10/20/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 20, 2009
Grand Ballroom
New York, NY


Hi All- I just got back from the show. I really liked the venue, very cool.

The sound was weird the whole night. At times everything was very tinney or trebbley, it was almost like Bobby's guitar needed a touch more distortion to make it sound better. The guitars also lacked that mega crunch that knocks your socks off when they are playing not fade away chords for instance. It was a weird night with certain instraments being undervolumed at times and then perfect at times. Mark's guitar was a little low for most of it. I did like the few times where he pulled off a nice distorted solo, end of Deal for instance. At the same time he was missing for almost all of Stranger and especially at the end jam where he was just playing chords with Bob rather than that nice lead line, it was missing something.

I'm not sure what the point of throwing on the acoustic guitar is just for the sake of playing it, especially if you are just going to rock a song out, Corinna for instance.

Half of the night seemed like a cosmic f-up of which instruments were over or under volumed.

For the most part the show was pretty solid even though I didn't love the setlist. Rock on!

the only thing that can be said about this show and this night is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark, fords,nj
The first set was just about as good as it gets,especially the last 4 song group. All time classics! I really dug MK's playing tonight,probably the best I've heard him play ever. The sound was light years ahead of the Friday tower show I attended,I had no complaints,as TK did. I supposed location in the venue may have been a factor?
Mark was on his A game as were the entire band. Great Show!!!

pm, carmel,ny
Simply put....monday was set 1 and tuesday was set 2. WOW!!!!!!!

simple, pepperell,ma
I agree with TK the sound was pretty bad, but I am sure they will ahv eit all dialed in for the beacon. Average show 9.2 I see already which makes me think this place is just filled with homers, this was not an epic show and people who vote it as epic well I am not going to comment on that but COME ON, 5/8/77 for example is an EPIC show, last night was a good show. Two bust outs with the muleskinners and the winners, loved the peggy-o and I have to say for me personally the even so, deep end, is just an energy vortex and puts me to sleep. All in all good to see cheif looking so fit and see you all at the beacon.

joey c, queens
Yet another show where I really didn't care for the set list but had no problem with its performance, had its very fine moments and the overall vibe for the room was great, where have they been hiding this gem of a venue?

Bobby was doing his best cowboy on Mule Skinner Blues, pretty funny and kewl at the same time. The rest of the set was solid, special mention for the Mission In The Rain and the set-ending Deal, both well-jammed.

The 2nd set Peggy O was sweet, the ensuing Corinna was excellent as well as the Even So/October Queen, Mark ripped it up though the UJB's was a bit patchy at times. SOTM was long and touching and the Throwing Stones was oh-so-appropiate with Obama having been within yards of our room and was played with passion and conviction. All in all a fine two-night stand at a wonderful venue.


Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NYC, NY
Really great show. Loved the vibe in the room. Bob and the band seem really tight and really into it. I intend to never miss a Bob show at that venue. It was like a giant bar....no rules, no hassles....perfect. Can't wait for tonight!

Mike, Passaic
It's true some shows are better than others, but they're all special in that we were there. We were there with friends we knew, and new friends we met along the way. Admittedly the volume seemed a bit low, but after seeing Bob and gang over the past 3 decades it could just be me. Much of the set list was pretty cool, loved the Mission, Deal, Queen Jane, October Queen, and of course Ro Jimmy is always one of my personal favorites. Very cool venue, small and quaint.

Special thanks to Andy and the gang at Headcount for making this even more memorable, as well as the extraordinary generosity of my buddy Robert, whose magnanimity provided me with a Bob Weir autographed guitar, and enabled a handshake with Bob back stage after the show !

Very special night indeed !

Paul, nj
Weir to Begin .. in line early with my brother & sisters watching the Obama not so secret service process the 35K dinner crowd into Hammerstein. As I said while in line "this seems so biz-arr"... standing here with what we use to call "The Pigs" & some real heavy ones at that. Ya know when they were bustin' Hippie Heads with there night sticks & spreading there Love in the form of Gas... Not N2o neither.. Flash Back & Forward back to show.
Just after the Obama crowd made it in they called upon us and said " We want no surprises" so they brought in a couple 55 gallon trash cans & began our initiation to the new world order of Metal Scanners & Pat Downs all this with empty pockets. Once up to Grand Ballroom the VIPs weir in Bar so we weir able to get our usual spots on Rail before Headcount (VIPs) took over the front lines.
The boys came onstage and right away played at a high level. They never looked back. Train kept a rollin till last note & Bow. Bobby played his Guild tonight, He played 5 different guitars in total. Bobby looked clear headed & was very animated. he certainly put on a rhythm clinic mastering his art. Mark had a fine night too. Laying down some monster jams. We caught eyes at the end of a long jam & he was wearing this tremendous smile with eyes aglow. Man what a rush.. High End gig tonite.. What a set list too. Sound was a lil off sometimes but acoustics of ballroom seemed pretty good upfront for most part. A very special night being in same building as President & the Empire State Building all Tie Dyed up in honor of The Grateful Dead just a few blocks East of us up 34th st. Been going to shows for awhile now. I saw the GD in this very same place in April of 1971. Fantastic as a night that that was, I have to say that tonight was the Perfect Storm. Like to say thanks to all my neighbours in house tonight you weir fun to be with . How bout that ending NFA ...we kept the rhythm going until the boys came back out for encore & Bobby kept us singing & clapping until they sequed into JBG tonight. Go Bobby Go Go Go
He shure is the Cheif... C Yah On Tour...

RAlberty, Middletown Springs
The crazy scene outside, bicycle rack barricades lining 34th from 8th to 9th, the love line stretched along the Manhattan Center building waiting for the magic 7 o'clock hour, all seen and hardly to be believed. Mix in the cops and the SS on patrol, and Kenny being denied by the NYPD even though twenty or so loyal fans on the aforementioned line were swearing to his authenticity emphatically. The magic moment came as promised, we went in, got our tickets and made it into the elevator. Going up. Thanks to the lovely friend of the band for giving Michael her extra will call ticket.

Such a lovely room, we said and claimed our stands against the rail, second back and waited for Bob to jam the dogs into Feels Like a Stranger. Sure does. Perfect. The segue into Muleskinner Blues harkened back to a well satisfied request made a few nights ago on these pages. Bobby hears and feels your needs.

Queen Jane, the only Dylan tune, played so well it gave rise to the realization, maybe for the first time for me, that this was Uncle Bob at his tenderest.

Walkin Blues, yep. Mission, like to shed tears of joy; Row Jimmy, the same. The first set played out perfectly, even when Bob asked for audience input on Tennessee Jed and then said in effect, no, not that one, this verse. Deal for a closer was into the blue. Electric blue. Mark jams like a madman, with just enough self control. So happy.

Short break, compared set lists with the neighbors, and Weir back, Acoustic. The Winners, Peggy-O, Corrina, oh so sweet. Even so, October Queen, Deep End, Weired us up a notch or two; setting up Uncle John's Band, rock on! Stuff looked like it was a ton of fun for Jay Lane and (who i was told) his drum instructor. Leaving all the Stuff behind, Standing on the Moon evoked the same "Missing you Jerry" feelings as the first set's Mission in the Rain. With some songs one gets a quick glimpse into how much Bob misses Jerry too. I'd rather be with you. Throwing Stones (thanks Barrak), Not Fade Away and Weir back out for an encore. Bob playfully brought the audience along from not fading away and set up Mark Karan's quick-draw, blazing lead into Johnny B. Goode. The false stop there was fun and then the dogs were finished and so were we.

The intense conversations between Bob and Mark and the rest of the band reveals the strength of the talent, the test of time, and bears witness to the source of the love that fills the room every night. Although it rises from time to time as in all families, all discontent is dispelled and quickly too.

What a great venue! Can't say enough so let those be all my words.We will come back anytime the band plays here.

Thank you for a real goode time.

4tofly, Saugerties, NY
One of the best RD shows ive seen in awhile. Band seemed to be firing on all cylinders. Row Jimmy in 1st set was awesome, Deal to end 1st set was great as well i hadnt heard a RD deal in quite sometime (hampton beach 06 i beleive).

Throwing Stones and NFA in 2nd set was freaken great. Even So>O Queen>Deep End had Mark just plain ol ripping it fuckin up!.

Def thought of the 3 NYC shows i saw (mon and tue Ballroom and Thur beacon) this was by far the best show.


Walt B, Coventry, CT
pm, from carmel, ny

im in total agreement 100%.

last 4 songs of the 1st set and the entire 2nd set ripped hard !!!!!

you know what time it is !!

d1smack, rochester, ny