3/5/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Fillmore Detroit
Detroit, MI


Awesome show, everybody was on point. Stranger opener was fantastic. Another Silvio which was a nice surprise. Set two was where it was at. Walkin blues and me and my uncle were both, obviously the FOTD was awesome too. Best was the help>slip then the franklins tower closer. Revolution encore was unexpected. Great show.

Zach, Bowling Green, Ohio
The first set was a little bit of a snoozer and the band seemed uninspired. I did enjoy Stranger and Silvio. Then second set comes around and what a scorcher! Glad to see the boys still can bring it.

Eric Lalonde, Lansing
Bobby looked and played great . Too bad the songs were just not his . Sorry but I ( we all ) would like to hear bobby songs . Love the filmore .el paso ,weather , jack , fever , monkey , race is on , I mean BOBBY SONGS . Ratdog played great as the set list will let them . You are luck at the boston and bufflo shows . Enjoy all .

Piglet , Cleveland ,Ohio
Agree with Zach first set seemed a bit uninspired, especially Kimock. Second set made the night. All in all great sound, Fillmore is awesome. Bobby gets better with age.

Randy, Harden
Silvio totally saved the first set. The band came out and rocked the second set. Bobby and kimock was playing off each other very well. Once again another beautiful night with bobby I want to thank u for a real good time !!

Randy, Cleveland
I think I would amend the setlist for set 1.

Jam> Feel Like a Stranger

Ratdog is rippin it up this tour, no question. Go Bobby!

Matt, Alaska
I received the CDs for this show and here is my review:
Wow, it's a GREAT one folks! The band is firing on all cylinders and everyone's levels are perfect minus Bobby's acoustic guitar being too low in the mix for the acoustic tunes....but the savior there is that you get to hear Kimock crystal clear and man is he on top of it!!!! The opener is off-the-hook great as you would expect it to be. I'm not a huge fan of Easy Answers or Althea but love what the boyz did with the Silvio>Tequilia sandwich and Jay Lane is hilarious during Tequilia! Instead of saying the punchline "Tequilia" each time, Jay chooses to mention a different brand of Tequilia and he totally pulls it off like the rockstar he is! The other tune worth mentioning first set is October Queen...I have neglected to realize what a great modern day gem this is and my hat's off to Bob for writing it!!!! It has such a jazzy parlor feel to it and the lyrics really tell a story of seduction and mystery to a great effect. I really think this tune belongs in the rotation with much greater frequency due to its jazzy feel and great piano parts as well! I can't believe I've over looked this tune in the past and Kimock's soloing on it is off the charts great!
2nd Second is fantastic from start to finish with a edgy Walkin Blues opener that features fantastic playing by Kimock. Help On the Way really gets far out and it is a unique version in its own right. The Stuff is GREAT this show...my favorite Stuff from this tour in fact....very jazzy. The Morning Dew sounds like the band went back to the vault to study the Dead's version of it on 4/28/71...no joke!...It's that good! Just when you think you've heard all Franklin's, this one is surprising original and played very different thanks to Kimock. Revolution has a nice groove to it as well.
Awesome show!!!!!!
Long Live Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stevie J, Edwards, CO