3/12/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, March 12, 2014
Louisville Palace Theater
Louisville, KY


Show was hot from the first strum of Shakedown to the last notes of Black Muddy River. I was up front and the sound was loud and raw. The band seems to be in the music. Great show! Thanks for stopping by the theater in Louisville. The Palace is wonderful.

Drew, louisville
My favorite of the night was He's Gone...so much emotion in it! Bobby, your voice is amazing! :) Love the wheel, so it was nice to hear it. Had heard Dylan and Jerry sing Senor, but my favorite voice on that song now is definitely Weir. Iko Iko was so fun! Most of the Time was great to hear! The Midnight Hour was hot! Candyman was a treat! I could go on and on but will leave it at this: ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. Thank you Ratdog :) Winter is definitely going out in style!

reducereuserecycle, Louisville
Now that I have received several sound boards from this tour, I can begin to review them since I only caught two shows on this tour. That said, this one is my Favorites so far from start to finish! Bob and the band are mixed beautifully on the soundboard with Jeff turned up high the way he should be and Kimock is playing from start to finish way more aggressively this show as he should IMHO. The result is a band on fire and the show is very punchy. Shakedown is off the hook great! Bobby sings all of this show extremely confident with very clear, concise vocals. Love the Bury Me Standing performed this night and I think this is one of Bobby's modern day great new contributions as is Eternity! Bobby, please dust Eternity off the shelf and get it back in rotation! For this tour, probably the best version of He's Gone happened on this night...waaaay better then the one performed on 3/2 where Bobby didn't delivery it with the same vocal confidence. the acoustic numbers sound great as well. Overall, Set 1 and Set 2 both hold on their own merit and I will come back to listening to this night every so often. My only criticism is with Midnight Hour....it was performed so well during 1971 because the band really rehearsed it and the jams were sick....now Kimock has the ability to deliver sick jams as well but the boys need to really spend some time on this tune so it is delivered convincingly like Bobby delivers Death Don't Have No Mercy right now!!!!! If you're listening Bobby, thank you for putting Ratdog back together as I feel it is the realist musical experience since the Dead and this band needs to survive and continue to thrive!
Long Live Bobby!

Stevie J, Edwards, CO