9/6/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Jackie Greene opened

Sunday, September 6, 2009
Pozo Saloon
Pozo, CA


This show was just a downright smoker. From the opening Shakedown to the final Bird song at night. The Beanway's put on a great show at their saloon. Pozo is a jaunt to get there, but it is well worth the drive. One of the best music venues in the state.


Karl, Grover Beach
Really, really good show. Jay lane is really cracklin' right now, and everybody else was right in that we've-been-touring-so-we're-really-tight-but-we've-still-got-our-energy type of pocket.

A note about the venue: fantastic. Tons of room, but lots of friendly people, no lines to speak of for food or drinks, fantastic sound system, gorgeous setting. Access is a tad limited -- one two-lane road -- but if you do it smart, you're fine. Highly recommended.

Jeff Beresford-Howe, Oakland CA
Pozo was awesome. The show was really nice filled with great songs and good jammin'. My favorite spots were Shakedown>Music, Big River, Me and My Uncle, Eyes, Dew>China>Rider. Bobby didn't forget to many words that's always a bonus.

Pozo is simply a fantastic venue, you can walk right up to front and easily cruise anywhere, no lines and the people were super laid back. O yeah, $5 dollar parking, nice...hope they come back and play there again!!!

SK, SB, Ca.
AMAZING show in Pozo! It's a place built for peaceful gatherings of those who want to listen to super music in the freedom of a beautiful out of the way, CA pasture! This seriously was one of the BEST Ratdog events I have been to ever. It was magical. I felt moved through the generations forward from late 60's to current. The crowd was great as were those who promote/own the Pozo Saloon and it's venues! Bobby - you need to come back here often. Thie place has your name written all over it!

meme, Morro Bay, CA
I've seen so many incarnations of Bobby/Ratdog, but this show seemed really special- The amazing venue, sunshine, soaring sounds of Phil Salazar's violin, the synergy of an amazing band having fun, and a song selection that just was a pure generous gift to the sun-streaked crowd- Thanks boys for what you do so well- I've been cranking the CD ever since.......

Will, Boulder Creek, CA
I loved the show. The band was tight and rockin'. I'm so happy and grateful the Bob invites me to sit in and jam. This is the first show of the four i've played where i used my echo box and my waw-waw pedal. I love playing the space jam. Thanks to all you fans the screamed after my solos. Loved every minute of it.

Phil Salazar, Ventura Ca
This venue sounds beautiful! Did anyone record the show? It is impressive to learn that Bobby is doing an upcoming benefit for The Blue Bear School of Music. As an elementary school teacher and physio-neuro trainer, I believe in the educational and healing power of music! Way to go Bobby!

Maggie Rose, Boulder
Did anyone record any of those out there? I haven't been able to stream off archive and am not fortunate enough to have gone. No tapers? Help us out please.

Phil, NC
These are the good old days after attending the Pozo show! Everything came together perfect for this one. Absolutely perfect venue, sound, weather, Bobby and company, the crowd... Thanks EVERYBODY, especially Bobby. Such a hot clean show. Wish every show could be such a good value and vibe. From a vintage head...

Michael R, Paradise, CA
i'm sooooo glad we decided to skip the greek and drive all the way up to santa margarita. the best 'post-Jerry' venue i've been to.
song selection, vibe, musicianship... everything was just as it should be.
thank you so much.

pozo saloon was absolutely amazing!

Kreston, Apple Valley, CA
It doesnt get any better than this one folks! My oh my Bobby thanks for this one. You guys melted me down, this one has special spot in me. Every single tune was over the top! Mark when you were shredding that Morning Dew down it blew everyones mind! And the China Rider there is no way to describe what happened. WOW! All I know is it took me and many others that I spoke with to new places. Ive been to 60 plus shows easily, coast to coast and Pozo, Ca is the most amazing place of them all. Something magical happens there, you can feel it. Again thank you Ratdog and all the people for giving us this show.

deadchef, ocean beach, san diego
everything came together nicely for this one. great show with some real mind bending moments. phil's fiddle play really added a nice twist. Mark really tore it up. thanks all.

DC, Irvington, NY
Holy crap!Not one negative review.Can't be.Well it is certainly nice to read the reviews and feel the positive vibes that i know are definatly at every show.

Mike Evans, Malta ,NY
There were 2 of us that recorded the show. All acts including Jackie Greene. Hope to have this show posted on Internet Archive later this weekend......Thanks lou

lou, citrus heights ca
never a huge Ratdog fan....
AND....this show was truly one of the BEST EVER...
Pozo is fantastic, sound was incredible, every song from start to finish seemed to build on the previous.
Second set was as stellar as almost any Dead show i attended...great job!

Glenn, Carmel CA
I just wanted to say thank you from myself an all who worked to put this on here at Pozo Saloon . Thank you for your support and making this a successful show! I know for myself, and my partner's that this was a highlight of our carers, and hope to have Bobby and the rest of the gang back there again some day. It was truly nice to hear them enjoy themselves, and have them hang out after for a little while and unwind from tour. Bobby seems to enjoy Pozo and it's vibe. which make's us all very happy. Did I hear someone say the Dead at Pozo? Who knows, maybe someday, just reaching for that gold ring.

Joseph/ P.M. Pozo Saloon

Joseph, San Luis Obispo,ca
It was sure nice to see Bobby play two sets at Pozo. Felt like a real show ! For those of you who haven't been here, come see a show. It ranks high in all the venues I've been to. Hats off to Jackie and Phil. You help the music play the band-

Dave K., Summerland,CA.

D.K., Summerland Ca.
Just an incredible show! Fantastic venue! The dragonflys were fantastic as well. Loving my tiedyed peeps there! My only regret is that my Honey wasn't there to see it with me.
Power on Bob!
Keep the shows coming Pozo!

Brian, Palm Desert
Avid fan of the nostalgic Dead and the here and now music of RatDog. Like a fine wine they just get better and never cease to amaze me. Last year was awesome because business brought me pleasure in timing for the FLA. shows in Clearwater/Tampa, Orlando, and Mizner, in Boca Raton. The energy that RD puts out at times is a reflection of the audience. Salt Lake was good, Vegas was omninous and Pozo Saloon was inspiring as I brought my 18 year old son all from Utah with me, We stood front and center against the railing. The band was larger than life especially to my son who swears it transformed his life as Bobby and Co. has bewen doing for me since my first Dead Show in '73. Nothing beats passing the torch to the next generation in a surounding like Pozo's Saloon. Can't wait for Jamaica.

Toulouse Lacrosse, Salt Lake City