9/2/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Wednesday, September 2, 2009
House of Blues
Las Vegas, NV


What a cool set list, reminds me of the Viola LA Forum Dead show. One thing you can say is, these guys are not predictable? Look forward to seeing Ratdog tomorrow at Humphreys, the weather is perfect and the venue is TOO!!
Would like to hear a review from someone at the show?

Blanch, San Diego
Just listening to that very show with the viola doubledecker sandwich, can't wait to see em at the greek and you'll like jackie too, he has a good sounding band.
Hope we get downloads from some of these shows.
Coach Dan

Coach Dan, Upland
When I first walked out on to the casino floor at the Mandalay Bay, I saw a few hundred tie dyed followers ready to jam...I knew that the House of Blues was going to rock.....As the opening performance of Jackie Greene was winding down, after an electic cover of the beatles, the Ratdog clan slowly joined the set until the triumphant roar of the crowd signified our main man Bob, who flipped the first card with Deal......After the break we decided we aint gonna work on Maggies Farm no more.....we jammed in and out with viola blues, Its all over now baby blue, not even close baby..we were just getting started as we jammed, jammed and jammed....All over now, just an awesome first set..........Second Set, Stealin, for freedom and liberty, mexicali blues, Friend of the devil performed acoustically, a poundin jam, into the highlight of stella bluw, and then....G L O R I A as an encore, Bob and RatDog really lit up the strip........class act.....chewck out my photos

Jason Matarazza, Las Vegas, nv
Coach Dan, saw Jackie at last years PAF and Ratdog NYE shows, smokin shows, but thanks for the tip, would like to make the Greek, but going back east to the Beacon in Oct for Ratdog and wife is still pissed I am going, Mixed marriage, she hates my music. Jason at Vegas thanks for the in person review, good job sounds like a blast was had by many, Rock on ratdog!!!! PEACE

Blanch, San Diego
imho this was a monumental show,

morningdewd, lv
and that's why I keep going..........
See ya all in NYC for 5 nights!!

Ray, Fords NJ
dig the Viola, Viola Viola.. it was smokin at the Forum... Saw The Dog in Missoula & SLC... imho they are in fine form... See ya all manana at Humphries and then off to The Greek...

fishafly, La Quinta, CA.
Had a blast! Vegas delivers! Can't wait for Humphrey's on Friday!

Caught the shows there last year, with the added bonus of a dead cover band that rocked after the show at the Humphrey's bar, Electric Waste Band. They're back too, so we get to rock on Friday from 7 pm to 1:30 am!

See ya'll there,


Stu, San Diego
Viva las Vegas!

Jackie greene, first time to hear you. wow, I love your style. Your band sounded great. Hope to see you again!

As for ratdog. THANK YOU! What a great show. I brought
my bro tothe show .1st ratdog show for him. he had a grin on his face the whole night.
For me i could not have been more delighted. what a treat.
to see bob and the boys with my bro. The band was smokin, and you could see they were havin fun!
A great night was had by ALL!!!!!!!!

hummm Baby / Go Gigantes

gutzy, palm desert ca.
Not at this show but interesting to note that the 1 to 10 scaling again shows a bell curve. All the tours start out low though never in the 6's before, peak in the late center, and then decline a little last few shows.

I happen to catch them at the 9.3 St Augustine Ampitheatre previous leg, and let me tell you that number was accurate. Moe and the beautiful summer night in a beautiful venue provided alot of thrust.

How come now one is graphing this for us?

As if it could be quantified.

The truth is the magic is individual, each of us has his own experience, a show that might be generally regarded as mediocre might be the spiritual awakening you need that night. God bless Bobby and the boys.

Swami Prem Nirakar, Jacksonville Florida
Swami......Thank you so much! Your last sentence says it all! Thankfully House of Blues provided the spiritual awakening I SOO needed. Great Energy....Great Venue..Great People....and most of all....GREAT MUSIC!!

Thanks to Ratdog and everyone who helped make this a special show for an old man:) Nice to meet Bobby and some of the boys as well!!

metoo, Scottsdale
such an awesome show. the band was tight and Bobbys voice never ceases to amaze. he just gets better. Liberty is so much fun. I swear Jeff teased Easy to Love You at the beginning of his solo. Love those skins Jay, still a MADMAN. great to see Mark looking so healthy.

thank you HOB security...very patient and cool.

I miss the Dog already...come back to Phoenix PLEASE!

Jamon Whipple, Gilbert, Az
What are you people talking about ?

That show was a complete snoozer.

Viola Lee, despite a huge breakout, was just ok. The one in Penns Peak smoked this one. Maggies Farm and She Says could put a Meth head to sleep. It's all over Now = zzzzzz. Liberty = snoozer. Then to close the first set with Viola was weak. Second set: Stealin was totally flat. Listen to one from Penns Peak or the other 2 they played Ft Myers and ? Mexicali was ok. Ive heard a ton better. FOTD is snoozer. 2Djinn blows. That song is weak, it's like a poor man's Ashes and Glass. Stella Blue into Viola Lee and that was it. I left the show. Listened to it the next day and feel the exact same way about it. Throwin Stones had no life to it whatsoever along with a couple Bobby flubups. Gloria was good, but too little, way too late !!!!

Just awful !!!

d1smack, Rochester, NY

Jackie Greene's set smoked the whole Ratdog show

d1smack, Rochester, NY
Jackies set was awesome, but the song that really made it was "Deal" with some awesome support from Bobby and all. The vocals were too low in the mix to make out most of the words from the balcony. He's a talented guy and an awesome group, for sure.

d1smack, if you think that was an "awful" show, then you're, way, way out of touch with reality. Get off the brown acid and join the rest of the world! :-)

The whole show was fantastic and the crowd equally so! I haven't had time to listen to the whole show yet, but Bobby sounds a lot better than he did "back in the day", IMHO. Getting a CD of the show the same night is way cool.

It was my daughter's first Dead-related show ever. She doesn't really listen to them other than "second hand Dead", but she said it was the most fun she'd ever had at a concert and cannot wait to see them again.

Jason, Las Vegas, NV
d1smack...you must be hard to please. you just dont 'get it'. sorry sir but you really should stay home.


Jamon Whipple, Gilbert, Az
I have to concur with d1smack that this show was very flat. Had they contrasted the folky first set with a more exploratory and energetic second set things could have been salvaged. But no, we get stealin>mexicali>fotd, keeping with the same theme. There wasn't even a tiny bit of 'weird' throughout the entire night. Kind of like Ratdog on AARP Card Night.

Highlights for me were Liberty and Throwing Stones and neither really turned the page.

Oh well, I still love me some Bobby. Have fun in San Diego!

Andrew, Las Vegas, NV
i have not been to see many shows since jerry has passed and the ones that i have attended i have tried to come with an open heart and mind.
i thought the show was really good....it was wonderful to dance and i am grateful to hear tunes that rocked my soul many moons ago....
i think those that are complaining should be thankful that bobby and ratdog are out there playing for you to dance and enjoy....
i felt grateful and satisfied when the show was over,even though i would have loved more!!!
i am dragging my non deadhead hubby to the LA greek show and hope they rock the house...i have more bone shaking to do!!!

by the way-jackie green is amazing...he blew me away...

dara g, topanga
Musically solid show in a nice venue. Mark's playing sent chills, spot on. Jackie Greene brings so much to the table. The crowd was freakishly awesome and kind. This Vegas situation, freedom and liberty was in the house! BEAUTIFUL!

Markus!, phoenix
Swami did indeed say it best. To one....is magic....to another....is dud....
To me, it was a magical day and evening. Yes, the mood going into the show played a role in this individual's head space. Got to meet Bobby, chill in the pool with some "boat drinks," and enjoy meeting heads and tourists alike. Then to the venue, which is amazing. Had pleasure of seeing WSP there several years back and always wondered what the upper deck would bring. Well, I got to find out. Plenty of room to dance, great views, and add to that a very tightly played show....starting with Jackie n the Boys with Deal (Jackie is amazing!) right on into a good "whip up," into Viola. Loved the way they snaked all three verses throughout the whole show. Bobby's voice is def that of a story teller and he did an amazing job this night. The band was on fire and seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was great dancing with, in, around, and spaciously through all you wonderful folks up stairs. Your smiles helped bring much joy to this older head:) Good vibes....Good music....Good people....Gotta luv this scene! Much love to all.....Schultzy

schultzy, Scottsdale
an additional comment,i guess the fact that a very animated Jay Lane triumphantly thrust both hands up at the end of the show with a big ole grin on his face pretty much says it all .i just wonder if those negative commenters were actually there.bty the cd is smokin sick as well as the show.

morningdewd, las vegas
I thought the show was incredible especially Deal. I caught Jackie Green earlier this summer by total accident and have been hooked ever since. Rat Dog exceeded my expectations and the venue was outstanding, I like when you can actually see the band. On a side note, I attended a festival earlier this year and was pretty much done with the scene. Thanks to the incredibly awesome folks at this show I have been forced to reconsider. Had the time of my life.

Jeff, Newark, Ohio
That Stella Blue was magnificent. unbelieveable. Thanks.

Tim, Toledo,Ohio
I rarely get caught on film but there I was front and center as RatDog blew the doors off of the House of Blues. On the way in a "friend of the Devil" took my 20 dollar bill in exchange for what would be a catalyst to reaching new heights of transcending the physical to the spiritual strength the music empowers me to leave my body and travel the universe in a kalidescope of color and sound. Being front and center I felt the band pulling the audience into the incredible trip we all took that night. Yes! I was there front and center. with the cap and shades feeeling like a conduit between the band and the audience. I wouldn't trade that space .... at that time ... for the world

Toulouse Lacrosse, Salt Lake City
enjoyed this show immensely, as well as the Denver Botanic Gardens two nights previous...Bob has tapped into new energy. Jackie was awesome as well. Looking forward to East Coast Furthur shows.

Grateful_Jed, Loveland, Colorado