10/24/2009 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, October 24, 2009
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


Ive been going to shows since 1978,let me tell you ,between thurs. show,which I attended,and last nights show,I dont understand how any music fan could expect any more.Strong energy,and awesome music by talented muscians.I also dont understand how three guys can be standing in the middle of the asile,talking about the Rangers,while Bobby is playin an amazing Morning Dew,LAME.Keepin on Rockin Boys !!!!

kevin g, wading river,n.y
I Heard that Casey whistle from Long Island into the Penn and knew i'd hear it again at the Beak. But as the 1st set opener?Awesome! This first set was like a Christmas stocking- jam packed with all sorts of goodness. Keep chasin your tail and howling at the moon! The dog barks loud and delivers with bite.

P.Chill, Bellmore
Thank you Ratdog! Great show..... Bobby keeps on rockin'
Further is the word...........

Nancy, Branford, CT
Was my 60th Ratdog show could possibly have been the best..amazing energy from crown and band, love it when Persuasions show up for a gig. A must have for download

Erik , Englewood
Outstanding. Liberty>Bertha, had me smiling form ear to ear. They just get better and better.

Dryben, NYC
Another great show at the Beacon....what more could you want? Loved The Persuassions! We were smiling all night! Thank you, Ratdog!

John & Alice, East Islip
WOW!!!! First off I need to stop being so picky. This show was awesome. I got in late, but what strong sets. EVERYTHING was good. 2nd set acoustic opener was extremely strong. Black Throated Wind rocked. "Roses" by The Persuassions ruled. Can't wait for Further in Asbury.......PETE & TRUDI

Towards the end of the first set I was thinking "Well, I don't think this is the BEST Ratdog show I've ever seen. But I can't say that any show -- and I've seen many -- was BETTER."

Truly a stupendous night of music -- hard to describe other than the boys had a "nothing left to prove" attitude and delivered loud and clear. They were so fantastic everything they touched was pure gold.

Possibly best Morning Dew I've EVER heard (Dead included); two Dark Star jams say it all!!!

Better than just "a real good time". Epic.

brando1385, Brooklyn
The best Ratdog show ever, great music and the energy from the crowd was amazing. Everyone erupted into applause as we filtering down into the main lobby, the vibe just flowed out into the street--wow! And the Persuassions--wonderful--really made me think of those songs in a whole other way.

Thanks for the Cassady/CE Bobby....

Laryssa, Lawrenceville, NJ
Outstanding show from Ratdog at the Beacon. From start to finish the band rocked on every tune. Energy level was intense from both crowd and musicians. Mark Karan was on fire all night. Bobby sang loud and aggressively like I haven't heard in years. A real treat to hear these guys when they are firing on all cylinders. Really doesn't get any better than that... Gentleman, thank you for a great night of music.........

Jeff, Foxboro, MA
Unreal NYC run.. Best band on the planet.

L Navlen, Mapewood, NJ
the saturday nite show was with out a doubt the BEST show ive seen the dog put on DARKSTAR-THE OTHER ONES & A MORNING DEW..A i was up in the nose bleed seats.didnt sit down all night

boston bean, northampton ma
Was at Mondays show and thought what a great venue for a Ratdog show and it was but Saturday Rocked. Love the Yankee gear during US Blues. Persuasions was very cool. After the 1st set I wasn't sure the band was going to be able to keep that much energy going. So glad they did Thanks guys for another great night.

Andy, Boonton, NJ
I took my wife to her first Ratdog show 10/24, she was going in thinking she wouldn't know any of the songs. My wife loved the show and knew most of the tunes. Loved the Presuasions. Ratdog has a new fan!

Blackdog, Nanuet, New York
I have seen many 'Dog' shows, but this one sits by itself at the top. The Persuasions were outstanding. Their a-capellos on 'One For The Roses and 'Ripple' were in a class all by themselves. Bobby delivered the rest and finished the fall tour in style with 'US Blues'

Obie, Frankfort, NY

How else can you describe that show? From beginning to end, what a nite. Loved the Persuasion's and they were obviously lovin' us right back. I can't believe this may have been my last RD show for a while if the rumors are true, but the boys knocked this one out of the park.

The BT Wind and Morning Dew were strong, but OMSN to end the 2nd set, thank you Bob for stepping out and not encoring with that song.

Awesome job boys, we will miss seeing you play. Wishing you all blessings and continued magic!

pigpen10010, nyc
Thank you Bobby and the Boys
What a Super Delicious 3 nights at the Beacon
Estimated, LLR, Black-Throated Wind, Morning Dew, Althea . . . Wow
After Senor I could have went home a happy gal . . .did I say thank you
But then . . . . Days Between . . . Bobby’s voice was ever so palpable
I can only hope this realm I’ve entered cradles and burdens my shatters in the days between . . .
Thank you, thank you, thank you
Shout out to front row Dan, J.T. from California, and Tony from Nutley, I had a great time dancing with youse guys (as they say in NY)

Marie, Sayreville
Wow, what a show that was! Have seen a few shows in my days and that was certainly among the very best. Personal favorites were Other One into Morning Dew into Dark Star, but really the whole second set was worth the price of admission. And the Persuasions were an added treat (my wife really liked that part). First show for our 11 year old son (who crashed halfway through the second set !?!?). Agree Security was uptight, but with a show like that, who cares? If you weren't there you have to listen to this show!

John, Princeton
Between the 2 Tower shows and The (4) 3 Beacon Theater shows in NY City, I am just amazed. I also attended the 3 Furthur shows in September, so it seems like within 1 Month's time... Ratdog/Family (ALL members) has just exploded. I cant believe the NRG and finess that 'the Boys' are playing with now. Its so refreshing, every single song, is good tight, great sound, great venues, musically [instrumentation and vocally ]I'd say this is a peak period for Bobby, Jay, Kenny, Mark, Brian & the special guests s/a Band of Brothers and The Persuasions and others have been inspired performances as well. Listen to a recording or go Furthur, You Might As Well, because I'll tell ya kids, this thing is really gettin good.THANKS Love you all, Liz K

Liz Kemp, Canandaigua, NY
I just wanted to edit myself, see above I had said 'Brian' but I meant Robin Sylvester ! and he was full of Big Bass Bombs too ! at one point a friend brought me up to the stage over by Mark, and I was in front of those woofers ! OO wow, we were laughing cause those things were so intense the bass bombs were blowing my hair ! :) sorry bout the error, Im not sure why, too much multi task- after flying ! another quick note Bob's slide was blowing everybody away too!the late nght jam was such a treat, thanks Mark

Liz, Candga, NY
Awesome! sooo good to experience the "X" factor again,and know it's around,If you're lucky enough to find it.
High energy all night,Drums,Dark Star,Morning Dew,Black Throated Wind,The Other One,Bertha,I could just keep on writing the whole set list!
Bobby's voice,enthusiasm,and playing brought me back to the good old days..the whole band was smokin'!
I can't remember his voice being in such fine form for a while now!
My wife who is hard to impress was AWED and told me I must get the CD..you don't have to ask me twice!
The only other things I have to say are WOW,and Thank you!

Mike , Lincoln Park, N.J.
couldn't make it to saturday nights show. but i was just sittin here at work. it's wednesday 10/28 btw. and i had a thought and checked to see if they repeated any songs while in New York and saw that Bertha was the only song they repeated throughout the 5 shows. Surprising. What a sick 5 day run! next time i won't go to only 2 out of the 5 haha. can't wait for Further! (and Phish fall tour!!)

Joseph Moloney, Rutherford
This is Dave from the Persuasions. Just wanted to say that, having done more shows than we can count, we have never enjoyed a crowd more than we did with Rat Dog and Bob. You guys know how to enjoy a concert. For us, it's all about the music and the fans. I personally enjoyed watching every face I could see singing every single word of the songs we sang. All God's Blessings to you my brothers and sisters.

Dave, New York City
A Big old Thank you to Dave and the rest of the Persuasions,, we all enjoy the magic that you bring to the songs.. its a pure joy to listen and see The persuasions perform at a ratdog show, I hope Bob enjoys having you play as much as we do.. The entire Ny run of shows were stellar. This was Perhaps the strongest series of shows the band has played. Bobby was in gret voice,his playing was sharp and exciting. The band was locked in every show... Mark played with passion,, thanks to the sound crew for turning him up... just enough.. Kenny and co. had some big fun at the friday show.. Robin has proven to be the solid grouind for the band.. Jeff is in deep for sure.. as is Jay.. the background/co vocals were real nice this tour.. to many highlights for sure from the opening night Truckin.. sailor>saint, Bertha, ashes and glass a SAINT STEPHAN >ELEVEN FOR THE AGES a big party AIKO, SCARLET,,, SUGAR MAG.. Attics.. Morning Dew,,,,, and on and on,, not to mention a nice treat with scaring the children in Bkln.. throw in an after party Jam..WOW,. great job by all, AND thanks to George Merch. table.. and the whole crew.. good health and positive enrgy to all till FURTHUR...

Bob K., oceanside ny
What a timepiece of a show! Absolutely loved the Persuasions singing Must Have Been the Roses. That will replay in my mind for a long time. Couldn't help but think that Jerry would have gotten a big kick out of the acapella version. Lucky Ratdog fans to have been there!

Maggie Rose, Boulder
Round 2 at the Beacon, 1st off we upgraded seats from balcony to 5th row, Let the fun begin-opening Casey Jones was sooo cool, into awesome Jack Straw-Cassidy-Red Rooster and even Bobby plays a solo, She Says was done really well as was Liberty and to close they brought the house down with a fantastic BERTHA !!!2nd set- Mexicali/Friend of Devil and then a smokin Black throated wind, nice touch hear having persuasions do Must have been the roses, into hes Gone, we will always miss the Jerryman, The other one just rocked and then the Dead national anthem,MORNING FREAKIN DEW, great version!!!!!Closed the set with Saturday, then a ripple by persuasions and a US Blues to just make for one HELL of a night and a great visit to the East Coast. Ratdog is one Hell of a good time in concert and Bobby is the Maestro!!!

Blanch, San Diego
That’s right Blanch, "MORNING FREAKIN DEW", I couldn’t have said it better myself
Oh yeah, and what a Lepton I am, I totally forgot to say thank you to Mr. Bobby Weir for playing “Me and Bobby McGee” I’ve been waiting since I was 16 to hear that song in concert, and believe me that’s a long time, though not played for me, I definitely coveted it within

Also, a big thank you to the Persuasions, ya'll are so talented and Super Duper Adorable, especially the gentleman in the white shirt in the center of the group . . .so much grace . . . makes a weary woman question her own marital status

Marie, Sayreville