10/19/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, October 19, 2009
Grand Ballroom
New York, NY


And the band played on and on and on, certainly one of the longer Ratdog shows I have ever seen. What a good vibe from the band and crowd and an excellent place to play. The sound was perfect, not too loud as it can be in a smaller venue. Highlights for me include, oh crap the whole show was a highlight from the Truckin' opener, Ramble on Rose, Sailor>Saint>Darkstar>Bertha to close the first set. then the second set opened a little mellow with Stealin' then a killer Desolation Row, toss in 2 Beatles tunes for good measure (Revolution and Come Together), a great solo by Jay Lane on drums during Stuff then a St. Stephen>Eleven that tried to rip the place down. No encore because of what I assume was a time restriction/curfew issue. Grate show and an excellent venue, everyone was really friendly and I am not sure security was even present. The tie-dyed Empire State building was a cool site upon returning to the street too!

pigpen10010, NYC
What a show! Thank you! The vibe from the street to the stage was very cool. The band was on fire.

KNOG, Long Branch NJ
I was blown away by the music tonight. Seems like all the elements were in place. Bobby looks fantastic, venue was like being in a house of secret mirrors with secret rooms, band was as tight as ever, they just keep gettin better,great songlist, Mark Karan, a fellow warrior rocked, as did the rest of the band. All the elements mixed togehter turns out to be a fine balanced vintage classic. Thanks Ratdog.

casseddy, East Hampton, NY
Nice venue. Very relaxed setting and enough room for everyone to move around and dance. Highlights for me were a nice lively Truckin' opener, Sailor/Saint with the disco ball "stars", hot Bertha, laid back Revolution and a door blowing St. Stephen/Eleven. Bobby flubbed Desolation Row and laughed about it. When the band was on, it was smoking. For a couple of jams, Bobby was pushing riffs or chords that were either off key or not anything the band knew was coming. Bobby looked really healthy. It was nice to catch him early in the run when his energy and voice were at their best. Empire State building looked cool in tie-dye. As always, a good time with old friends. Definately would check out another show at the Grand.

Hendi, Hartford, CT
sailor saint was intense, then a maginificent dark star into a fun bertha. the second set was smokin start to finish, but the best was the desolation by far. and as a come together disliker, that was one hot version, with a HOT jam at the end leadin into the wicked stephen. hot show, tight jams, mark the mvp.

makko, ny ny
More of the same. Great venue and great show. Everything was perfect about the venue. Room to roam. Upstairs area for those who don't want to dance in a crowd. Easy access to bathrooms and booze. Cool people. And the show was what has already been written by others. Loved Ramble on Rose. Loved Sailor/Saint. Always love Beatles. Bob looked relaxed and in good form. Going back tonight and to the Beacon on Thursday, and I have little doubt that I'll enjoy this venue more than the Beacon -- and I love the Beacon.

Mike, Passaic, NJ
Very cool venue. Awesome first set......from Truckin' to Bertha......The first set rocked, great song choices. Acoustics tunes were equally great, especially Desolation Row. Can't wait for the Beacon................Pete & Trudi

a show for the books!,, from a great room to see a show upstairs from the hammerstien,, a cozy art deco type hall with carpeted foors cool lounges and a verry kind vibe throughout.. the band was on fire. sound was real fine,. Bobby looks great, healthy and in strong voice, he has that old prankster smile on his face again , thats a good thing.. the highlights were many nice opening jam into a full force New York style truckin,, more sing alongs with ramble on rose.. a powerhouse picasso moon,, a text book perfect sailor> saint.. a nice Bertha set closer,, stealin was fun,, one of e best desolations Ive seen/heard.. sing along with the weight.. a long jammed out ashes and glass a verry grooovy revolution.and a real big fckn classic of a saint stephan into an eleven that would not end.. braught the house down, and the good, ole empire state building looked verry nice decked out in tye dye colors as we made our way back home,,also one of the longer ratdog shows in recent memory,, looking foward to the beacon .. this one will be hard to top... for This is the season of what now....

Bob K., oceanside ny
Acid Jazz at its finest...I've noticed in the two shows attended (last night & Friday's Tower show) that Bobby is letting virtually each song run out its course, the jams have been so totally monstrous at times and no song has felt truly short to my ears (except maybe Friday's Help/Slip...).

Bobby greeted the assembled NYC crowd with the one-two NYC punch of Truckin>Ramble On Rose, both played to the hilt. Then my first-ever Lucky Enough ended up being a real kewl experience but it was the reworked Picasso Moon, only the 2nd of the year, that really got me revved up 'bout the possibilities and then...the Sailor/Saint and this is exactly why I chase the man down and he delivered BIG TIME...:-big grin...and then how brilliant to go into the Star and then finish slaying the crowd with a raucous Bertha to close what had to be an hour and a half 1st set.

Short intermission (1/2 hour) then led into a breezy Stealin, a downright intense D/Row, a pumped up and extended Weight, a jam-filled Schoolgirl and the best Ashes and Glass I might have ever witnessed live, Mark K was dishing it out all night long and Chimenti just keeps getting better and better while Jay and Robin kept dropping sonic bombs, wow, and just who did celebrate his 62nd birthday, LOL?!?!?!?!?!?

Stuff was Jay all the way and then the Come Together was pretty damm trippy and the Stephen/Eleven just kept going and going and going in a real good way and at its end all there was time for and all we could do was to thank them for a real good time...:-smile.

The last four shows should be a real hootenanny...:-wink


ajcmixer, Sunnyside, Queens, NYC, NY
Forgot to mention the 1st Revolution of the year beofre Ashes and Glass, a real crowd-pleaser to be sure...


ajcmixer, Sunnyside, Queens, NYC, NY
One of the best shows ever, setlist was a fantasy come true. Beatles covers were jammin'. venue was great - dance floor was rockin', the mirrored ball "light confetti" sprinkled around was delicious, oh did I mention the setlist was dynamic! Enjoyed the playing, the guys gave out great eneregy that was much appreciated and returned by the crowd gathered. Beacon will be fun, but the Ballroom was beyond! Namaste!

D&BGrateful, NYC
Got back from the city last night and listened to the CD on the way back and confirmed my disappointment in the show. Sorry for the negative vibe but I disagree with the other reviews. Just didn't have the pop I was expecting and song selection had little continunity. However, found crowd and venue very inviting. Congrates to the GD on being honored by the greatest city on the planet.

Paul, New Hartford NY
I believe the first Revolution was by The Dead in LA or was it Philly? this summer, but maybe the first Ratdog...
Great show in LA

Robbie G, Branford,CT
I am always critical, being a musician, as well as seeing over 250 Dead shows, and I have been dissapointed with the consistency from show to show by ratdog.
I am going saturday to the beacon, even though i said i wouldn't go again due to inconsistent energy, flaws, etc....
The reason I changed my mind and went was because the recent Vibes show, as well as what I heard from Furthur were amazing...and Saturdays always are good.
So I hope he doesn't dissapoint me or it may be my last ratdog show (I have said this many times in the last few years)

RobbieG, Branford,CT
Hi y’all
Honestly, i am thankful for Bob's deadication and energy - giving us all some sonic love - slice it any way you like...
For me it's always joy.

melissa friend, mt kisco ny
Nice way to put it Melissa. I take whatever they got to give and thank god the boys are still giving it..........:)

Nancy, Branford, CT
Great show... loved the venue...left there totally blissed out.
Thank you, Bobby and Ratdog!

Sharon, Port Jervis, NY
3:13 in, a loud Pop. Thats when Bobby stops & says "tried to kill me ..you saw that" Was a Balloon I tried some English on to go back into crowd but lunged forward onto stage by Bobby's stand & exploded...POP !! yah can hear it on Steves recording & SBD. Wow no wonder why it Freaked Bobby out. Sorry Bob..
Revolution was friggin kool. As Hell..
Thanks Ratdog for another great nite. Ballroom is like I remember it from years long ago & far away... Great Neighbours & Vibe....

ralberty, Middletown Springs
what a show, what a venue!!! my hats off to ratdog, the band is setting us on fire. that was the best thing i've been to since the grateful dead itself! i went to albany to see the dead in april. that did not touch this! bobby has this act down and the band is tight with high energy. most of the time i go to these "deadhead revisits" only to be disappointed. believe me , i've been to many, but this version of ratdog is awesome. not only that but the set list is one for the ages. i took the train to the city and had the time of my life!!!!!!!!!! Oh WHAT A SHOW

john, saratoga, ny
Fantastic, it was my dream come true !
Came from France to see Bobby and Ratdog, I enjoyed every second of music played. People was nice, colorful !!, no words to tell that !
What a long strange trip it's been for me that evening....

Pascal, near Paris, France