2/25/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, February 25, 2014
House of Blues
Boston, MA


I attended both nights here in the Bean and although N1 was fairly decent N2 IMO blew N1 out of the water...

Band energy was just way higher and Jeff ws virtually non existent in N1 so love when he gets some shine as he did in N2...

Named my dog Althea so thats always a pleasure to hear ... Peggy-O Set 2 opening was amazing, Iko Iko got the place jumpin...All around some of my fave tunes were played and I guess thats all i can ask for these days.

great show thank you Bobby and Co.

Beantown, Boston
Second set was truly epic. Bobby just took over and the band followed. Vocals were powerful and soulful, the playing was crackling with crispness. Set list just flowed perfectly. Look forward to the soundboard.

Steveo, Northshore
Lets take a step back. Good. Another step back. Ah. Real. Good and another step back and another another... good for Bob and band members... from seeing bob and midnights at yale university's Woolelesly hall... to last night 2nd show Boston, could only be a dream that will never finished. Not a doubt in my mind bob has transcended himself from being in the deadlock to historically continue to create joy love and music. Glad bob is back. This tour is real. Namaste

terrapineast, boston
this show brought me back to the days when we use to be at the Music Hall back in 70's. The shows there weir outtah site as was tonight. The stage set up same as beck then. Steve & Bobby were interacting similar to Bobby & Jerry back then with the looks and facial expressions hey would exchange during show. Gives me goosebumps. laid down a fantastic night of music from weir I stood.

ralberty, Vt
Got to see this show and the following one in Portland. This one in memory was slower and weir-der in a Ratdoggy way, with the smoky jazzy inclusion of Even So and October Queen. Iko Iko ended the first set with the crowd going wild. Second set was fabulous, FABULOUS. Loved the slow acoustic threesome to start off - very nice. Didn't expect Catfish John. Awesome show. Love to compare nights. This night, the band seemed human and worked through a couple rough patches. The following night they transcended and it was a night in which the music played them.
Thank you Bob, Jeff, Steve, Rob, Robin, and Jay. And thanks to my buds for sharing the show with me. Love you guys!

Giddy, Saco, ME