7/6/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, July 6, 2014
Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay
San Diego, CA


Outstanding show! It's been over 20 years since I have seen Bobby play and I was so taken back to all the good times and stellar jamming that I love. This was one of those shows that simply felt like a treat, from the thoughtful set list to the awesome musicianship. I am thankful to have been there and to have had this experience.

Aaron Friedman, San Diego
Truly loved this venue! Only been to it once but us, "Colorado natives" sometimes feel like California is a "second home", this one is memorable. My sister- in- law who lived in a lil' beach cottage with her boyfriend in La Jolla, at the time introduced us to this venue. Saw the 7/1/2008 Ratdog show and will always remember "He's Gone"...loved singing along. Humphrey's by the Bay is quite a place to see live music...water front, with the boats going by.

I was one of the "late bloomers", born in '71, who became acquainted with the Grateful Dead in the "80's" and "got on the bus" the summer of '93 when a close friend, who was an artist, invited me to join the summer tour. I had plans to go to Alaska that summer, it was a big change to decide otherwise....

I'm so grateful, it was "in the stars" to go on tour the summer of '93. I experienced a true adventure of sorts. One that I'll never forget. Or as Jack Kerouac would say, "The best teacher is experience and not through someone's distorted point of view." Jerry was still alive at the time and he was gone just two years after that.

I left on tour with the Grateful Dead the summer of my junior year, in Boulder, at the University of Colorado. I was majoring in Environmental Resource Management at the time and I didn't have much money (being a student at the time) but I discovered that making "flower" halos for about $7.00 each was just about enough to get by.... I didn't have the flower head pieces made ahead of time. I just drove along to the next show and then picked whatever wildflowers were along the road, weaved them into a halo w/ ribbon and sold them before each show. Looking back on it, it was magical & spontaneous...new conversations with people I hadn't met before, smiles from children, and an opportunity to be a part of the "road undiscovered."

Given how many fans & "dead heads" have stories to tell, well that is truly part of that sub- culture phenomena that is noteworthy ...I have my own stories from that summer, personal reflections, and shows that followed which I treasure, and keep close to my heart. The show at Deer Creek of '93 was indeed one of these.

Reflecting on all of this now...maybe it's because the show at the Ogden in Denver is full circle. To every thing, there is a season. Grateful to Bobby and his band, Ratdog for keeping the music alive and bringing it to Colorado once again. It is indeed an uncertain world and the music is a refuge from it all.
Maggie Rose

Maggie Rose, Louisville Co

well ratdog played!
not quite at full speed but at least everyone got to dance ( in slow motion at times)
the weekest out of the 25 or so shows i have seen.
still a great time!

gd1989, san diego
Have to agree with gd1989, it was a very slow show. Great seeing the peeps and the VIBE was just awesome, but maybe Bobby was not up to really Rockin after a tough night in Vegas. Hey we have all been there I am sure. But it was as slow as you can play that music without coming to a halt. But there were some moments that still had the Magic and thats what we all keep coming back for. I am hoping for a Major Reunion tour of some kind for the 50th year of the GD music, they are not the best at what they do, they are the only ones who do what they do!!! RIP Jerry & Billy

Shout out to Melvin Seals and JGB-go see these guys if you can, pretty tight versions of what Jerry and JGB used to bring!

Blanch, San Diego