1/25/2012 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, January 25, 2012
TRI Studios
Marin, CA


Bob stated he had some unfinished business with this group. Last night should have added fuel to that fire. They seemed to be in mid tour form. The outakes between sets were fantastic.

Mark, Kansas City
I took off early from work so as to get home in time for this concert. It was everything that I was hoping for, and then some.

I was sorry to hear of Robin's health issues, and hope for a raid and full recovery.

Ratdog, Pleeeeeeze tour again, and include Seattle and/or Vancouver, BC.


David Kissinger, Everett, WA
Total snoozer. The jams are so disconnected and the guitarists have few moments. Thank God for Furthur.

CG, Wisconsin
Wonderful. I can't believe they pulled it off. I assumed that them never playing in that configuration before would lead to them stepping on each other, but instead we got the best of each world.

Only downside was the transitions, but a small price to pay for such a great set. I wish the old Ratdog sets had been captured in such high quality and I hope they release this one as a DVD.


Peter, knoxville
Classic Ratdog =). Tri umphant return from Tri. A blessing to be able to watch this happen live, in my living room. Please put this back on the road...

Bill, Plymouth, Ma
You guys hit your stride by Eyes of the World. The show was amazing! Particularly the second set. Thank you for the Money for Gasoline and Days Between! Also, 42 years after Ripple was recorded and Bobby forgot the lyrics? Makes it even better... Shows that he is only human. Make this into a DVD, please.... I will buy two copies. Thanks guys!

Daniel, Choccolocco, AL
Great show,what a treat to relax at home and enjoy such fine music with with other like minded souls at the same time.PEACE and PROGRESS

Herman, Woodstock Il.
I really enjoyed this show, loved the horns. Is there anyway to get a copy?

Chris, Jacksonville, FL
Awesome show when will Bob Weir see the light and ditch the Further thing and start touring as Ratdog?

Ray, Erie, PA
The romp with Ratdog at TRI Studios is just what we needed here in Chicago with our post-tour winter blahs as we wait for another ride on the bus when it comes back through the Windy City (Named historically for the lofty promises of our city politicians, has nothing to do with wind as an element of weather...FYI). I LOVED the TRI Studios set-up...intimate setting, BIG sound. I also loved this virtual first-row seat where I could enjoy the emotions and interplay among the musicians as the songs took shape and the jams emerged. Bob and company have weathered well from the post-Dead roots and it was a treat to see everyone playing in the band. I would buy this show on DVD and I hope that future offerings are made available as the artists wish. May I humbly suggest that anyone who reads this go put $10.00 towards Robin Sylvester's care fund at sweetrelief.org. Look up his fund under the Artist section. For all anyone associated with Ratdog, etc. has done for us in our lives it's time to reach a bit deeper and say thanks in a direct way like this when it matters most.

Mr. Kotter, Chicago, IL