2/26/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, February 26, 2014
State Theatre
Portland, ME


Dear Ratdog, in the Winter of my Extreme Discontent , your Artistry soothed my soul, safe travels and Thank You.

KGJ, South Casco
.. "the music never stopped". You all brought light and life into a long Maine winter. My wife got to experience all that is your music firsthand last night. She was blown away by the diversity of all that are your musical roots. Of course, I was, too-as usual. And going from Rudyard Kipling to Buddy Holly just proves it. Thanks so much, Bob, for all you and your band does-may the four winds blow you safely home-Mitch (listening to you folks since 1970)

mitch, lewiston ME
Bob- Thanks so much for a great night. You are looking, sounding and playing fantastic. Please come back to Maine soon!

Jack ZInn, Falmouth Maine
I love seeing shows in Maine. Thanks Ratdog for another great night!!!

Bernie, Gloucester,Mass.
Incredible show last night. High energy start to finish, Bobby in fine form. KIMOCK! What a star. He makes it look soooo easy. He was on point last night, doing the unexpected at every twist and turn. Whole band was on fire really. Great show, great venue - please come back soon.

Brian, Saco, ME
What a great show! Loved every minute and Bob, you sound fabulous. Keep it coming :-)

Pam, Auburn, ME
Best show ever! I haven't had that much seeing a show since post Dead tour! Thanks for coming to Portland and melting away the cold rain and snow! Can't wait to see you again! :)

Suzie, Portland
Great show...drove 4 hours to make the show which was most definitely worth it. Great song list and it's terrific to see Ratdog back in action....

Skid, Weatogue CT
Drove 4 hours to make the show and the energy and set list was terrific...glad to see Ratdog back in action!!!

skid, Weatogue CT
Bob, Thanks so much for coming back to Maine!!! I must say, your voice was so crisp and strong, and loved that you were able to hit some of those higher notes! Its always great to see you. Great to see the band, and was so thrilled to see Rob Wasserman with you this time again.
Love him. I have appreciated your talent for so many years and once a gain you turned on your magic.
thanks for breaking up this cold cold winter!

Wanda, West Newfield, ME
20 min Sugaree is pure fire!!! Such a fun show and venue was real cool. Keep ripping Bobby!!!!

Jon, Bangor
Background: I have only seen three shows, and one was the previous night at Boston's House of Blues. There one couple in particular were a bit of a drag. The Maine show was just the opposite for me. Thanks especially to the little gray haired guy in tie dye and bandana in front of us. He couldn't work my cell phone camera but could dance and just brought in waves of positive energy. One of many, I guess. The sound at the State is poor (House of Blues in much better) but the noise bouncing of the hard walls fed extra energy to the crowd I think, which was reacted to by the band, which fed the crowd...
An incredibly positive experience. The early first set took right off, Sailor/Saint rocked and the second set's Help on the Way > Slipknot! > The Other One > Stuff > Sugaree > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower was jaw dropping. Jeff was more in the mix than the previous night, and I swear I saw Kimock smile. A warmer, more joyful show and yet Kimock seemed to attack harder than ever. It was a revelation to experience such an in the moment, fresh, and vital Other One in 2014. Sugaree was blazing hot. The best show I have ever seen - brought tears to my eyes and ringing in my ears.
Thanks to the crowd, to the ones who brought the balloons, or threw a hundred light sticks in the air, or wore strobing led gloves, and especially brought the love and wonder.
And thanks to Bobby, Jeff, Steve, Rob, Robin, Jay and the crew. Thank you. Thank you.

Kevin, Saco, ME
Great show. Victim or the crime could have went on for another 30 minutes. It was dark and very jammy....crowd loved it.

simple, groton, ma