7/7/2014 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, July 7, 2014
Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, AZ


bobby is looking old, tierd, and worn out,,, loseing the magic,,,,,

jim, tucson
Jim, your entitled to your opinion. I didn't see last night. I know Bob was sick or something in Vegas.........BUT, I saw Madison, Minneapolis, and Kansas City, and at no point did Bobby look any different than usual. As a matter of fact, he sounded a lot better than spring tour. Finally, in Madison, I have never heard Bobby sound so freakin' good in my life, Grateful Dead or Ratdog, period. I'd like Jim to tell us how many times he has seen Bob. Peace

David, Waukee Iowa
It's been a Long Time Comin'.....
I don't care what others think about the Show Last Night @ Celebrity Theatre, it was Absolutely Perfect.
Knowing that Bob had been under the Weather, my expectations were in the middle, which helped the whole night, cause the Boys Really brought some Awesome Jamming out.
AZ NEVER gets any decent attention from the Dead-Affiliate, but Last night made up for all the years missed.
Bob performed Great, the Setlist was truly Awesome, and even though the Crowd staring out was a bit chatty (at least in the back where I was), after the 2nd number, it was Lift-off. I can't remember seeing that many Deadheads in one Gathering like last night, probably since Ratdog played McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2007.
I was and still am truly Appreciative to have Experienced Last Nights Awesome Show.
I hope whatever happens Next Year with it being the 50th Anniversary, whether it'd be the Dead, Furthur, Ratdog, Phil, I don't care, just one or all of the Boys to swing through here would & will be special.

Eric, NY/PHX
You still got it Bobby! Talent like that is very rare and never dies! It was an honor to be there!

Jaime Girl, Phoenix, AZ
This was indeed a wonderful show, one of the best Ratdog shows I've ever seen. Song selections were great. Maybe the best Saint of Circumstance I've ever heard. Catfish John was a surprise (to me) way to start set 2, but was really nice and well received. Celebrity is a great venue; only drawback was the security was a little uptight, but what can you expect? The crowd was terrific, reminded me of a mini-version of the good old days; better than the scene in Vegas where you have to mingle with the regular casino goers. I loved the whole experience, hope they come back to the desert soon!

Bob Moore, Phoenix
I was not at this show, but the reviews are encouraging. I had great experiences at the K.C. and St. louis shows in the recent past. Hang in there, Bobby! "Stumble, but DON'T fall!"

Dominic, Lincoln, NE
Great show and great time. Band is really tight. The music does not lie. If they are near you don't miss out!
Or you can sit on the couch and be a hater.

Todd, G-Town/PHX