City Girls (Bob Weir)


(Lyrics by Gerrit Graham)

City girls, they are not the same
Different breed, give em a different name
Whoa, such strut and sass, chrome-plated class
It's their court, their ball, and their game

Whoa, they know so much better than you
What you gonna think, and what you gonna do
Whoa, they turn it out and they leave no doubt
They were old when the world was new

City girls
Yeah, loose curls
Sweet hips
Yeah, sweet lips
High gloss
Quick toss
Tight skirts
Whoa, love hurts

City girls
I love city girls
City girls
I love city girls

Country girls, they are so sweet and so nice
But me, I like to skate on thinner ice
I like city girls, I love city girls
Twice the fun, six times the price

City girls
I love city girls
City girls
Gimme city girls
City girls
City girls...