3/10/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, March 10, 2014
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO


Marginal show. A few nice moments. Very short first set. Pageant sound is never very good, typical last night.

Dave B, St. Louis
I loved the show. First set was a little short, but hey it also took me forever to get in. Worth the wait.

Austin, St. Louis

Third show this tour, saw both DC shows, edged them both out I think. Bucket got us going, Big River set the St Louie theme, mingle wood beat the DC one, Mamma threw some Ratdog in and Sailor/Saint blew it back out. Uncle was a pleasant surprise (furthest west show?) bobby McGhee was expected and awesome and BTWind was the third STL reference and heralded JJ's horn section again (Always a St Louis Treat!) horns and Eyes, oh forgot Odessa best jam of the night, then love light>black peter>around and around? Pull out dead base and look for that combo kids, and tell me it's a marginal show, my A**


Douggva, City of Blues
Magical show. Horn section meant party time! Minglewood, lost saint, eyes, lovelight, around and around were all very well played. And yes, Odessa rocked that place!!!

Bessy, nowhere
Yippee!! This road trip took some doing (the real world continues to get in the way of catching many shows on tour), but I'm so glad that I pulled together a few friends to make the trip! I see trolls (mostly on other sites) posting all this negative crap, and I think, "WTF?!", I'll take any LIVE DEAD I can get!
We had a blast , despite a few MINOR "constructive criticisms. Ex: weren't we ALL expecting fro more tune at the end of the first set? And, the tempos got a bit "muddied" at times. but, still...
As noted above, I'm GRATEFUL for any "live" stuff I can get from the GD family anymore. When you live in the Midwest, chances are fewer... (Denver, notwithstanding). Anyway, I dug the revamped lineup, despite the general lack of backing vocals. I always hope to get a tune or two that I've NEVER or RARELY caught LIVE before. At St. Louis (COOL neighborhood, btw; we stayed at the retro Moonrise hotel next door, and frequented the nearby bars and cafes-the weather and Venue were also top-notch!), I finally got "Just Like Mama Said"--great mid-jam! I'd only gotten "Me and Bobby McGee ONCE years ago, and only had heard "Around and Around" with the GD before. speaking of that last Chuck Berry tune, the horn players were a nice treat. I work in a nationally known and respected Blues club for many years. Johnnie Johnson had played there twice, and I had wonderful conversations with him. When he was a member of RD years ago, his local touring band was a long-time R&B/rock/blues band called the Bel-airs! They, too, are friends of mine, and even got me backstage at a RD show in Columbia years ago. But, I digress... "Bucket" was HUGE!!! This cute little lady next to me asked, "Did FURTHUR play this a few years ago in St. Louis? this is only my second show..." I happily confirmed that little nugget
"Big River" and "BTW" were to be somewhat expected, but were both well-played. I'd never gotten the semi-acoustic treatment on "Wind" before. Better wind this down... Anyway, Thanks to Bobby, Jay, Jeff, Steve, Rob, and Sylvester!! Hope to see you guys sooner than later... Peace Out, everyone!! Ignore the bashers, but, let's "SCARE THE CHILDREN!".

Dominic, Lincoln, NE.
Err... That's MY review above. not sure how that happened...

Dominic, Lincoln,NE.