1/31/2010 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

RatDog Daze 2010 - Part II

Sunday, January 31, 2010
Breezes Grand Negril
Negril, Jamaica


KICKIN' SHOWS!!! Thank you Bobby and crew!!!

schomm, Dover NH
first set choppy and not so flowing...second set rocked very sweet......

michael vojnich, newington ct
Thanks to Bobby and the band for making all the fans feel so special. This was my second tour of duty in Negril and it was hard to top last year but I think they did. First show a little rocky but each show improved greatly. Sound guys did great work battling the wind. Hotel service detiorated since last year. All in all an outer body experience. Also, thhanks to Bobby's wife and family to "allow' him to keep on playin'!!

Ron Cooke, Wheatfield, NY

ron cooke, wheatfield, ny
You can stay, but the NOIZE must GO! - Forever Grateful for RatDog keepin' the Rebel Music Soundstream alive!
We don't need no more trouble.........

Here's to Brother Bob Marley, on this anniversary day we were blessed by his Spirit of LOVE*

Lively up yourself ~ Movement Culture People!

Furthur Beyond the Concrete Jungle................

HooterAll, Babylon by Bus