6/12/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, June 12, 2014
Orpheum Theatre
Madison, WI


Good slow show. Band was on. Not Madison on, but on. Steve Jeff an Wasserman are just plane vital.

David, Waukee iowa
I just have to say thank you so much bobby, et al. This show far exceeded expectations, i mean the 2nd set was so gratefully trippy and i was overjoyed at the live dead material. I hadnt seen any dead or derivatives since 1986 and am really inspired by 'our' bobby still going out there and putting out completely new arrangements to tunes ive heard 1000s of times. In many ways we're all lucky to be alive yet and this show put some color back into my little corner. peaceandlove, g

greg, madison
Not a slow show in my opinion at all. No opening jam, the boys went right into half step and never let off ( I have never seen them do this in 15 years of seeing Ratdog ever). The Iko to close the first set was straight fire sauce. Loved Loose Lucy, Odessa was jamming. The George Jones cover was awesome and out of nowhere.

On the Road again was a great treat, Bob just doesn't play that song a lot at all, it was great. LL Rain usually not one of my favorites anymore but they tore into that song goose bumps. Kimock is a badass. The Stephen>11 was off the wall. The 11 was so much damn fun. I usually don't care for Tomorrow Never Knows but this was uber pyschedelic. Felt like I was hula hooping with the universe during this. The Death Don't Have No Mercy was ridiculous, incredibly powerful. I really can't say enough about the Death Don't still reeling from that just holy shit balls man. GDTRFB was a perfect cap on the second set. I really didn't want to hear Liberty when I heard the opening chords of it but I am damn glad they did. I forgot how much I love that song. Chop it down!!

I've been seeing Bobby's band forever it seems like, this is hands down the BEST line-up EVER. This band is on fire. I saw Chicago and Nashville in March this year along with Madison some of the best times of my life with Bobby. Straight addicted going to the Greek and Santa Barbara in two weeks cannot fucking wait.

If you haven't seen this line-up yet GOOOOOOOO!!!!! Family funk at its finest.

Lovin Life, Chicago
I meant my review above for the Minneapolis show. Madison was anything but slow. Madison was the hottest Ratdog show I've seen. Period.

David, Waukee
It's been almost a year, and I still listen to this show at least oncea week... I did mke, chi and this one last year, and ugh... I just don't know if it gets any better than Ratdog Madison 6/12/14!!! Not to slam trey, but I sure wish I'd be seeing Steve in July...

Keni, Janesville