2/21/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, February 21, 2014
NYCB Theatre at Westbury
Westbury, NY


an intimate and warm setting in the round turned ablaze as Bobby and the boys let loose and turned in an inspired and memorable performance. We all figured the setlist would be interesting after last night's weird and frankly dull selections. The first set took off by the end of the second song, crazy fingers out of a decent golden rd. The kimock jam went above and beyond and got the groove going. Smokey red rooster with one hot chimenti jam on the organ, man can he play, and then a mysterious and well played bury me standing, made me yearn for the first time for Kenny Brooks and his riveting sax solo in this very song, for you fellow k b fans. But the jam here was geetar driven and went off well. T. Jed no biggee, a really nice smooooth and spicy cassidy had the crowd hangin on to every note, and a hot promised land closed a tight set.
second set highlights, the candyman was sung like goddam sinatra, listen carefully on archives bc it is pretty incredible, and so impressive how bobby puts own twist on these songs, a la days between, turning a jerry classic into his own and doing it with penash. the entire wreportsweeet - a smoldering version of let it grow into yes, the song of the night, the wickedly jammed eyes del mundo which was at the very highest level. The bass players on the right so deep, bobby the maestro smack in the middle, and on the left side the 2 smling geniuses steve and jeff, whata freakin combo of talent side by side, and of course there's Jay Lane kicking ass as usual, those guys having a grand old time blowing the fuckng roof off the place, especially during the very hot goin down the road closer. the jam rising and rising, bobby taking his time and letting everyone have one last chance to wail, and everyone did. bobby singing over and over until he was screaming to the very end. the crowd up cheering joyfully but mostly out of appreciation, happy to see Bobby in such amazing form and obviously having soo much fun, where he belongs, singing for us.
ps What i also notice is how on a few songs, steve is backing off and bobby is taking the lead and playing ferociously, not only on the slide, and is owning it! Steve in his meandering style is perfect and what we have is a real TEAM, and I don't mean the Knicks.

liebo lost sailor, ny town
It was great to see Bob in great form again. Double basses made for interesting backbeat. Lots of energy from the crowd made for an
Awesome night...
Thanks Bobby!

Rob r, seaford,ny
what a show cat wait tip tonight

sean s, wilmington n.c