3/11/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Old National Centre
Indianapolis, IN


The band is sounding real sweet. Great show all around. Setlist was played well. Bobs 'Corrina' is shakin. Really like this new lineup. See you at the next show.

Drew, Louisville KY
So the band rolls in to Naptown wih usuall distant vibe from all. But the band brings forth the experience. And embraces the backwater music scene of Indy ! Rock on out with an innocuous stage, cold and longing for redemption-found in a scorching show! Mission and Corrina fraught with jamz from all! As well as Covers of Blackbird,Come2Gether / leave you thinking they "wrote" those diddys ! Bass play was a blast-as all players tore it up when called upon. Way to bring Indy ( which has always seemed to be "in the way" for touring "Deadz") thanks to all for wonderful night!

RxM2, Naptown
Show was fine! Mission and Corrina ? What was that? That is called FANTASTIC!

RixM, Indy
Great show, great lineup,Kimock sounded Great,and end it with a Dylan tune WOW

Johnny G, Anderson,IN
WOW.....what an excellent show by the 'Dog ! Bob continues to elevate the bar for all to come. Kimock was a driving force all night but i felt he was a bit heavy in the mix. 5th row center seats(thanks GSTS-TOO) might explain that some...
Jay Lane is one great drummer !.....kinda missed his wild hair.Robin Sylvester always amazes me....the band builds upon his bass line.
Jeff was excellent on the keys but lost in the mix most of the night. He kept giving the soundboard guy the "up" signal during the show.He was at his best on the baby grand during the "stuff" in the second set.Rob Wasserman was just simply the icing on the cake !
Wish i was in LOUIE ville right now,show is about to start...........i could go a lot FURTHUR with more RATDOG !!!!!!!!

WildBill, Kokomo