and a soulful "Standing on the Moon". Please come back and thanks again for coming Ratdog!

Maggie Rose, Boulder
I don't know what some of the reviewers where doing but the show at the Botanic Gardens was a BLAST! We attend my Botanic Gardens concerts and had been looking forward to RatDog. The reviews from Chataqua the night before were less than inspiring. At first the Band and especially Bob Weir seemed a little road weiry (pun intended) but the crowded responded to the music very favorably and the attitude seemed to spread to more of the audiance and onto the stage. It was great that they didn't take a break between two sets as predicted on the website, but kept playing right through and kept the night rocking.

Thanks to Bob Weir, Kenny Brooks and the rest of the band for a good night of hard work and fun music. Please come back to the Botanic Gardens again.

Rick, Denver
I had the treat of listening to this show, Live from Upstate,Ny in the comfort of my own living room, on Sirius Sattelite Radio. I always have The Sirius Grateful Dead Channel on, :) so I didnt miss the early start. I was pleasantly surprised to heard a crowd milling about, at around 9:30pm. I was expecting the Broadcast to start at 10PM Est. Right into a beautiful-vocally strong: Here Comes Sunshine ( Wake of the Flood ) and Bob Weir and Ratdog were off and running, straight into Easy Answers and then Queen Jane. What a strong 1-2- 3,the mix and acoustics on the Broadcast were fantatstic quality, so clear a strong mix, no white noise.Great to hear sound like this on the radio.To our suprise Lazy River Rd. and a rockin Jack Straw were next, Kenny Jeff Mark, just sounded wonderful in this mix and again the vocals were very strong with right- on harmonies. At this point I was dancing around my cluttered living room,barefoot, imagining what the Botanical Gardens look like.:)The drums and solos from - Jay and Robin were tight and uplifting, this show was really elevating and strong. More surprises- very well done The Weight, Pretty Peggy Oh ! and Terrapin, Lady with a Fan just tight and strong again, really fun ! The Stuff and jam was rockin, more dancing accross America in Garages cars and living rooms Im sure ! hee hee and then A Beautiful: Standing On The Moon, with Ripple for the 'icing on the cake' encore !I was on the phone with some Ratdog.org ers and we all agreed this one could be a Ratdogs Greatest hits CD, we were ready to hear it again as ssoon as it ended, Quality- just a clear strong uplifting show ! all the way through Thank YOU ! Ratdoggies and Sirius. Rebroadcast today at 12 noon :) woo hoo !

Liz K/DSG, Canandaigua
I wasn't at the show, so I have just been checking the site for setlists and reviews.
There are so many haters on here!
Stop going to shows instead of picking on everything! Better yet go see the Backstreet boys!

Long live Bob Weir!!!

Rick, Philadelphia
Curfew dictated a short show, but the boys threw down! A line from silvio for you whiners; "pay for your ticket and dont complain!". See you all in L.A. for my birthday show! RMFD!!!!!!!!!!!!

ratdogdan, mccall,id
I have just joined DotOrg to post this: I am glad I did not read reviews befrore deciding to go or not to go to the last two spectacular venues in Colorado. Boulder and Botanic Gardens are two of the most unique venues I have seen shows at. Not many bands could even get booked at these venues because like it or not, we as fans dictate the "hassle factor" for places like this. Bobby and the crew delivered great performances both nights and unfortunately the curfew DID dictate the mood, but it was awesome. Listening to the re-broadcast as I type this, and nothing re-creates the intimacy that we experienced for the last two nights. GREAT JOB GUYS!! KEEP IT UP!!

BTW: ALL shows are now officially "expensive", so get over it. Almost every show I have seen this year was $100. It sucks, but what are you gonna do? go to the show and then spend more time reviewing why the ticket price didn't justify your time. If we quit going, they will quit playing

daveanddeeds, denver
turned my friend the pantera junkie into one of us durring peggy-o!

mojo, denver
Botanic Gardens is really a beautiful and intimate venue but 2 things about it, Curfew and sound level. For a lot of acts that play there neither of these is an issue but for RatDog these things probably left some folks "unsatisfied". Though this show was not a real rocker (until the JBG !), I thought that everything was very well played and I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope, though, that this was a "been there done that" thing for the band and next time they figure out some way to play like maybe Red Rocks again! where there are no issues.
Long Live the Dog !

TommyMike, Black Forest, CO
To all the negative vibers:

I see you got your list out
Say your piece and get out
Yes I get the gist of if
But it's alright
We will get by (with or without you)

Looking forward to the east coast fall tour:)

JB, Baltimore
I agree with all that say--We go to the show for a Good time, hell in this economy how can you complain about a show-Get Freakin Real People!!
9/4/09 Humphreys wish list from Ratdog by a dedicated Fan who will also be at the Beacon 10/23 and 10/24

Music never stop/Tomorrow never knows/MissionRain/Shakedown/Morning Dew/Sugar Mag

2nd set/Lost Sailor/Saint/Masterpeice/Dear Prudence/Silvio/Tequila/Silvio/ Either Stella or Ship of Fools

Encore/Not Fade Away

Always nice to dream a little, really looking forward to the 3rd straight year of Ratdog at Humphreys, always a good time and just a perfect venue!!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
So, basically, if we are honest and voice our opinion that every moment of a Ratdog show wasn't "EPIC" then we aren't REAL fans of the band?
Sounds more like sheep to me. Or lemmings.
I don't really "review" shows because everyone has an opinion, but calling people "haters" for not liking what you like is rather lame.
Of course, this is only my opinion.
See you at Humphreys and the Greek, kids!

Tim, San Diego
As a long-time Deadhead of 30+ years and 200+ shows, I'm really ok with hearing all sides of reviews, raves AND rags.

True Deadheads call'em as they see'em, and that's ok.

I think Jerry would've seen it that way too.

August West, Denver
Hey reviews are just opinions and everybody has one so live and let live..

I try to keep it pretty simple, I for one, and I suspect everyone else who offers an opinion on here are very grateful that Bob Weir continues to play the music live that many of us grew up on and that we continue to love today.

Having said that I take each show that I get to attend, which are not many any more..mostly the shows at Hampton Beach Casino, as a gift.. and soemtimes gifts are just the best you have ever gotten and sometimes the gift is eh... But make no mistake they are ALL gifts..

Jerry is gone a long time now and nothing is gonna bring him back and I can live without Phil and Friends.. so for the balance of time that we are going to get Bobby, which also will not be forever.... just enjoy... as we all saw in August of 1995 life is short.

Jack, Chester, NH
Jack at NH very nicely put, they are gifts, let the music fill the AIR. On a side note I was against seeing PAF cause of reasons I won`t go into, but went to last years NYE shows in Frisco and PAF stole the show 12/30/09 and were very good, so take a chance and go see them, they are FUN!!

Blanch, San Diego
It is unfortunate that an accurate, if not honest , review can be posted on this site without being atttacked . I can enjoy a show and yet understand it was not a good performance. Apparently, many people feel like some of us are defaming the band when we state valid points about the quality level of the performance, the construction of the setlist,the drawbacks of the venue ,or the overall planning of the event.

I'm not sure whether it's political correctness, or perhaps a lack of perspective of what Ratdog is capable of. Sometimes they suck, sometimes are mediocre, sometimes are boring, sometimes mind- blowing- it's just the nature of the game. I think if valid opinions of shows cannot be shared here- the feature of the website should be discontinued. If some here go to a poorly played show and think it's fantastic- I guess that's great for those who think that way. If $150 for two poorly planned short shows is a bargain for some- that's fine ,too. Conversely- I would not fire back insulting or disapproving posts about fellow fans who feel this way.

Hence- I never post show reviews here. I guess I'm a whiner, hater,negative viber- or whatnot. Although -after 30 years of watching Weir- I think my opinion is as vaid as anyone's here.
I am envious of those who cannot tell the difference...I wish pretending everything is great would actually make it be so.

Casadyrocks, Colorado
Well said CC. Some shows are snoozers some blisterin.

People are going call as they hear it- hence review.

Roch's HB was pretty rippin St/11/Love/ Rip
oh well- catch it while you can

brentfan, rochester ny
First time ever seeing Bob Weir & Ratdog... had a blast really enjoyed both the shows in Boulder & Denver ..... & what about Jackie Greene that kid is amazing.... come on down to Telluride

Marie, Telluride Colorado
I had a blast at the gardens!!!!! Great bunch of heads.....fun fun fun...would love to see them back in Colorful colorado again. Thank you for the magic Boys!!!!!!

Andy, Fraser Colorado
Listened on Sirius. Pissed that it started early, but only missed Sunshine (which I saw them do live at Bethel). Loved the set list and the sound wasn't too bad. A little glad that there was curfew so I didn't have to stay up too late on a school night :). Great way to spend a Monday night.

Jeff, Salisbury Mills, NY
Wow the hater's....Had my 2 best friends fly in from upstate ny for the shows(yea we did both)(they also went to salt lake).The gardens are an amazing place to see a show.Let alone rat dog.Yea the show started out kind of slow...But,the music was absolutely amazing..Yea i remember seeing the dead for $ 8.oo at SPAC...$80 is kind of ridiculous but,if you love the music and the scene,Please stop bitching and don't go again...I will be there....

harry kellogg, lyons co.
Nice show boyz! I was at Chautauqua the night before and I half to say that 8/31 at the Botanic was the choice night. Chautauqua as a venue, had all the makings for a great show but it just didn't happen...probably because they were saving it for the Botanic Gardens. I'm not one to buy shows anymore but I'm going to buy 8/31 for sure.

Highlights...Real nice "Hear Comes Sunshine". Queen jane, Lazy river and Jack Straw were all well played. Jack Straw seemed to breathe fresh air this night which I found surprising. Peggy-O was off-the-hook great - Mark had tasty guitar solos throughout and Jeff layed down the best keyboard solo I've ever heard him do on this tune!!!!! Did I mention that "Peggy-O" was off-the-hook great??????The Weight also sounded nice. Terrapin was perfectly played (although too musically technical a song for my liking since it doesn't leave any room for live improvisation). They reprised "Playin' In the Band" which allowed me to sleep that night since they left it unfinished the night before;-) Johnny B. Goode was old school excellent. Bob's voice was in fine form and he seemed relatively engaged.

Seeing both nights back-to-back was a pleasant reminder NOT to be critical of the Band when they have an off night. Afterall, music possesses morsals of magic when the stars align, it has happening fleeting moments often determined by how a few band members feel before taking the stage or the general mood on stage. Seeing the second night convinced me that the Band still has it.
Thanks Bob!

Stevie J, Cherry Hills
sound like crap i hope tonight is alot better l am too oid to drive so i flew down to my home town VEGAS oh yea 247 365 this town drink all day & rock all night latter

cowboy mike, mt.olive nj.
Have not "officially" heard the show, but have deciphered the vibes from a Mile High.......

Through the Water of Life ~ Submerged in Stardust

Eyes Alight!

Hooterall, The South
after all the fun i had in boulder the previous night, i was really excited for the denver show. got there about 5 to see huge line wrapped around the block. got in and was lucky to have a great spot in front of the stage. having never been there i didn't realize it was "in the round". i would have been upset to have been stuck behind the stage. i don't get the point of having over half of the audience either obstructed view or actually behind the stage. it seemed most didn't really care and were having a great time, though. the venue is picnic style, bring your own, coolers allowed. ok. they take up alot of room overall really. one bathroom for all those consumers, oh well. sound was average at best. where was the beef ? anyhow the show gets off to a great start with here comes sunshine-easy answers queen jane nice jack straw. ok. but now the acoustic portion takes place. hence, no 2 sets. bummer. i'm not a big weight guy but i figured the best was yet to come. i enjoyed the rest of the set. closing up playin from the night before in boulder always reminds me of the old days. i would have prefered wharf rat to standing at this time but that's cool. so now the big closer. we didn't get it in boulder but hey, the time is now, right? well, johnny b goode made me feel like i was at an oldies picnic show. much aloha weir, but cmon. you have a big bag of tricks that you just didn't open in colorado. i had a gas. this was much better than dealing with vegas and los angeles and the fires so i hope i don't miss an "epic" show. see you guys in florida i hope. mahalo, brah.

chuckieboy, kona, hi
This was the first show that I didn't like since like the '80s. The sound was bland, colorless, and never seemed to materialize. I also didn't care for the way the band was like in the middle of a pit. I tried to watch from the front, but standing on a 45 degree angle was uncomfortable to say the least. The band seemed to play Terrapin as an apology. It's all good though. Goes to show that WEIR JUST HUMAN.

notfadeaway83, loveland.CO
great show, great venue...nuf sed

Grateful_Jed, Loveland, Colorado