10/23/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, October 23, 2009
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


best show of the tour, without a doubt. music minglewood smoked to open. wow. estimated- might as well. whoosh. but the second set was the sickness. an accoustic set that was inspired with the bury me standing- LLrain, into the althea- hot aiko party time- sweeet scarlet, space, amaaaazing days bw- raucous sgr magnolia, attics like a mysterious time warp. off to the after party, a small little club and the music rippppped, bobby with the wang dang-smokestack- spooonful- smokestrack again, don't let go- hot lovelite- women, and the band played on...
a intense night, the band will sleep well tonight I am sure of that. Did I mention the first set estimated?? Whata show, whata night, whata city, the best. And last but not least, the after after party hotdog at the papaya king, "better than filet mignon". jack s. looms manana, as does the jagged west LA Fadeaway, look for those my friends. thanks bobbychief, woowoowoo

morton , ny
For Ratdog fans, I think the Beacon is the best venue ever. I love to be in the low balcony, as close to the front as possible. Your literally on top of the band.
The Beacon has also drawn incredible guests over the years, and last night was no exception. Horns, keys, and drums all supplemented the dog for an amazing sound last night. Who was at 4/4/08 last Spring, Friday night??? The River Song! one of my favorite Ratdog memories in 30+ shows.
As for last night, setlist/musicianship/bob, I thought it was very good. Music opener was long, but did not drag, into a great Minglewood, and a passionate Senor. I thought the set could have ended with Estimated, because the guitar work was phenomenal. Mama said was like the cheery on top.
Second sets usually get fuzzier, but I think the highlight may have been Days Between. The staples, like Iko/Sugar Mag/Scarlet were all enjoyable, but I thought Days was beautiful.
Hope to see you there tonight, front of the Balcony!

Kron, ffld, CT
Great Energy all night. The BEACON is wonderful in it's restored state and last night the band complimented a great venue adding to the great musical tradition of the building. (the folks working their need to let people dance however) Some highlights were Althea, L.Lucy, E. Prophet, LLrain, lol, just about everything!
Enjoy it folks while you can.....Thanks Bobby.....for a real good time.

Laura & Rob, L.I. New York
Not sure what show you guys were at. What an awful second set. Aiko Aiko --> Scarlet was the highlight, then it went downhill there when it should have stayed high. The rap was awful and interrupted the vibe. Days Between was beautiful but poorly placed (reminds me of the recent "the Dead" tour).

First set was cool but uneventful and flat. Very few peaks.

RP, Long Island
Amazing show! two of my fav songs estimated and looks like rain. topped first night. the security is the worst. do 3 night run somewhere else from now on bob. thanks.

Joseph Moloney, Rutherford
took my family to the show last night. yo, bobby i have been a dead head for about 40 yrs now, are you kidding me. that was one of the worst shows i have ever seen. not only was your band just plain old bad they just bad. please get a real guitarist to make at least a try at making sweet sounds like jerry(ie:a warren haynes type). no one stood out. the 3 sax players were like they just learned how to play oh and not to mention a rapper. seriously i would really like my $250 back for making me put my family thru last night!

stu, nyc
Security guard in the upper balcony - he looks like Zack from Saved by the Bell - he threw out 3 peeps for smoking before the lights even went out, and another 5 or 6 during the show. RatDog should not return here next year, it's beautiful but security has to loosen up - we are heads. Hippie Bill please do something. How about 5 shows next year at the beautiful Grand Ballroom and skip the Beacon.

Nick, Astoria
It just goes to show, ya don't ever know . . . .

For my money, Thursday's second set, and last night's entire show were smokin'. Estimated, Iko, Scarlet, TLEO!!! . . . phenomenal setlist! MK played beautifully throughout. Ok - the rapper dude was a little puzzling, but who cares?? 10 minutes out of a 3 + hour show!! I'm not sure if it was Bobby, or if it was me - but one of us was in "the zone" last night!

The Beacon is a palace, a fantastic place to see a show. Yes, getting in is like going through airport security. But once you are in . . . it's the same old Beacon. People in my area were burnin' all night without even a look from security. Just be cool, be discreet, and everything is as it was . . . . the best place to see a show in NYC!

Doc Rich, NYC
PS - look for yourself and decide!

I posted a couple of videos on YouTube - look under DocRich99.

Doc Rich, NYC
Hey Stu,
Is that short for stupid? Jerry's gone and Ratdog is not The Dead, they just jam out the songs and if you were really a music fan you'd appreciate the music iinstead comparing everybody to muscians that aren't there. Go catch Govn't Mule and leave Ratdog to the true Dead Heads who Love these opportunities to see a hot, tight band in a small intimate setting.

Crazyc, Virginia
Also, the "jamming" into songs is getting old. Just start the song and jam out of it. Jams into songs don't go anywhere unless they're coming from another song. I don't need a three minute intro that sounds more like tuning to a classic blues number. This same "phenomenon" plagued "the Dead" in April. Snoozefest.

RP, Long Island
Beautiful venue, awesome sound, horrible buzz kill security. Bobby looking like he was havin a blast. Whole place rockin and never sitting down (except for during Days). Might as Well.. are you kidding me? Uncle, Scarlet, Aiko... Accapella Attics?? Awesome. Let the Dead be the Dead and lets appreciate Ratdog for what they bring.

Augustwest, NYC
Hey now Stu,
My suggestion to you is to keep your family and you away from shows, and never come back. Take your $250 and go to disney world instead. Maybe you will appreciate Mickey.
Your negative, lame review apparantly shows your lack of knowledge and understanding what this band is all about. We are all so truly lucky to have these gifted musicians honoring the Grateful Dead and to continue the legacy for all us real dead fans.
Shows continue to be tight, and the tonights show was exceptional.

casseddy, east Hampton, NY
I was so excited that Bobby was playing for my birthday so I got lower balcony seats with a friend. I was dissapointed by the tight security who got my friend at the door with bud and ruined his night. Then the music was so good, I let myself forget there were Gestapo over every shoulder trying to prevent dancing, smoking, etc. I refused to let them ruin my night. I kept dancing into the aisle I did not care, I had nothing on me. sure it would have been nice to take a toke, impossible in this place unless your in the middle of a section. I was in the aisle enjoying myself! You know, some of of are still grateful to have Bobby around.

Jenny, Bridgeport, CT
Although it was a good show seeing someone rap a Grateful Dead song on stage with Bob Weir was tough to watch.

I hope I never witness such a debacle again.

Tony DeLoge, New York, NY
Other than that silly wanna be rapper I thought the show was amazing! I think The Beacon is such an awesome venue for Ratdog. I agree security the last shows I've caught there really needs to loosen up a bit, but the energy and the vibe was incredible!!! I thought it to be one of the best shows I've seen. For all those who want to bust on the band for not sounding like the Dead... THEY AREN"T The Dead!!! Bobby was and always be a PART of The Dead. Appreciate him and his band for the talented, gifted musicians they are! Ratdog is simply taking Dead songs, even Dylan songs and putting their spin on it. They are not the Dead nor do I think they aspire to be that. I'm "grateful" for every opportunity I get to see him! An awesome night, an awesome show. Thanks guys!!!

TC, White Plains
Reading these reviews was a trip. I don't know how you could say anything negative about the night, with the exception of the security which was beyond Gestapo-ish. I loved it. Both the set lists had enough gems where I thought "they won't out do that one", and then they did. Estimated, MNS, Scarlet, SM, IKO, Might As Well,They Love Each Other.

The diehards out there that don't like the spin that Bobby does to the classics? I used to be among them. But not this night. This night there was a great balance of a new take on an old classic mixed in with some reverence where it could have been a 1977 recording, Sugar Magnolia in particular.

I felt it was an upbeat tempo for most of the night with the 2 exceptions being Days and the Attics encore. But I thought both were done with heartfelt sincerity and i found myself getting all sentimental. Maybe it was the 2 hits I got in before the security swamped in on me like vultures, but I think it was just one of those night where everything clicked musically and I "got" why this music still has a hold on me all these years later.

I LOVED each note and I danced to a bunch of tunes that made me feel 18 all over again and I want to thank the boys for a great great night.

Keep on playing Bobby, you keep the Dead legacy alive and strong for the new generation to discover while still affording diehards like me the chance to bop and shake about and feel young.

Kevin Young, Northport, NY
this was my 8th show and one of the best. took a friend to break him into the dog and dead stuff and he loved it. was row u on floor on the left almost to the wall. a little disappointed with gdtstoo i had to be one of the first requests. i had 6th row center last year at the beacon and i guess i was spoiled. oh well favs were The Music Never Stopped, Bury Me Standing@ > Looks Like Rain. overall good show, but had some toppers. hear all on security and had heard that ahead of time so went for beers on the train and it was an all good night. beacon and njpac are probably my favorite places to see the dog. forget the negative stuff those folks obviously pulled into the wrong place. give your tickets to the miracle kids outside next time. they will enjoy...

tom k , tinton falls
I have not seen a show in almost five years, and in between that time "I married me a wife" this was her first show, and there could not have been a better opportunity to see Bobby in rare form. The Music>Mingle was a smoker, the Senor was so heart felt with a crazy ending, a first set Estimated and a might as well, what else could you ask for. Look I got to see over 100 Grateful Dead shows begning in 1990-1995, I was not at Magoos Pizza Parlor - but that not does make me any less qualified to say this was one of the best shows and high prong energy.

It is always a comfort to know when you leave you can always come back to something familiar.

I miss what this Music Does, dont take it for granted, every show is a good show!

Jon, Valley Stream
Yoh, try baking some brownies or cookies. Eat them before you leave your car. I know part of the thrill is the chance of getting caught, but ingestion actually works!

Davey Jones, Philly
yo, crazyc, virginia and casseddy, east hampton. what show did u see.i saw alot of so called musicians. do you not agree that the guitarist and sax players were not up to par? and a rapper? please understand i love this music as much as the next person,(and this music is the story of my life to) but i am a musician and this was not tight and sweet. this music needs to be handled ever so sweetly. dig!

stu, nyc
oh, and ps i like mikey too you know! and so do you!

stu, nyc
Took the Red eye with no sleep and partied like a madman and almost made the whole show-1st set was one of Ratdogs best, over 20 something Ratdog shows I have been too and they nailed the 1st set-Music never stopped/Minglewood/Senor/Love each other/Loose Freakin Lucy/Mama Said and Estimated just blew the doors off and just when you thought they were done,Might as Well, PRICELESS, 2nd set and I am going on fumes-Uncle/Bury me/Wonderful Rain and then 3 masterpieces in a row-Althea/IKO/Scarlet, just perfect, I hit the wall and missed the last 3 songs as I made my way to hotel.Thaks to the really cool, as always Deadheads who helped me with my sister who needs a hip replacement, plus a shout out to the Beacon for her also-a Great night and next time I want a plane that does not have so much entertainment on the Redeye!!!!

Blanch, San Diego