9/4/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Friday, September 4, 2009
Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay
San Diego, CA


In a word,,,smokin...what a show, the boys were in great form as they all one by one worked their way on stage to join Jackie's excellent band and jam into Scartlet. All of a sudden it was Ratdog on stage and Iko Iko which was sweet. The show just kept picking up steam, boys were tight throughout . Great song selection, highlghts, hard rain, last time, st.stephen/william tell/ the eleven. I have not seen the band this hot in years...Thank You for a real good time!!!!!

steve, san diego
what a show! one 2 hr set with an incredible song list. darkstar > st. stephen > w.t.b > 11 > not fade was rediculous. seen ratdog lots and this was right at the top. epic is right....

Jeff, San Diego
Excellent show! The subtle band change in the middle of Scarlet was very cool and the cover of Dear Prudence to me alone was worth the cost of admisson.
Bob and the rest of the band were tight and Jackie deserves a shout out as well!
Thank you for a great evening.

Tommy, San Diego
A great show for sure, and a typically great "dead audience". thanks to Lexus for the free tix :)

chris, san diego
Last summer at Humphries not even close to this year. It was ROCKIN. I loved it. The vibe was so right and Bobby and the band were feelin it! Scarlet to start the show was phenom, and then Brokedown Palace to end. really perfect. And it looks like bobs been working out :)

Richene, San Diego
Great show! Was a cool venue, never been before, little expensive though. Crowd was loving it. Was 4 rows behind the legendary Bill Walton. Jackie Green band was awesome and great transition into Ratdog with Scarlet>Iko, never seen something like that before. High point for me was Stephen>William Tell Bridge>The Eleven>Not Fade Away. Not usually a fan of one set shows but this one was defiantly the standout.

Band was spot on, really tight. Haven't seen them in awhile and they are great as ever before. Was worried about it being a snoozer after reading reviews of the last 5 or so shows. Not the case by no means. Oh, the after concert at the bar was pretty kickin with the Electric Waste Band.

All and all awesome evening. Girlfriends first Ratdog show and she's ready for more. Thanks to Bobby and the boys. Till next time...

Doug, San Diego
Best show I've seen at Humphrey's. I thought last year...with a 2 day show was awesome....we got there early at 7 and Ratdog was already on...they didnt stop till 10:20. My sisters 1st time ever seeing the Dead or ratdong....blew her mind. Thanks Ratdog and...and everyone that was there! You all showed her the spirit of a dead show!!! The band was tight and was awesome! OH..thanks for 2 people falling into the water..that was funny!!!!!

Mike, San Diego
Yet another great Ratdog show !!
You can tell they love this venue.
Great clean sound, and we got 3 full hours !!!
Bob is ready to keep doing this thing !!!

milo, san diego
This was the forth show in a row that I've seen at Humphrey's and was easily the best. The opening Scarlet set the tone for the next three hours or so. There was no set break, and after three hours I was wishing for three more. Scarlet, Iko and Hard Rain were the standouts for me. Thanks, Bobby.

Tony, Valley Center
I have been to 3 Ratdog shows at Humphreys and this was by far the best. Jackie was great and the transition via Scarlet was a lot of fun. The setlist was amazing - as always Bobbie smoked the Dylan tune and the Stones "Last time" was so much fun. The boys were on, the crowd was stoked, great venue and good time was had by all. Thanks Bobbie, Jackie and all the band members.

Cozmicharlie, Simi Valley
What a show, I have probably been to 20 or more ratdog shows, I just don`t count anymore, but this one was the topper so far. sound was fantastic, crowd in a great mood and starting with Jackie, just a fun all around time. I can`t say enough about how cool the opening was,Scarlett/Iko/Iko and throughout many great versions,Loose Lucy,Browneyed but Last time and Dear Prudence were done really well and the crowd was totally into it. Of Course St Stephen,William Tell,Eleven and then to just blow everyone away, Not Fade Away.SWEET, thank you again for a Real Good Time and I really look forward to seeing you guys at the Beacon in Oct. St Stephen at Humphreys, are you Freakin kiddin me, way too cool!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
Well .....um.....HOLY SHIT!!! This is Bob Weir on his terms and at his best. He is really on his game right now!!! What an AMAZING evening. One of the very best Ratdog shows I've seen since my first in 95. I could gush about the highlights but it wouldn't do it justice. If you have access to a copy of this night listen to it!!!!!
Hey Bobby hows about comin to PHX its been 3yrs!!!!