6/14/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, June 14, 2014
Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland
Kansas City, MO


Great show! Thanks Bobby for all the years. Hope you were there.

Terrybear 86, Excelsior Springs
WOW!!!! Overwhelmingly Joyed to see and hear Bob still has what makes him Bob. The Energy and Masterhood of what I first came across in 81, hundreds of shows blessed, The power of the Live Dead still remains. If anything, Mr. weir has refined and expanded what is talent already beyond description.
One Hell Of an Event, Kansas City should indeed be Grateful, I AM
For those of you who were wandering, or concerned, as I was, All appeared and sounded well in respect to " how's Bobby doing these days.

kyleb, Wichita
Terrybear is correct! Bob looked and sounded great! Jamming, UPTEMPO show!! One of the things that I hope for at a Dead-family show is to catch a "breakout" tune, or, at least one that I've never or RARELY caught live. Last night, I got my FIRST "Catfish John" EVER, my first "Brother Esau"(by RD, anyway), and the first "Joshephine" in many years! Needless to say, I was stoked.
Wonderful venue. Cool, kind crowd. relaxed security...
I was at the St. Louis show back in March, and had a blast, but I enjoyed this show even more. The previous one had Johnnie Johnson's horn players featured on (among other tunes) "Eyes", but I thought that LAST night's version was even stronger! Kimock kept watching Bob's hands as he played!
I'm praying to make it to the Chicago show at the end of August. WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!

Dominic, Lincoln, NE.
Down in Oklahoma we rarely get any Dead related shows, so when I heard about Kansas City I knew I had to go Truckin,' and I did. Really was a great show! Bobby and the band played well. Often times Bob use hand gestures to cues transitions and they were always on the money!!!! West L.A. Fadeaway, and Hell In A Bucket were awesome! Corrina threw me a curve, but it may have been the prettiest music they played all night. Bob's doing great everybody. If you get a chance to see them, you gotta do it. I hope to catch them on the 2nd leg. Keep on Truckin.'

Keith, Tulsa
Stuck in Kansas since dad died last august. hardest winter of my life, need to hit the road for a bit, can't seem to get it done. SNWMF in Boonville in 7 days, not gonna make it. Man, I gotta get out of here. Sigh, looks like I'm a hopeless wanderer... Hey! Bobby's playing KC! YES! Father's day show, if Dad was here, he'd be there too.
Got off work in Olathe and made the jump to downtown, made time to fill a thermos of coffee and a couple donuts at Quick Trip... and 2 packs of stale camel studs @ 8 bucks each. Ouch. damn near coulda bought a miracle for that price. no matter, pretty sure everyone got in that wanted to. Kind people in the crowd, the kind I miss, being this far away from home. This land is a different culture than I, I don't belong here. It was good for me to be around a few kind people.
Never been in this theatre before, it's pretty nice. Think they renovated it a decade ago. High painted ceilings, Lots of faces to come out of the walls, which, I'm kind of done with that. but still, lots of faces is good to know... Probably a lot like the old school venues they used to play before I was born. Reminded me of the warfied a litte.

Josephine and my Brother Esau were the standouts. West L.A. Fadeaway, yeah I'm feelin it, Griffith park not far away. I'm a litte depresssed I suppose, bird song did a number on me, almost. But lots of energy in one more saturday night picked me right back up, and made for a rockin 1st set.
Second set opens up with corrina, and they nailed it! "Mama said down go down to the river", yeah man, feelin irie! Dancing- Who was that cute girl I was dancing with, and will I ever see her again?- We kept on dancing :) Dark star, then eyes. Eyes. they could have jammed on that all night long if they wanted to, that song should never end.
playing in the band for a minute, looks like they're gonna wrap it up. Good show

THen it hit me. Brokedown palace. Father's day. Haven't cried since Dad died. pretty choked up on that one. I was halfway to the Alamosa river before they finished. Thought long and hard about it on the way home, spend Father's day there on the river, camping, waiting for the Elvis gospel hour to come on xm radio.
"Patience man," I told myself. "You'll get there soon". I miss my Dad. We were pretty tight. Fare thee well kinda made me think about it a bit. It's a good thing. I need to mourn in order to heal.

been a hard run since last august. A real hard winter. haven't had a break in awhile. Jonesin for the road, and just can't seem to get there. But when i had no wings to fly, Ratdog came to KC!
Thanks guys, I needed that. It was refreshing, and a healing for my soul.

Jeff Lucas, San Rafael- Waverly Kansas
Very fun to see Ratdog in KC and on a Saturday night, too. As mentioned earlier it was a very relaxed atmosphere and even a small but meaningful Shakedown Street outside the venue.

Misc comments:
I thought the highlights were Birdsong and Eyes of the World with Kimock really going off in both. In between Dark Star v1 and v2 there was an Other One tease that was nice, too. Thought Bobby really nailed Days Between which I think he has really built into a song he performs strongly and emotionally meaningful each and every time. Enjoyed catching the all too rare Brother Esau which was nice for the band to do here away from the NE and NorCal; f you look at old GD setlists just about every time they played the KC area they seem to play something unique/noteworthy - perhaps a way of saying "maybe we don't get here a lot but we will always give a lot when we come."

I have always been a Weir fan and each and every time I see him my respect and admiration for the man truly grows. He understands his gifts and talents, respects his bandmates and the tradition of being a performing musician, is always curious and open to new ideas/challenges/arrangements and takes to heart the joyful but serious responsibility of preserving, promoting and still writing the wonderful story that is the GD impact on the world of music. "How much he gave we'll never know" certainly applies to Bobby as it definitely does to a jolly old soul who we all miss and who we can always sense is there with whomever is playing the music on any given night;in a completely unaltered state I really felt I could see a shadow of him next to Bobby smiling and laughing from Eyes of the World through Brokedown.

Thank you Bobby & Ratdog and can't wait to see you again - fare thee well we love you more than words can tell.


Spiral Light of Venus, KCMO area/KS side
Wow! just listened to Corrina in KC! Probably one of the best versions I've ever heard! Loved how the jam felt like a "horseride" into the unknown or "future"....what a beautiful rendition. Can't wait for Red Rocks and Paramount. Hope they do a Corrina "Colorado Style' there! So glad to see Bobby in full swing with his band.

Maggie Rose, Louisville Co